One Year and Seven Million Flipboard Magazines Later, Find One Just for You


One year ago, we unveiled Flipboard 2.0 — the version of Flipboard that enabled anyone to collect and share their favorite articles, photos, videos and audio in Flipboard magazines. When we launched magazines, we didn’t know exactly how our community would use them…but we knew you would amaze us.

Fast-forward one year, and we’ve seen the evidence: There are magazines that inspire and inform us. We see magazines that are beautiful, magazines that reflect your passions, magazines that make us laugh, and magazine that feel like magic.

And the best part is, we see all that, every single day of the week.

Today, on March 27, 2014, Flipboard’s community of MagMakers has created more than seven million magazines. (If you’re keeping score at home, that’s 19,178 magazines per day, or 13 magazines per minute.) So if there’s a topic, and you want to read about it, chances are someone is curating a Flipboard magazine about that right now.

We can help you find some of those terrific Flipboard magazines. Our #MagsWeLove magazine is an eclectic, staff-curated guide to some of the most engaging reads on Flipboard. It’s updated daily, so there’s always something new to read. Take a peek, and tap the Subscribe button at top left to add it to your Flipboard.

We hope you enjoy, and thank you for a terrific year of MagMaking!

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On the Red Couch with CNN’s Chris Cuomo


When most of us would rather roll over and hit snooze, Chris Cuomo has to not only be awake, but he has to be camera-ready and totally ON. That’s because he, along with his co-hosts Kate Bolduan and Michaela Pereira, has the responsibility of ushering CNN’s viewers into the start of their day, via CNN’s morning show, New Day.

Broadcasting live from NYC in the 6-9 a.m. ET zone, the New Day crew delivers the latest news, weather and special interest stories, including a segment called “The Good Stuff,” which focuses on an unheralded feel-good story—a quick antidote for anyone who’s woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

Now you can follow the news the New Day team cares about in their just-launched Flipboard magazine:

We also chatted with Cuomo recently in New York, and got the inside scoop how New Day comes together, as well as what he’s learned from his political family (his dad, Mario, and brother, Andrew, have both served as governor of New York) and his favorite fishing spots.

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The Week in Review: From the Global Desk

In the past two years, the ideological fires lit by the Arab Spring have burned throughout the rest of the world. From economic unrest in Europe to political upheaval in Southeast Asia, there’s a feeling of change in the air.

Trying to keep up with what’s happening — let alone make sense of it all — is no easy feat. At times like these, hyperconnectivity is a boon, not a burden. And so we’ve compiled some of the most insightful magazines that will help serve as both a testament of our collective consciousness, as well as a permanent record of how we came to define who we are.

Turmoil in Ukraine by Flipboard Newsdesk: The latest news from Crimea and Ukraine.

Venezuela in Crisis by Nicole G: Upheaval in the South American country.

GPS Daily by Fareed Zakaria: The CNN reporter shares important articles on global issues.

Global Intelligence by ForensicPsyMD: Foreign affairs articles from around the world.

The World by ubright: Headlines from every continent.

Foreign Affairs by Tiffany Nguyen: Updates on Ukraine, Venezuela and other hotspots.

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#flipshopping: Spring Fever


Spring is finally here, and for those who’ve dealt with a frigid winter, the warm weather can’t come soon enough. While we wait for the flowers to bloom, we’ve been stockpiling everything we want to shop for this season in our Spring Fever magazine.

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Another March to Madness

Depending on whom you ask, the chance of creating a perfect bracket for this year’s NCAA basketball tournament is 1 in 7.4 billion—or worse. And even though there has never been a perfect bracket in recorded history, this could be your year.

Across the States and even globally, from office pool to office pool, millions have filled out their brackets pushing the boundaries of their college basketball and statistical knowledge in hopes of boosting one’s own self-confidence, a chance to defy to history and a shot at winning the $1 billion fool’s gold prize from entrepreneur Warren Buffett. Despite having better odds of flipping a coin and getting heads 37 times in a row, winning the Mega Millions twice or watching your favorite Major League Baseball team win the next the seven World Series (unless you’re a Mets fan), dream on: maybe you (and the President) will get a perfect bracket this year.

