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  1. Eddie Nelson says:

    Fantastic job guys!!! This is certainly the way ahead for presenting content like this. It has brought the normal ‘dull’ content from social networking sites ALIVE!! It looks and feel real and it normally renders so quickly.

    Great job, great recovery from the first day or twos problems. Keep up the good work.

    Eddie Nelson. (Very satisfied customer in the UK)

  2. Victor Busnita says:

    Great job guys ! I really like what i’m seeing so far with Flipboard. I really sense that it is going to be big. I wish you all the luck in the world as well as courage to pursue what you love to do. This is how it all begins with something small, one room, one computer and with dedication and teamwork Flipboard, i’m sure it will blossom into something AMAIZING.

    Best of luck with the fast future.

  3. Goran P says:

    It is trully amazing what you guys created. Congrats!

  4. Neal F says:

    Good work Mike! – improvise and adapt for multi-tasking. What’s next? Voice dictation combined with a toilet paper dispenser?? Congratulations on another great achievement!

  5. Loving flip board! Fantastic way to bring my iPad to life. It’s my first on-app every day. Now; can you add linkedIn?

  6. Martin Ayon says:

    yeah, ideas are pretty much like bellybuttons – everybody has one! What really matters is whether you act on those ideas or not – that is what separates winners from the rest of the crowd.

  7. Kevin says:

    Ecxellent App! Flipboard re- defines what an iPad app should be. It makes Facebook and Twitter exciting again.

  8. BoyBrocks says:

    Loving Flipboard. One app that is staying on the first page of my iPad. Great work everyone!

  9. Ferdinand says:

    It would be nice if this feature also allowed Flipboard covers to be shared via Facebook.

  10. Gregg says:

    Best. Ap. Ever.

  11. Butch says:

    Ok now I know how to share a cover, how do I change a cover?

  12. Kathie B says:

    Thanks for such a great app! It has become my go-to on my iPad every night! Now I’m looking for a way to personalize it for my 5th grade classroom…send any suggestions my way! #babine5

  13. says:

    Works great ! Was amazed to see my own magazine when i pasted in my Twitter handle @GlennEU
    I shared this method with my friends who have an iPad and they just love that they can now follow my Twitterfeed through Flipboard !
    Heck even i flip through my own “magazine” just for the looks of it :D

  14. Kronda says:

    I tend to scan and bookmark when I’m short on time or waiting in lines, killing time on my phone. Can I make a section based just on tweets that I’ve marked as favorites?

  15. Rudolf Mumenthaler says:

    It should work with hashtags, too! That would be great!

  16. Elliott Morgan says:

    I have tried, repeatedly, to find Lady Gaga’s twitter page using this search function. Nothing came up but LadyGaga Fan pages with little over 100-1000 followers.
    (I did try every combination of Lady and Gaga to get a result)
    I don’t want to judge your programming, because I neither know how to develop something like an app or even how the search function obtains its results, but there needs to be a popularity priority before other ‘fake’ celebrities.
    I tried with some other celebrities pages and nothing came up when searching them.

    But I love the app!
    (also videos never load when pressing play, I have to ‘view on web’ to watch playback.. thats another problem)

  17. Joep de Groot says:

    WOW! What an app. It makes Twitter and other social media so much more usefull. Can you add Linked in?

  18. John Davis says:

    Great feature. I now have all my Twitters organized by category just like I want them. I would like to make a suggestion though – it sure would be nice if you could remove the Facebook and Twitter buttons from the main Flipboard screen and only display them in Edit mode. I don’t use Facebook on Flipboard and I access all my Twitters in custom sections, so I don’t need wither button. They are just taking up space on the screen plus it makes my screen look like I’ve forgot to do something.

  19. Dan Shafer says:

    When I try to add an RSS feed to my Flipboard, search can’t find it. What do I need to do differently?

    I am typing the feed URL into search:

  20. Melody says:

    What a fabulous application! It completes my iPad. Adding linkedIn would be icing on the cake. Thanks for such an innovative app!

