Gooooal!-Driven: Flipboard Gets Footie Fever


Every four years, soccer fans become ever more intense about their sport, homeland and team…and that day is nearly upon us again: On Thursday, June 12, the 2014 World Cup tournament kicks off in Brazil, where 32 elite teams will go head-to-head and toe-to-toe in the hopes of emerging as the One True King—at least, for the next four years.

The world’s eyes are already on all the action in Brazil, and that will only intensify over the next four weeks as the tournament, and all of the drama around it, unfolds. On Flipboard, each participating country has a dedicated magazine curated by our editors and/or community, featuring news inside and outside of the stadiums, as well as fan fun, photos, sentiments and more.

We’d like to also welcome World Soccer and Soccerly to Flipboard; their pages have been specially designed for Flipboard, just in time for this blessed event.

And current partners like The New York Times and CNN are curating special magazines for the occasion, too.

You can find your country’s Brazil 2014 magazine as well as any of these publishers in your local Content Guide edition, in the New & Noteworthy, News and Sports categories, or try searching for them. That said, we’re a little biased about one particular country/team, so here’s a shortcut to the U.S.A. news and community magazine:

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The Week in Review: Live From Latin America

Connected by language and history, Latin America is a broad tapestry of many different people and ideas. An important economic region, local concerns carry international implications.

On Flipboard, many of these issues are being explored by our large community of Spanish-speaking readers. With Latinos projected to comprise 31% of the U.S. population by 2060, the relationship between the two Americas is developing in unsuspecting ways. For example, in Mexico, educational reform has led technologists to wonder if the next Steve Jobs is a 12-year-old girl. And on this side of the border, in Long Beach, California, voters elected the city’s first Latino and first openly gay mayor.

For a perspective on what’s to come, we’ve turned to our Latin American readers to help us understand the bicultural landscape. Have a look:

Spanglish Life by Ana Flores: Latinos are consummate Americans—North and South. In this magazine, see how living in two worlds looks through the eyes of one of the world’s leading Latina entrepreneurs.

Latin America Today by beBoldinc: The world south of the Rio Grande river is rife with important and unusual news. Read about coffee droughts, apathetic soccer fans and disappearing Mexican revolutionaries in the pages of this magazine.

Digital Mente by Ariel Coro: As old institutions give way to modern advances, new technology is helping Latinos lay the foundation for sustainable economic progress. Learn more here.

Hispanic Foodie by Hispanic News: There’s no greater cultural export than cuisine. And Latin America’s has taken on seemingly disparate dishes from far-flung locales like Armenia and Andalusia to create a singularly delicious food culture beloved by chefs around the world. Flip through this magazine and make your stomach growl.

EPICENTER by Léon Krauze: The internet might have democratized the world, but some stories resonate deeply in particular parts. Discover what news has the most value to Latin America’s Léon Krauze, a journalist and Mexico’s official soccer historian, in this mag.

Immigration Reform 2014 by Tanveer: The debate about immigration reform has been one of the most contentious issues of Obama’s presidency. Check out what’s happening from both sides of the aisle in this magazine.

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Amazon Kindle Update: Enjoy Flipboard Magazines and More

Now that the latest Kindle Fire HDX tablet is out, Amazon fans can make magazines on Flipboard and curate articles around topics they care about. Here’s more about what’s new in this Kindle release and must-know tips:

Save things you find on Flipboard: Tap the “+” on your favorite articles, photos, videos and more to add them into your own magazines. Use magazines to save articles to enjoy later, or share and email entire magazines to friends and family.

More cool topics to flip through: Explore the 7 million (and counting!) magazines curated by others on any interest imaginable, such as fashion photography and paleo cooking. Tap the red ribbon and go to “By Our Readers” to begin looking at magazines made by the community.

Connect with people who share your interests: Made a magazine you’re proud of, or discovered an amazing one by someone else? Engage with the community by adding comments or liking items within magazines. Go to any magazine’s cover and tap the Share button to email whole magazines or post them to your social networks.

Everything is just faster: The release improves performance and polish on all Kindle Fire devices.

We hope you find your community of like-minded MagMakers and begin creating magazines of your own. And don’t forget to tell us about your favorite magazines at

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#flipshopping: Dear Ol’ Dad


Let’s be honest: dads tend to get stiffed on Father’s Day with some pretty dull gifts (consider the tie). So we’re curating Gifts for Dad with a carefully curated selection of very cool gifts for dads and father figures everywhere.