As for events that will likely happen, oddsmakers are forecasting a Final Four pitting the Florida Gators against Michigan State Spartans and the Arizona Wildcats facing the Louisville Cardinals.

You can follow your dream bracket along with the buzzer-beaters, upsets and Cinderella stories of this year’s college basketball tournament in a our special March Madness section.

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On the Red Couch with The Business of Fashion’s Imran Amed


Imran Amed was a management consultant who wanted to apply his analytical skills to a creative field, and saw a hole in the fashion industry that he thought he could sew up. So he looked beyond the bubbly and beautiful people and, from his couch in the evenings, started writing about the big, global, powerful business of fashion.

Today, his site is a go-to resource for news and analysis on fashion’s creatives, executives, deals and entrepreneurs. It’s even been called “The Economist of Fashion“—a pretty sweet moniker for a publication started by someone with no previous experience in what is already a tight-knit community.

We chatted with Amed from his London office and found out just how this infiltration happened, how technology is changing fashion, which social platforms curry favor with fashionistas these days, and his secret spot for the best street style. The Business of Fashion team also curates a weekly magazine on Flipboard recapping noteworthy news of the week, as well as a magazine called The Spotlight, which showcases emerging designers.

Since you were new to the industry, what kinds of things did you have to learn quickly?
I didn’t know very much about the industry at all. But very early on I learned that basically everybody knows everyone. I treated every interaction with every person to be a really important, special interaction, and an opportunity to learn.

One of the things I’ve kept from my time at McKinsey is operating like a professional: doing what you say, treating everyone with respect, operating with integrity, and apologizing when you make a mistake. I really tried to apply these values into the way that I operate, and over time I think people began to respect that, even if I was an outsider. 

What is the Business of Fashion? For example, what are some of the key issues the industry is facing and how has that changed over the years, especially with technology?
Because this industry has a physical product, it wasn’t as easily disrupted as, say, the music industry. There was no MP3 version of a Céline bag. But, over time, technology has really just disrupted the communication part of fashion and the commercial/transactional side of the industry. So whereas the products are still physical, everything around the engagement with the consumer has really been disrupted: the way consumers discover and discuss fashion, the way they learn about brands, the way they make purchases. All of that has really transformed.

I mean, the fact that you can now be a part of a fashion show experience as it’s happening — that was once something that was reserved for only a very few people who are part of the core elite of the industry. Some of the smallest fashion shows only have 200 people in the world who get to go to them.

All of a sudden these kinds of images were being beamed out to the universe and consumers all over the world were able to participate, comment on, and discuss these shows. And the fact that you can buy £5,000 handbags on your mobile phone and the next day have them show up at your door…I mean, all of this was unheard of. 

What are some of the themes that you think are going to be prominent in 2014?
I just moderated a panel at DLD in Munich, which is a big tech conference that kind of kicks off the year and we were talking a lot about omni-channel commerce: this idea that mobile technologies enable consumers to have all of the information that they want about a product in the palm of their hands. Even if they’re shopping in a physical store, they’re able to do price or product comparisons with the same product or similar products available elsewhere or available online.

This idea of a kind of connected consumer who has all this information at their fingertips, 24 hours a day, really means that brands have to step up their game because the way someone discovers and purchases a product now might be that they see something in their Instagram feed and then they might go research it on the Internet, decide to go look at it in a store and then purchase it somewhere else later. So the consumer journey is spread out across so many different channels and being able to connect with the consumer in all of those channels is, I think, going to be a really important theme for the industry this year.

Instagram seems to be one of the main channels of discovery for anyone interested in fashion these days.
Yeah, I mean the fashion industry, as you may know, rejected or resisted social media when Facebook first emerged on the scene, and there were a lot of people who swore to me that they would never use social media. That was until Instagram came along. There’s something about the visual nature of Instagram, the simplicity of the user experience, and the ability to have a conversation around images…I’ve never seen the industry embrace a social media platform like they have embraced Instagram. It’s pretty remarkable.