  21. Martin says:

    I love THE feature where i can create my own flips from a seleceted twitter feed. Is it also possible to combine multipletwitter feeds in one Flip without having to create a new twitter account ?

  22. LOA says:

    Great app. How ’bout adding an Instapaper “read later” button on your browser? Or at least a bookmark where the app opens where you left off.

  23. Francisco Mesa says:

    Is there a forum or similar where I can post my comments?

  24. Eric says:

    With screen after screen of apps, I keep coming back to Flipboard. Awesome. Will the future include multiple Twitter accounts?

  25. LinK says:

    Love Flipboard on iPad. Can’t wait for iPhone version pls

  26. Ken R says:

    Flipboard has opened the world for me way beyond what the unembellished Internet offers. How did you know that user-defined graphical-based aggregation would be so addictive. Can’t go to bed without flipping all contents to find out what the synapses around the web are firing off. Thank you, Flipboarders!

  27. Chris says:

    I tried to share a cover but all it did was repost the image that the cover used. It would be great if it actually looked like the cover.

  28. Orion says:

    When will we be able to control content beyond twitter? What about the ability to add RSS Feeds? Or sync with readers?

  29. Beyond amazing. Thank you for understanding and implementing the beauty and function of print design to my iPad. It’s flawless even in it’s infancy. I know it’s hard… But try to avoid the temptation making it better. It’s perfect.

  30. Wow, Flipboard is just getting better and better! Great work guys!

  31. Hey, I’m really digging Flipboard on my iPad so far and blogged about it a few weeks ago.

    It seems really cool with Facebook but somewhat delayed – is there a way to refresh? For example, when I go to Facebook via Flipboard I only get a couple of today’s posts and the next page is stuff from yesterday. If I go to Facebook there is a ton of fresh new stuff that never seems to appear in the Flipboard version. It is me and some sort of preference I’m missing?

    I’m also hoping Flipboard will play nice with Blogger some time soon, Ive got a few blogs I started in 2004 and it’d be great to view,mead and share via Flipboard.

    Great start, dig the concept and hope the above is addressed or at least acknowledged some time soon!



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  33. Elisa says:

    I love Flip Board but would really love to add Linked In

  34. Can you integrate twitter intrests. like #ziber

  35. Kiki says:

    I tried this out… But the Twitter search crashes the app! Not sure why it happens.

  36. Adi Respati says:

    I love Flipboard. I miss out less and less information I’m supposed to keep track. Hard to believe that this is beta phase.

  37. Dan holden says:

    Awesome app! Beautiful presentation, brings an entirely new dimension to social platforms!

  38. Abi Thomas says:

    Hi there

    Loving Flipboard. Any chance of being able to add in your Twitter favourites?

    Many thanks, Abi

  39. Chris says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the gorgeous app! I was wondering if you plan to implement Google reader, as this would be a great way to get you rss feeds in a smart way

  40. BGi says:

    How about letting us DELETE sections (e.g., Facebook)?

  41. Joel says:

    Looks like the palo alto store to me.

  42. Lorri Denton says:

    Hi, I love flipboard. On my iPad it is so great to see all my favorite sections right there. I do have a question, I have facebook on my flipboard but it seems to only shows me one contact that I have on my facebook acct. It happens to be a contact I don’t really have interest in, lol. So how do I change that to include more contacts.

  43. Brian says:

    Awesome app… Seriously a center for me…. Nice to see a focused new start up that makes something different.

  44. EsteVe Almirall says:

    How can I ave moré than 9 sections in the front cover? 9 is far too little !!!!!

  45. Franko says:

    whoohoo! can we get rid of the facebook tile if we don’t have facebook yet? because that would be awesome.

  46. Yes, you can now remove both the Facebook and Twitter content boxes and you can add them at any time later. Thus, by your logic, it is awesome. :)

  47. Mike Lee says:

    Any chance of being able to pull in Facebook Fan pages in a future update?