  • The Martian Notifier Smartwatch from Bloomingdale’s does tell time, sure, but it also gives notifications from SMS, email, calendar, reminders, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Dads will love upping their BBQ game with this quesadilla grill basket from Williams Sonoma. Plus, you’ll benefit from the melting cheesy yumminess.

  • This shave kit from Grooming Lounge for Birchbox guarantees a close shave, plus your dad will never have to deal with hotel toiletry kits again.

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¡Hola! Meet the U.S. Latino Edition of Flipboard


Starting today, Flipboard’s Spanish-speaking readers in the U.S. have a new destination of publications and magazines to browse and enjoy. The “U.S. Latino” edition of the Content Guide brings together the best of U.S. and Hispanic media, across categories such as News, Technology, Photos & Design, Arts & Culture, Living, Style and more.

The launch marks the debut of dozens of new Spanish- and English-language publications to Flipboard, many of whose pages have been specially designed for mobile reading. They include:

We’ve also worked closely with personalities such as CNN en Español’s Ismael Cala, Univision news anchor León Krauze, TV Azteca’s Alfonso (Poncho) De Anda, technology expert and analyst Ariel Coro, Doctora Aliza, celebrity chef Pepín and co-author of Bilingual Is Better Ana L. Flores to create one-of-a-kind magazines on Flipboard. Tap on any of their names to see their work.

As for reader-curated magazines, you can always explore those by searching for topics of interest and/or browsing the hand-picked selection within the “De Nuestros Lectores” portion of the Content Guide. Our own editors are making magazines, too—specifically a new daily roundup called “De Nuestros Países,” a collection of key stories from across Latin America and the Caribbean. (You can also find it as a special section within News.)

Finally, you can check out the new Spanish-language edition of Inside Flipboard and follow us on Twitter to learn about important updates for readers in the U.S. and Latin America.

To dive into the new U.S. Latino Content Guide, tap on the menu icon, go to New & Noteworthy, scroll down and select “U.S. Latino” as your Content Guide edition.

¡Bienvenido latino y buen flipeo!
~JossetteR, IvanC and JoeK

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Rise and Shine! Get Your Daily Briefing


We’ve seen from “Flipboard in the Wild” that Flipboard often goes hand-in-hand with something caffeinated and delicious. Now you can add a new element to your a.m. ritual: the Daily Briefing, a quick spin through the news you need to know to head into your day feeling informed, even at the watercooler.

The Daily Briefing is ready Monday through Friday, by 7 a.m. ET, and updated throughout the day with the most interesting stories from the best news sources in the world. It’s short, and intentionally so: just top stories in news, business, technology, sports and popular culture. There’s also a rotating section that adds a bit more depth to each day’s offering. On Monday it’s “Big Ideas,” the latest in science, health and innovation; on Tuesday we’ve got top culture picks in books, music, art and more; on Wednesday it’s all things politics; Thursday is your style update; and Friday previews what’s coming up over the weekend.

Subscribe to get your daily fix, and let us know what you think by writing to

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The Week in Review: Endless Summer

Summer unofficially kicked off last Monday (at least here in the U.S.) and with it came a surf-sized wave of articles about things to read, eat, drink and listen to, as well as places to go, and what to wear.

In other words, summer swims with potential. F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote: “I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with summer.” The warm weather brings plenty of less existential choices for both indoor and outdoor types: jam-packed music festivals, big-budget blockbusters, and the sweet, sunkissed aroma of grilled meat and ripe fruit.

To get a taste of what the season has to offer, check out these magazines offering some clever suggestions for how to spend your summer:

27 Summer Cocktails by New York Times: Summer’s colorful—why not your cocktail? Take some tips from the New York Times’s resident drink columnist, Rosie Schapp, who’s also reinvented the drinking game over here.

Summer Food and Fun by Cinzia: Consider this your itinerary come June. Start checking things off in this magazine, where you’ll find plenty of whimsical, practical takes on how, and where, to spend your days under the sun.

Grilling and Smoking Barbecue by BBQ is a science—a sweet, smoky, spicy science, and a delicious one at that. Learn how to get that charred, caramel-colored crust on your steak or slow roast a pork shoulder to perfection. Or combine the best of both worlds and turn your BBQ into a home smoker.