And how is the industry dealing with the upsurgence of “user experts,” how someone with not a lot of traditional experience can become a prominent blogger of his or her own volition and hard work? How are they dealing with that?
It’s interesting because the first social media that I think the industry really embraced was the blog. Fashion is an industry that communicates in words and moving images and writing, and that was in a way the easiest format of social media that the industry could understand . I think those kinds of platforms have certainly provided an opportunity for previously unknown individuals to showcase their eye or their talent or their way with prose or their point of view and it’s been kind of amazing to see individuals who, you know, had no business being around the fashion world all of a sudden become very prominent, as you call them, user experts. At this stage, we don’t even distinguish between a high profile blog and the mainstream media—they’re all part of a fashion process; it’s just a new channel that the industry has at its disposal to have a conversation with consumers.

Who or what do you personally love to read?
I’m a pretty voracious consumer of media, not just fashion media, mind you, but media from the world of technology and business, and other things that I think are just great writing. Most of the media I consume comes to me in my Facebook page or through my Twitter feed, or through my Flipboard exploration. I actually use Flipboard to follow my Twitter feed because it’s so visual and beautiful. I follow everyone from The Economist and Bloomberg BusinessWeek to V Magazine to Wired and TechCrunch.

That’s a lot to keep up with. How do you unplug?
Meditation — about seven or eight years ago I did a meditation course called Vipassana meditation, which is a pretty intense, 10-day silent meditation and if I’m feeling like I need to unplug or manage stress or anxiety or sleeplessness then meditation is usually my first point of call. Also, just having regular time where I’m not engaging with my phone and having fun with my trainer at the gym — there’s no phone. It’s really important to be able to just keep that stuff away. And I take holidays. Over the Christmas break I was in Goa in India and I managed to properly switch off for a couple of weeks.

Is there a city that you think is sort of a hidden secret when it comes to amazing fashion, street style specifically?
Montreal. I went to university in Montreal. I would say I even caught the fashion bug first in Montreal because that city just exudes a certain sense of style that is really hard to find anywhere in the world. People there are really individual about the way they dress; they’re really confident and bold about the way they express themselves through clothing.

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Send Content to Friends Within Flipboard


We know the excitement of seeing an article that’s so interesting or funny or cool that you feel compelled to share immediately with others who’ll love it; it pretty much happens to us everytime we use Flipboard. Now it’s easier to send items to friends within Flipboard, and anything sent to you will appear in the new “Shared With You” section, accessible from the Notifications area when you tap the red ribbon.

Here’s how it works:

  • Tap the share button, and select the Flipboard icon.

  • Start typing in a name, and the field will auto-populate with contacts from your device’s address book (if you’ve given Flipboard permission to access it) and Flipboard usernames. If the fields don’t auto-populate, you can also type in any email address.

  • Go to the Notifications area and tap “View all shared with you” to flip through a magazine of all the articles friends have sent to you. If your friends are prolific sharers, tap “subscribe” to add this magazine to your favorite tiles and Cover Stories.

For now, this feature is only available on Flipboard on iOS devices. Update your Flipboard today to see it.

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To Chill for Infinity: A Flipboard Story on a Hip-Hop Classic

Tajai Massey had a choice: sell crack or find an escape. This was around 30 years ago, and Massey, a kid growing up on the streets of Oakland, California, was trying to deal with one of the nation’s worst drug epidemics. “It changed fools overnight,” Massey recalled recently. “You went from playing Nerf Ball to looking for bodies.”