  48. Mayim says:

    Thank you, thank you! LOVE Flipboard. It’s the reason for the iPad’s existence. And I would QA it for free.

  49. Jenter says:

    Are multiple twitter accounts possible now?

  50. @diegorv says:

    Thanks!! Flipboard is the best app on Ipad!

    Nice update! :-)

    But i’m still waiting for add my RSS in Flipboard… I really need that!

    I love your work!


  51. Jay d says:

    I am starting to like clipboard as I learn to use it

  52. Maxime says:

    How does the offline reading work ?

  53. wombatkish says:

    Nice update. Didn’t think I’d find another view of FB useful, but it really is. I see things FB things from a different perspective (including pictures I didn’t notice the other ways).

  54. Jax says:

    Excellent! I would love to have linked in added! Also the possibility to publish everything on Facebook or twitter or linkedin or any other social network…. Not limited to the app we’re in…

  55. Terrific app. One of the best, and most used on my iPad

  56. Bruno says:

    Haha.. My ‘Back in the day picture’, would be me leaving the store with a “Apple Macintosh LC II”. Come to think of it; Macs were extremely expenisive.. so i would be crying a little.

  57. cindcat says:

    woo-hoo!! I was so excited at first w/ Flipboard. Then all of a sudden I saw nothing but a different format for Facebook. TURNED ME OFF!! I’ll go to FB if I want FB, but it’s articles around the world I’m after. Haven’t tried it yet, but hope to see it like it was when first started.

  58. fernando says:

    Great, Flipboard get’s better and better everything time, is my most visited and enjoyable app in my iPad.
    Please keep it up!

  59. Karsten Seiferlin says:

    Google Reader Full sync support please?

    Flipboard is by far the best reader anywhere in the universe, but it doesn’t offer the right contents for me. I’d love to read my RSS feeds here!

  60. Alex says:

    I agree with all, this app is amazing!!!! Is the best app I ever seen…

  61. ooglek says:

    I. Love. Flipboard. The Pseudo-rss feeds for TUAW, Slashdot and Engadget, though they just read the twitter feed, actually follow the shortened URLs and pull the content into Flipboard. Smart, intelligent, eliminates the need for RSS, and does so in a sexy sexy way.

    I don’t know what your business model is, but if you want me to pay for it, I will. I want you to succeed.

  62. MaggieB says:

    Welcome JonV!
    What a great job! You cannot go wrong hooking up with Flipboard… they are changing the face of RSS!
    As a result they are making RSS available to Internet users that don’t even know what RSS is!
    Technology is GREAT!!!

  63. Michael says:

    Great t-shirt, where can I get one?

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  65. Heiko says:

    Do you only support Instapaper or Read It Later, too.

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  67. Tom Newton says:

    Hi Flipboard,

    This is a nice feature… but…

    What would be even more useful would be the ability to add your Instapaper feed as a flipboard tile, so you can read your instapaper feed right inside of flipboard. Most people add to their Instapaper list throughout the day, typically from the bookmarklet in their browsers. It would be great if you could then use flipboard to read that content.

    Please add this! You guys are fairly switched on, so I would imagine it is already in the works… ;)

    Keep up the good work.


    • Tyler Clark says:

      I’m not sure you have figured this out but you can add your instapaper feed to Google reader then create a folder in Google reader and set a up a new flipboard tile to just read that folder.

  68. Ken says:

    Good software

  69. Basem says:

    I’m sure the Flipboard knows about this: Flipboard is the best of its kind. Make it work offline. No Instapaper. There doesn’t need to be a connection to allow for offline browsing. I know i would pay for that.

  70. Andre Siregar says:

    This is great! Please add integration with Read It Later too. Thanks.

  71. Nicky says:

    Would be great to have access to australian news, entertainment, food etc awesome concept just nedd to be able to adapt it to our community. Even if you could put other apps within the mag would be awesome??

