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Mission Complete: Joystiq’s On Flipboard

Being entertaining is practically a requirement when writing about video games. After all, you’d better have a good reason to ask diehard gamers to put down the controller. Founded in 2004, gaming site Joystiq brought depth and sophistication to passionate … Continue reading

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Introducing Flipboard’s First Foray into Video Games

In 2010, humans spent 3 billion hours a week playing video games—three billion!—and that was before Flappy Bird made addicts of us all. The developers at Flipboard have had enough FOMO and decided to do something about it. They sequestered … Continue reading

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The Week in Review: It’s For the Fans

San Francisco Bay Area residents Judy Spelman and Rich Schiller spent last Sunday wallowing in defeat. They watched their beloved local football team, the 49ers, get trampled by their arch rival, the Seattle Seahawks, losing 29-3. The two blamed the … Continue reading

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Pick of the Day: Giant Bomb

November is best known—at least in the gaming community—as the best month of the year. That\’s because it\’s when the most-anticipated video games of the year are released. Want to know what\’s coming out? Giant Bomb has you covered. Founded … Continue reading

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