Camping Done Right by Denver Dellinger: Easy camping hacks from this magazine will ensure tons of fun in the great outdoors. Go easy on the mosquito repellant.

Out of BOUNDS by Brian Bianco: Wanderlusts, beware: the scenic and remote locations in this magazine are in fact as beautiful as they appear. Get out of the house this summer and snap your own memories.

Escapes by travel: Everyone’s on vacation—where are they going? Whether you’re trying to find the crowds or avoid them, read this magazine beforehand.

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Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2014 is Live on Flipboard


There are few things that get the tech and business community more excited than Mary Meeker’s annual trends report. A former Wall Street analyst and current partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (also one of Flipboard’s investors), Meeker earned the moniker “Queen of the Net” in 1998 while at Morgan Stanley, where she offered landmark projections on online advertising, e-commerce, the mobile Internet and much more.

The 2014 edition of her buzzworthy Internet Trends Report was unveiled this morning at the Re/code conference in Los Angeles. The folks at Kleiner Perkins have created a magazine featuring this year’s report, as well as a collection of articles about it, including top editorials and various interpretations of its data and conclusions. What’s more, the report is hosted on Slideshare, a Flipboard partner, so it’s well formatted for mobile reading. Check it out:

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Best in Show: Entertainment Weekly’s on Flipboard


“We have too many choices and too little time,” wrote Entertainment Weekly founder Jeff Jarvis in a memo nearly 26 years ago. At the time, Jarvis wasn’t a media pundit, but a TV critic overwhelmed by pop culture. Afraid to slow down for fear of losing his edge, he created EW, a magazine he described in that same memo as “painlessly hip”—offbeat, accessible and au courant.

In pursuit of that objective, reinvention has been the magazine’s modus operandi. Which was both smart and shrewd: a year after EW hit newsstands in 1990, the World Wide Web went mainstream, and print media began its march into the digital age. Audiences started migrating online, where they acquired a penchant for shorter pieces, a conversational tone and new voices who understood the culture at large.

EW’s bold design and breezy reporting style anticipated the shift. Week after week, the magazine plugs into what’s fun in pop culture, from celebrity life to book blurbs to must-hear music. EW’s the cool, cultivated friend who knows something about everything.

Click here to read Entertainment Weekly on Flipboard.

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The Week in Review: Graduation Season

For college students, summer’s here. With graduation comes the inevitable commencement speech, a half-hour of sage advice doled out by celebrated alumni and big thinkers—everyone from actors to professors and even the Secretary of State.

Not surprisingly, the event draws crowds beyond the student body. While Steve Jobs and writer David Foster Wallace were beloved while alive, their speeches to graduating students at Stanford and Kenyon Universities, respectively, rank amongst their most memorable public appearances.

Meanwhile, students have historically approached this time of the year with a mixture of trepidation and relief. Some are looking forward to graduate school, while others are realizing it’s time to update the ol’ LinkedIn profile.

Even if you’re not graduating, education is a lifelong process. These magazines show what any one of us might stand to learn.

Millenials by Nat: 2014′s graduating class is the millennial generation: an entire group of people for whom life on the Internet is second nature. Take a look at this magazine to discover the idiosyncrasies of our planet’s future leaders.

Life After GPC Survival Guide by GPC alumni: You’ve traded in the cap and gown for a bathing suit. Then what? Figure out how to begin to navigate adulthood in this magazine.

Internship Source by Christina E. Rodriguez: An internship is an excellent opportunity to gain new skills in a short amount of time. It could also lead to a career. All your internship-related needs can be found in this magazine.

Career Advice by Karolina: A job requires more than a diploma. Most of the time it also means knowing what you want, and how to get it. Get the requisite advice in this magazine.

Job by Mehdi Mohammadzadeh: Maybe you’re looking for a new challenge, or maybe you’re just bored; changing careers is all the rage these days. Have a look at this magazine to see how today’s workforce is constantly evolving.

Financial Independence by Maya Wong: For some of us, the ATM holds a big surprise—as in how much, or how little, money awaits us. Learn how to plan for your financial future with this magazine.

Graduation Greats by Flipboard Features: Commencement speeches give speakers a pedestal—literally and figuratively—to give the kind of advice they wish they’d heard. Find out what some of the world’s brightest have to say in this magazine.

~ShonaS is reading “Rule #1

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