  72. Mitlenatch says:

    Another plea for Read It Later. Pretty please?

  73. Kunle Adefioye says:


  74. Kunle Adefioye says:


  75. Stephen says:

    What a practical software, amazing, I am loving it(not for MacDonal)

  76. Dennis Woo says:

    Agreed, read it later support would be most appreciated! And used!

  77. Bob Campo says:

    Love flipboard.
    We would love to be able to have our 1000+ iPad users create a new section that we pushed company news to.


  78. Yaniv says:

    Thank you for this new feature. Also wishing to have a “Read it Later” support.

  79. Trying to load this app with no success.

  80. Tony R says:

    Yeh…I was stoked until I saw ” read later” didn’t mean offline. I would like to be able to cache some content for browsing thru flipboard during flights with no wifi.

  81. Jon V says:

    But I’m Jon V! Congratulations on joining FlipBoard anyway.

  82. Gdiddy says:

    This is great. Enjoying this a ton. But can you create lists within flipboard? When I add a tile I can only use existing lists which means i’d have to follow more people.

    • At this time you can only use the existing Twitter lists. You don’t have to follow everyone you add to a list, you can just add them to a list. That’s what’s nice about how lists work, you can organize your stream a bit better, keeping your friends and important contacts in your live stream, and moving things your interested in some times to a list you can check when ever (or that special feed you created just to see in Flipboard!). Hepe this helps.

  83. Jorge Goncalves says:

    Very good!

  84. Kay maynard says:

    Excited about this app

  85. David millar says:

    I need you to add a post to facebook link too. Put an easy link to email you or rate/ twitter you where your logo is. Otherwise outstanding product. You are real onto something here.

  86. Fernando says:

    Nice job…….

  87. Flip herrewijn says:

    Great app!

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  89. Shawn says:

    I’m sure this is a stupid question to be greeted with ridicule but how do you make a cover. Would love to, have some nice pics, but don’t know how to do it.

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  91. Mike says:

    Flipboard is very hip

  92. Ranebo says:

    OK, having submitted a Cover, how do I monitor Covers so as to see my submission? :-)

  93. Hwang sungi says:


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  96. Fly Sü says:

    Beauty shot

  97. dean says:

    Isn’t that the guy who taught the iPhone dev course at Stanford?

  98. Roger says:

    It would be great to be able to have several twitter accounts combined in just one section, to see together all the feed from various different sources.
    Right now I have to create a different section for each twitter account I follow….


  99. I like Flipboard ,But one thing i hope update it as soon The Content page have 2 pages Max adding .I’id like unlimte Content pages be add.

  100. Donald G says:

    Hi. Where is your company’s policy regarding copyright for our images that we contribute via “Share Your Covers” located on your site?

    • Hi Donald, great question, the policy is in our Terms of Service and is says, basically:
      – By submitting a cover image, you’re representing that you own the rights to the image and giving us a license to use it when running Flipboard and for promotional purposes.
      – Other than that, you still own the copyright for your image.

  101. FranckHashas says:

    J’aime votre app, my iPad like it!

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  103. Hank says:

    I’m confused about Flipboard. Does it show all my friends updates to Twitter and Facebook? Or will I miss some of them if I use Flipboard?

  104. Cavisdi says:

    Agreeeee , two pages is nothing. 10 pages or more pls

  105. Andrew says:

    +1 for Read it Later! (The official Twitter app integrates with RiL)

  106. Bu Yousef says:

    New creativity centre? :)
    Good luck and all the best. I too feel that Flipboard will be BIG.

    Keep up the great work.

  107. Brett Miller says:

    Flipboard on the iPad is awesome. When can we look forward to this being released for other devices? Mac client anytime soon?


    Brett Miller

  108. Jay Corey says:

    By far my favorite app – pure brilliance, thanks guys!

  109. Colin Begg says:

    I have been watching Nancie’s photos ever since installing Flipboard. Her point of view and sense of humour are very refreshing. I envy her opportunities in Africa and the list of countries she has visited. The interview was very informative and has answered many questions I would have asked Nancie via Twitter.

