Home Sweet Home: ELLE DECOR Beautifies Flipboard


For those of us who can’t even keep succulents alive in our homes, magazines like ELLE DECOR induce us into a state of breathless possibility. “What if…my home…could look…like that?!” goes the excited brain, as page after page reveals ideas and inspiration, the latest products, and tools to help readers decorate, renovate and entertain in style.

Launched in 1989, ELLE DECOR caters to a mostly female audience for whom great design is as much of a domestic essential as a spotless bathtub. Articles address most aesthetic styles, from classic to contemporary to a mix of both, and even go beyond interiors to cover celebrity style, culture and travel.

Now ELLE DECOR has received a renovation of its own, on Flipboard, where posts sit on custom pages designed just for the magazine. Browse the latest stories or dive deeper into niche feeds devoted to topics such as shopping, remodeling and the Hollywood lifestyle. Take a tour:

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Quartz Goes to India, on Flipboard


Can anything slow down Quartz on its path to world-wide domination? Launched a scant two years ago, the global business site now serves its blend of fast-paced, “obsession”-based coverage daily, to more than 5 million people a month—including a version customized for Flipboard.

In early June it launched Quartz India, a site aimed specifically at India’s business class. We’re pleased to be able to offer it to our readers now as well. “It’s a mobile-first region at a critical moment in its economic history—and we’re excited to deepen the coverage available to readers on their smartphones and tablets especially,” Kevin Delaney, Quartz’s editor in chief, explained when the site was unveiled.

Readers can find Quartz in the Indian edition of our Content Guide, as well as in the U.S. and other editions. (You can change your country edition by tapping on the Settings gear.) Or you can hit the button below.

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The Week in Review: Eric Cantor Loses Leadership

On Tuesday, Eric Cantor lost his seat as representative of Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, making history by becoming the first House majority leader to lose the primary in over a century. Cantor was defeated by the Tea Party’s David Brat, an economics professor and political unknown.

Cantor’s ouster was unexpected according to early polls. After calling his defeat a “personal failure,” Cantor resigned as House majority leader, effective late July. The election results not only stunned the House, but left leaders from both parties scratching their heads. Without a clear successor to the role of majority leader, the GOP finds itself at a crossroads.

For a deeper dive, we’ve collected a list of magazines exploring what Eric Cantor’s upset means to the future of the Republican Party:

Go “Inside Politics” by John King: Curated by key CNN reporters and producers, this mag is a great way to get a political education. With a recent focus on Hillary Clinton and Eric Cantor, it provides relevant context for the most newsworthy stories from the political realm.

Commonsense Immigration Reform by House Democrats : The Commonsense Immigration Reform has passed in the Senate, and now House Republicans have the power to put the plan into action. Check out this magazine to get the latest on immigration reform.

RNC Morning Reads by Republican National Committee : Compiling the top daily reads of the Republican National Committee, this magazine offers a Republican perspective on pressing news affecting the polls.

H-232 The Speaker’s Office by Speaker John Boehner: Presented by Speaker of the House John Boehner, this media-heavy mag keeps you updated on what’s inside the House of Representatives—as well as some light humor from the Speaker himself.

Tea Party News by Toby Marie Walker: With the election of David Brat over incumbent Eric Cantor, the Tea Party has plenty to celebrate. Flip through this magazine to learn more about America’s largest grassroots movement.

2014 Election: Primary Season by Flipboard Newsdesk: Focusing on the primary elections, this magazine reports the latest political developments from counties across the country. Check it out for all your post-election updates.

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“Deep Dive” on Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton has been involved in American politics for over 30 years, with much of that time on the national and world stage as she went from lawyer, to First Lady, senator, author, presidential candidate and Secretary of State. Her opinions, speeches, policies, travels, family and even clothing is endlessly analyzed, sometimes with reverence and sometimes with disdain.

With her new book, “Hard Choices,” available this week, interest in all things Hillary is heating up, particularly as she continues to mull a bid for the White House in 2016. We’ve compiled key coverage about this important figure in one place, including her most famous comments as First Lady, analysis about her 2016 run and some of the juiciest revelations in her book. (We’ll follow up by focusing on a much-talked about Republican in the months ahead.)

This “deep dive” is the first installment in a new series that explores a person or issue dominating the news. Each month, we’ll break down a subject into four subsections: Latest News, Players, Backstory, and Analysis & Opinion. All the Deep Dive magazines will ultimately be archived in one place.

Let us know what topics you’re curious about by writing to featured@flipboard.com, and we’ll do our best to include them in a future deep dive.

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On the Red Couch with CNN’s Brian Stelter


For CNN’s Brian Stelter, there’s no such thing as too much screen time. The senior media correspondent and host of Reliable Sources, a weekly show that “explores how journalists do their jobs,” Stelter has been fascinated with news media since grade school. But it was his college blog, TVNewser, that brought him to the attention of cable news anchors and network executives who regularly visited the site.

The New York Times, which normally recruits experienced reporters from the ranks of established publications, hired the newly graduated Stelter to cover TV and media. For over six years, he filed stories daily, tweeted and even found time to write a book about the battle of the morning shows.

