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Share to Flipboard From Within iOS 8

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 8, is available today, and with it comes a more convenient way to collect what you love in a Flipboard magazine. iOS 8 introduces a number of new features, including Extensions, a way for apps … Continue reading

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Focus on the Shot: Flipboard’s New Photography Magazine

It took three decades for Joseph Nicéphore Niépce to take the world’s first photograph: a black-and-white grainy image of his country-home courtyard, in 1826. The photography world has rapidly developed since that maiden image, “View from the Window at Le … Continue reading

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Basics #2: The One and Only Thing You Need to Personalize Flipboard

Think of Flipboard as your one-stop shop to keeping up with the news and your interests. Whether you enjoy business articles from Fast Company or ice cream recipes from a friend on Facebook, it’s easy to make Flipboard your own … Continue reading

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Basics #1: 3 Essential Ways to Navigate Like a Pro

In the spirit of the approaching back-to-school season, we thought it might be a good time to educate on Flipboard, too. Starting today, we’re launching a series of posts outlining how to make the most out of Flipboard. Whether you’re … Continue reading

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Breaking a 700-Year-Old Tradition: The American Islamic Gospel Drummer

When the Islamic holy month of Ramadan wraps up at the end of July, a small group of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims will celebrate with the the sounds of Qawwali, an ancient, trance-like form of devotional music. The 700-year-old … Continue reading

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Amazon Kindle Update: Enjoy Flipboard Magazines and More

Now that the latest Kindle Fire HDX tablet is out, Amazon fans can make magazines on Flipboard and curate articles around topics they care about. Here’s more about what’s new in this Kindle release and must-know tips: Save things you … Continue reading

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On the Red Couch with Quartz Publisher Jay Lauf

The future of journalism lies in code. That’s the mantra Jay Lauf uses inside the sleek Lower Manhattan offices of Quartz, a business site the Atlantic Media Company launched more than a year ago. “A big piece of the storytelling … Continue reading

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Another March to Madness

Depending on whom you ask, the chance of creating a perfect bracket for this year’s NCAA basketball tournament is 1 in 7.4 billion—or worse. And even though there has never been a perfect bracket in recorded history, this could be … Continue reading

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To Chill for Infinity: A Flipboard Story on a Hip-Hop Classic

Tajai Massey had a choice: sell crack or find an escape. This was around 30 years ago, and Massey, a kid growing up on the streets of Oakland, California, was trying to deal with one of the nation’s worst drug … Continue reading

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New on Flipboard for Android: Log in With Google

Today’s Android update includes the smoothest way yet to create a Flipboard account: simply log in with Google. If you don’t have a Flipboard account, tap the red ribbon in the upper-right corner, go to My Flipboard, then Create, to … Continue reading

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