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  111. Mimi says:

    Howcast has hilarious job interview videos. “How to ace an interview” and “how to dress for a job interview”

  112. Shahid says:

    Why snow do not freeze on iron.

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  114. Chris Padgett says:

    Great article, NJ is one of my favorite photographers and inspires me to be a better photographer, thanks for this! Flipboard is awesome !!!! Love it!!

  115. Einer says:

    It is a great feature but one thing is wrong. When we press that button we can’t see anything happening. In twitter app (and most of other apps with instapaper integration) there is a overlay message saying “saving…done”. Small thing but very usable. How about adding it to the flipboard? Sometimes i feel like i have to press that button again because i don’t know if there was any result.

    There is a but also when trying to save it from website view. Sometimes it saves content of websites widgets instead of website itself but i guess it’s instapaper fault not Flipboard.

  116. Deborah Auer says:

    Save the tigers!

  117. Asim Ahmed says:

    Luv the PIC… see in the EYE of Lion

  118. Jeroen says:

    When i add any of these sections they are presented as regular flipboard sections, the layouts aren’t any different ?

  119. David Earl says:

    Interesting approach. I think the examples I looked at were let down by the low resolution images, which rather undermined the print styling. Also one of the things about print is the variation in style to make publication distinctive.

    May I suggest that in general (web pages as well as articles), a double tap from the summary could take you straight to it rather than having to expand it first, and that close should take you back to the summaries, closing the expanded item as well as the article/web page.

    Is there a public spec of how to produce the article styled items?

    Being able to add RSS feeds would make the whole app much more useful, and combining more than one twitter source/feed in custom contents to build ones own magazine would be great.

  120. Kyle H says:

    This enhancement makes the coolest app in the app store even cooler! Good Job Flipboard team!!!

  121. Very Interesting idea this – and scalable too. But then, hows this really different from the current product offering where a flipboard user can follow which ever magazines he/she wants to using their twitter handle?

    Also, I think aggregation done on a topic level ( not subject level like flipBusiness) may work wonders as well. For example – photo aggregation of the latest cricket match would be super cool on flipboard.

    ~Just my thoughts, perhaps you have thought of this already …

  122. Winston Chiu says:

    This is being done in good taste. Reading the ads was non-intrusive and were made in gorgeous fashion. This is how old media should embrace new technology. Absolutely love it!

  123. VisiStat says:

    What an amazing review. He’s so talented!

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  128. alexx_kidd says:

    Hey,congratulations for all the hard work!You really have made am amazng product! really has started to look a bot old.It desperately needs some heavy updates like : 4.2 multitasking compatibility,rss/google reader import,more speed in fetching the articles and maybe a bit more article content..really hope that you deliver some of these soon,after you stop that dance of course!

  129. Tom says:

    Well you deserved it! This app is amazing and I am using it every day. It is so cool to get all the information in this beautiful, sleak, fast and amazing app.

  130. Hi Evan and team,

    congratulations. You are doing a great job!
    I just put you on my iPad4productivity blog.
    Keep on inspiring us :-)

    Take care

  131. Martin Cox says:

    Contratulations guys, your app is really touching. I didn’t expect such a new way to navigate twitter and facebook. Keep it up.
    Agree with alexx, rss would be great. Tweetting within the app also kind of a must for future updates.

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  133. Ryan says:

    Why the flipboard pages do not flip ? why they become “slide” , that is wired .

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  137. NAncie Wight says:

    So well deserved! Contests to the entire team Jon.