Now the host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, he’s starting from scratch on the other side of the screen: inside. As the definition of media mushrooms to include everything from social media to wearable technology, so will our curiosity to understand its effect on us. We spoke with Stelter about point-of-view journalism, life in front of the camera, and the future of cable news.

You’ve spent a long time reporting about television, and now you’re on it. In the past, you’d seemed reluctant about making the transition. What’s changed?
If I was reluctant before, it’s because I loved The New York Times and still do. But when Howard Kurtz departed Reliable Sources, it was a one-of-a-kind opportunity.

When CNN offered me the show, what was most important was that they were also offering a full-time reporting job. The Sunday show was the proverbial cherry on top. But being able to [do] daily reporting the way I did at the Times is what was most compelling.

What’s the importance of approaching the show that way?
It’s important that I’m the anchor because I’m the reporter.

I’m still figuring out how I feel about TV. I’ve come to realize that I can still say, “I made this call and checked this fact.” The hope is that the viewer knows that what they’re seeing is the result of a lot of work and not regurgitation.

Modern media is as much about personalities as it is a story. What do you make of that development?
It feels like we’re moving toward point-of-view journalism. I don’t object because it’s what I and other viewers gravitate toward. It’s not that the reporting isn’t accurate, but to know where an anchor is coming from is a positive.

People want to watch people. When I share more of my point of view, viewers respond.

But when I say “point-of-view”, I’m not talking about my random opinion. It’s transparency: here’s where I come from a topic and here’s my impression of what’s going on.

Covering the Jill Abramson story at The New York Times was a challenge coming from the Times myself. Viewers appreciate my openness.

How would someone looking to establish themselves as an authority do that amidst the abundance of information and perspectives?
If I was starting TVNewser today, I would make FoxNewser or CNNNewser. I would make it narrowly focused. The notion of owning a topic and being indispensable on it is what I come back to.

In 100 years, what do you think will be the great media moments?
I think the story of our time touches on certain themes: from the few to the many, from professional media to user media, from a few gatekeepers to no gatekeepers. You can see it in everything: the mass shooter videos on YouTube, in the #YesAllWomen campaign on Twitter, etc. The other giant trend that I end up covering in every story I write is from live to on-demand—from someone else’s schedule to our own.

A hundred years from now those are the changes that we’ll remember, [that] will continue to unravel for decades. Every time there’s a breaking story we see an example of users producing the news, of sources going public and choosing where they want to be interviewed.

Do you consider yourself a media critic?
I go with “correspondent” and “host.”

Here’s the thing about the term “media critic”: I think it’s so much more interesting to talk about why things are the way they are. Anyone can complain. But I’m interested in the structural reasons why stories are undercovered.

What are you most proud of about your book, Top of the Morning? Is there anything you would have done differently?
I loved writing the book because I was able to fill in many of the blanks of the 2011-2012 morning show story, like what happened between Ann Curry and her bosses at NBC.

What would I have done differently? I probably have the same answer as a lot of authors — I would have sought more time to write and rewrite.

What’s your long-term plan for Reliable Sources?
I want people to be reading CNN’s coverage all week and have that build up to the show on Sunday. I want it to be a seven day a week cycle, not just a one-hour program.

On our first show I said that everybody and everything is a source—so what’s reliable? Where are we in media, and how does that affect us? How are we making our own media? Those are the questions I love to ask. They help us understand how things change.

Expanding on Stelter’s premise, CNN Money has curated a selection of magazines exploring the stories of our day: cybersecurity, media culture, and the evolution of the automotive industry. Take a look.

Future of media by CNN Money

Cybersecurity: How safe are you? by CNN Money

Cool cars: Hot wheels and deals by CNN Money

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Gooooal!-Driven: Flipboard Gets Footie Fever


Every four years, soccer fans become ever more intense about their sport, homeland and team…and that day is nearly upon us again: On Thursday, June 12, the 2014 World Cup tournament kicks off in Brazil, where 32 elite teams will go head-to-head and toe-to-toe in the hopes of emerging as the One True King—at least, for the next four years.

The world’s eyes are already on all the action in Brazil, and that will only intensify over the next four weeks as the tournament, and all of the drama around it, unfolds. On Flipboard, each participating country has a dedicated magazine curated by our editors and/or community, featuring news inside and outside of the stadiums, as well as fan fun, photos, sentiments and more.

We’d like to also welcome World Soccer and Soccerly to Flipboard; their pages have been specially designed for Flipboard, just in time for this blessed event.

And current partners like The New York Times and CNN are curating special magazines for the occasion, too.

You can find your country’s Brazil 2014 magazine as well as any of these publishers in your local Content Guide edition, in the New & Noteworthy, News and Sports categories, or try searching for them. That said, we’re a little biased about one particular country/team, so here’s a shortcut to the U.S.A. news and community magazine:

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The Week in Review: Live From Latin America

Connected by language and history, Latin America is a broad tapestry of many different people and ideas. An important economic region, local concerns carry international implications.