Every corner of his life showed symptoms of the burgeoning crack epidemic. On the streets of his community, tiny glass vials crackled like seashells under his feet. Strung-out junkies hassled people for spare change in his neighborhood. And in class, newly rich dealers would show up wearing absurdly expensive clothes. But Massey, who came from a home in which his parents stressed education and discipline, was different. He hung out with a small group of neighborhood kids that bonded over graffiti tagging, then breakdancing and, ultimately, rap music. First they just listened; then they started writing their own rhymes and creating their own beats. “It saved our lives,” Massey says. “It was something we used as an escape, as a therapy and as a common ground.”

Escape came in the form of a hit song. For a brief and shining moment, Massey and his fellow rappers—they dubbed themselves the Souls of Mischief—were at the red-hot center of an improbable hip-hop scene that was born in Oakland, far away from music capitals of Los Angeles and New York. The song that put them on the map and earned them a place in the annals of hip-hop was “93 ’til Infinity,” a catchy fusion of East Coast-style lyrics and West Coast beats. The song, which observed its 20th anniversary not too long ago, is generally considered one of the most emblematic songs of rap’s golden era and made Complex Magazine’s List of Top 100 Hip-Hop Beats of All Time. Elements of it were recently sampled by Grammy-nominated artist Rick Ross in his song “Thug Cry,” featuring Grammy-award winning artist Lil’ Wayne.

Massey and his fellow rappers, now under the collective of the Heiroglyphics, took the stage at this year’s South by Southwest sharing their newest work along with the classics. In the Flipboard Story below, we spoke to Massey about his role in the history of hip-hop and what it was like to be a part of the genre’s early glory days.

Tap the badge to get started.

Editor’s Note: Connect your device to a WiFi network for an optimized experience. Tap “play” on the SoundCloud file at the beginning of the magazine. Flip every 4-5 seconds, occasionally tapping an image or GIF that interests you. (The pull quotes in the magazine should help guide you through the narrative, as well.) This format only works in-app, on phones and tablets, not on the Web.

The photos were shot in Oakland. The instrumental cover of “93 ’til Infinity” is performed by YouTube user “Bas Ennen.”

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On the Red Couch with Model and Advocate Christy Turlington Burns


Shortly after the birth of her first child, Christy Turlington got a big scare. She experienced inexplicable complications that made her aware of the fact that hundreds of thousands of women still die from childbirth every year. It startled her even more to learn that many of these deaths are preventable.

So while Turlington still makes her mark on the world as a beautiful face, modeling for fashion magazines and brands like Missoni and Calvin Klein, she is also becoming one of the most visible advocates for maternal health. You can see her devotion to this cause in documentaries like No Woman No Cry, her directorial debut, and her organization, Every Mother Counts, which strives to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for all moms.

We sat down with Christy at the Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, feeling very moved after watching a segment from her film at the conference’s lunchtime keynote. We talked to her afterwards about her involvement in Every Mother Counts and tried to glean how she seems to live such a balanced, healthy life. In honor of International Women’s Day, March 8, we’re pleased to offer this red couch interview and special magazine:

Click here to learn how to get involved with Every Mother Counts.

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Flipboard Acquires Zite


Today we’re thrilled to welcome the Zite team to Flipboard and to announce our partnership with CNN. As a news-loving entrepreneur, I’ve long admired the work of both of these companies: Zite has always amazed me with its ability to give readers great content centered around specific topics—tens of thousands of them—and CNN has long been a pioneering force for 24/7 news coverage around the world.

We acquired Zite from CNN to address something we’ve heard from a lot of you: although you can already read thousands of sources from over 20 regions on Flipboard, you want easier and better ways to discover content about the things that matter to you. Adding Zite’s expertise in personalization and recommendations to Flipboard’s product experience and powerful curator community will create an unparalleled personal magazine for our millions of readers.

While the Zite and Flipboard teams integrate and dive into this work together, Zite users should know that they can continue to use the existing Zite app and will soon be able to enjoy a great Zite experience on Flipboard. We’ll be sure to share more details as they’re available. I am so excited for what lies ahead.

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Pictured: Zite Co-founder and CTO Mike Klaas (left) and Flipboard CEO Mike McCue

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