  138. NAncie Wight says:

    Hmmm… That would be” CONGRATS” to the entire team! ( Too much wine…)


  139. Chris says:

    Flipboard crash when I add a section :(

  140. eFromDC says:

    First, this is an abolutely AMAZING app. Anything that can get my 67 year old father to embrace technology? Yeah, you guys have made a fan for life :)

    However (and I’m going to DM this to you guys via twitter as well), I’d like to request the option of sorting both “by source” and “timeline mode.” By source, meaning just like you have it now. Timeline mode being reverse chronologically (newest to oldest) as if it were the same source: ABC News, Bon App, SF Gate, ATD, Uncrate rendered by date of publication / integration into FB…

  141. Eric Johnston says:

    Congratulations. Well deserved guys.

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  143. Lorencofus says:

    Is it possible to contact administration?
    Hope for answer

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  148. Is there a way to create a post in facebook through flipboard? Love this thing.

  149. Paul says:

    Question – in trying to make a cover to submit, why does it not always (or never) pull the image from my first Twitter post? Even though it shows the image as the first in my feed, sometimes it pulls other images in my feed – even after deleting that twitter feed. I’m trying to document my latest Twitter post @agent654L and not allowing me to take a cover.

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  153. Allyn says:

    This is awesome news and I can’t wait to get the update. Thanks for listening.

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  155. sohail says:

    This app looks awesome, specially after getting app of the year award from Apple. Need to check it now :)

  156. Octav Druta says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! Bravo, bravo, bravo! I love this update! Flipboard is one of the killer apps for the iPad.

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  158. jeff says:

    simply the best

  159. Quobetah says:

    RSS Finally! Now I can dump pulse! :)

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  161. Si Brindley says:

    Hmm, this might be the holy grail… one app to rule them all. It certainly sounds ambitious. I’m looking forward to finding out, just as soon as I can pry my iPad off the kids.

  162. Kevin says:

    Very impressive features! 2010 App of the Year title is very well deserved.

    Question about Google Reader integration: Does Flipboard store Google account creds on its servers?


    • Kevin says:

      Can someone from Flipboard team please respond to this question as well as a related security (encryption) question below? Thanks.

      “Will Flipboard ever send my Google or Flickr password unencrypted? I use my iPad on public networks.”

  163. This is very, very, very good news. I fear for the magazine and newspaper industry :)

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  169. Charlie says:

    Can you please add support for Read It Later? I keep trying Flipboard, find myself falling in love, only to find myself back in Pulp a few days later just so I can save to RIL again.

  170. Steve Pettit says:

    How about adding the latest News about Radio Control Aircraft Competitions!

    There is an awfully large audience of RC Fliers & we spent an outrageous amount of money on our Sport !!!

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  175. Barbara says:

    I can’t figure out how to log in to my Flickr account. It keeps trying to set me up with a new account. Help!

  176. Ray says:

    I’m curious to the google sync process. If I were to go back to the main flipboard home page, I don’t want to flip through the stories that I’ve already read yet they still appear. We (or I) need a way to refresh the sync to only show the unread content.

  177. Carlo says:

    Fliboard is just awesome. Thank you for listening to your users and implementing them so quickly. Thank you once again and Happy Holidays!

  178. Pub Msu says:

    How to SKIP already read pages in Google Reader? Having to flip through all the already-read pages is a usability flaw.

    Also, when/how does Flipboard show the new items that come *after* user starts flipping pages?

    Starring should be added in the touch menu that pops up when an item title is long-touched.

  179. felipe vaz says:

    add Read it Later support, please! I can’t live without it!

  180. Jamie McCarthy says:

    Will Flipboard ever send my Google or Flickr password unencrypted? I use my iPad on public networks.

  181. Charlotte says:

    Hi, I’ve had the previous edit of flipboard installed in my iPad. Could you advise how I can update it to the latest edition? Thanx.

  182. I wrote up a follow-up.. Check it out..

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  184. Andy says:

    Am I the only one who still can’t retweet anything on Flipboard if I connect my bluetooth keyboard? It seems to disable the “Post to…” option altogether.

  185. Totttovsky says:

    Genial!!!! Congrats!