On Flipboard, many of these issues are being explored by our large community of Spanish-speaking readers. With Latinos projected to comprise 31% of the U.S. population by 2060, the relationship between the two Americas is developing in unsuspecting ways. For example, in Mexico, educational reform has led technologists to wonder if the next Steve Jobs is a 12-year-old girl. And on this side of the border, in Long Beach, California, voters elected the city’s first Latino and first openly gay mayor.

For a perspective on what’s to come, we’ve turned to our Latin American readers to help us understand the bicultural landscape. Have a look:

Spanglish Life by Ana Flores: Latinos are consummate Americans—North and South. In this magazine, see how living in two worlds looks through the eyes of one of the world’s leading Latina entrepreneurs.

Latin America Today by beBoldinc: The world south of the Rio Grande river is rife with important and unusual news. Read about coffee droughts, apathetic soccer fans and disappearing Mexican revolutionaries in the pages of this magazine.

Digital Mente by Ariel Coro: As old institutions give way to modern advances, new technology is helping Latinos lay the foundation for sustainable economic progress. Learn more here.

Hispanic Foodie by Hispanic News: There’s no greater cultural export than cuisine. And Latin America’s has taken on seemingly disparate dishes from far-flung locales like Armenia and Andalusia to create a singularly delicious food culture beloved by chefs around the world. Flip through this magazine and make your stomach growl.

EPICENTER by Léon Krauze: The internet might have democratized the world, but some stories resonate deeply in particular parts. Discover what news has the most value to Latin America’s Léon Krauze, a journalist and Mexico’s official soccer historian, in this mag.

Immigration Reform 2014 by Tanveer: The debate about immigration reform has been one of the most contentious issues of Obama’s presidency. Check out what’s happening from both sides of the aisle in this magazine.

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Amazon Kindle Update: Enjoy Flipboard Magazines and More

Now that the latest Kindle Fire HDX tablet is out, Amazon fans can make magazines on Flipboard and curate articles around topics they care about. Here’s more about what’s new in this Kindle release and must-know tips:

Save things you find on Flipboard: Tap the “+” on your favorite articles, photos, videos and more to add them into your own magazines. Use magazines to save articles to enjoy later, or share and email entire magazines to friends and family.

More cool topics to flip through: Explore the 7 million (and counting!) magazines curated by others on any interest imaginable, such as fashion photography and paleo cooking. Tap the red ribbon and go to “By Our Readers” to begin looking at magazines made by the community.

Connect with people who share your interests: Made a magazine you’re proud of, or discovered an amazing one by someone else? Engage with the community by adding comments or liking items within magazines. Go to any magazine’s cover and tap the Share button to email whole magazines or post them to your social networks.

Everything is just faster: The release improves performance and polish on all Kindle Fire devices.

We hope you find your community of like-minded MagMakers and begin creating magazines of your own. And don’t forget to tell us about your favorite magazines at featured@flipboard.com.

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#flipshopping: Dear Ol’ Dad


Let’s be honest: dads tend to get stiffed on Father’s Day with some pretty dull gifts (consider the tie). So we’re curating Gifts for Dad with a carefully curated selection of very cool gifts for dads and father figures everywhere.

  • The Martian Notifier Smartwatch from Bloomingdale’s does tell time, sure, but it also gives notifications from SMS, email, calendar, reminders, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Dads will love upping their BBQ game with this quesadilla grill basket from Williams Sonoma. Plus, you’ll benefit from the melting cheesy yumminess.

  • This shave kit from Grooming Lounge for Birchbox guarantees a close shave, plus your dad will never have to deal with hotel toiletry kits again.

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¡Hola! Meet the U.S. Latino Edition of Flipboard


Starting today, Flipboard’s Spanish-speaking readers in the U.S. have a new destination of publications and magazines to browse and enjoy. The “U.S. Latino” edition of the Content Guide brings together the best of U.S. and Hispanic media, across categories such as News, Technology, Photos & Design, Arts & Culture, Living, Style and more.

The launch marks the debut of dozens of new Spanish- and English-language publications to Flipboard, many of whose pages have been specially designed for mobile reading. They include:

We’ve also worked closely with personalities such as CNN en Español’s Ismael Cala, Univision news anchor León Krauze, TV Azteca’s Alfonso (Poncho) De Anda, technology expert and analyst Ariel Coro, Doctora Aliza, celebrity chef Pepín and co-author of Bilingual Is Better Ana L. Flores to create one-of-a-kind magazines on Flipboard. Tap on any of their names to see their work.

As for reader-curated magazines, you can always explore those by searching for topics of interest and/or browsing the hand-picked selection within the “De Nuestros Lectores” portion of the Content Guide. Our own editors are making magazines, too—specifically a new daily roundup called “De Nuestros Países,” a collection of key stories from across Latin America and the Caribbean. (You can also find it as a special section within News.)

Finally, you can check out the new Spanish-language edition of Inside Flipboard and follow us on Twitter to learn about important updates for readers in the U.S. and Latin America.

To dive into the new U.S. Latino Content Guide, tap on the menu icon, go to New & Noteworthy, scroll down and select “U.S. Latino” as your Content Guide edition.

¡Bienvenido latino y buen flipeo!
~JossetteR, IvanC and JoeK

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