  186. Brian says:

    I was so excited to see the flickr support, but it turns out it is useless without being able to see the photo descriptions. I figured out how to see the comments, but not the description, which means I still have to go directly to flickr instead of being able to have it aggregated into Flipboard.

  187. Steve C says:

    The Reader integration is excellent, congrats (and this is coming from someone who’s been conditioned to be disappointed by “reader integrations”).

    But I have one suggestion – and if you did this well the app would be truly great – lift the friend comments up more. When I look at a shared item, I think I’m interested in the title first, my friends’ comments about it second, a photo or video from the post (if one is available) third, and the body of the post after that. It would be great if the friends’ comments were somehow “lifted up” more…not a click away, but just as prominent, if not moreso, than the article itself.

    A social newspaper. If you can do that you’ll be beating reader itself (you already have the clear advantage in presentation).

    Great work.

    • Steve C says:

      Ok I just realized that I can share on Reader but I can’t Share on Reader With Comment. Consider this a feature request (high priority for us Reader junkies).

  188. Marg says:

    Looks exciting

  189. Rachmat says:

    I very very very like it

  190. Pingback: flipboard jetzt mit google reader (und flickr aber egal) « Das Leben ist ein Märchen

  191. Tim Beaton says:

    Who shot the great photo from Ring Mountain that is the opening photo for Flipboard, or at least, my version of Flipboard? Would love to get a copy of photo

    Tim B

  192. Niels says:

    +1 for “Read It Later”
    +1 for being able to read it offline

    I’m using Read It Later a lot to bookmark sites during the day, to read it later at home and I would love to use my iPad to flip through the articles.

    And not just at home, but also while traveling, so making the articles available offline would be great.

  193. Fantastic photos. Great og Flipboard to make those shots and the words behind public
    Keep on keeping on

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  196. Lyvon says:

    How are Flipboard photos chosen ?

  197. Blessing says:

    I got an iPad as a gift for Xmas and this is my favorite app…love it. Thank you!

  198. Michael Miller says:

    How can I add more than 2 pages of magazines, newspapers, etc.? I have filled up 2 pages and want to add more. Is 2 pages the total amount allowed?

    • Cesar Lillo says:

      I’m also trying to find out the answer to the question posted by Michael, as 2 pages is not enough for the contents I want to follow/read; please advise. Thank you

      • Glad to hear you are enjoying Flipboard so much. At this time, 21 content sections (i.e. two pages) is the limit. We know it is very easy to fill that and we’ll be looking to possibly expand that in the future.

        For now, you could make twitter lists to combine some of your favorite twitter feeds into your own topics, then add those as sections.

        Hope this helps. Thanks for contacting us.

    • Darren McDermott says:

      Echoing others on adding more pages. I see the Flipboard response and understand, but hope you do expand soon.

      • Heidi says:

        me too! I combined my google RSS feeds into folders to get most of the content on flipboard, but because flipboard only goes so far back, I end up missing content on the larger traffic folders. I’d love to be able to split them up more and thus lose less content. I go to Reeder app every now and then to catch up on the stuff I miss, but I’d rather stick to Flipboard.

    • Miguel cañas says:

      Changing to Pulse saddly, 2 pages are not enough for my google reader account. Too bad I really like it.

  199. Pingback: The Magic Continues: My Top 10 iPad Apps in 2010 | Synapse3Di

  200. Jason Clark says:

    Any way to hide/supress read items in Google reader? Wading through scores of read articles to find unread content seems pointless.

    • Michael Bernstein says:

      100% agree. I posted this same suggestion on Facebook when this was first released a few weeks back. I very much like the Google Reader Integration but without being able to mark all as read and only flip through the new articles it is almost useless for me. At the moment I am still reverting to use my RSS reader until some sort of solution is made.

      • John says:

        + 1 I love flipboard but it is really hard to use it when you are using other app ( Reeder on iPhone) on different devices to read google reader

  201. Ken Lomas says:

    Being a left brain/right brain guy who is constantly migrating from left to right… you guys have made my daily life so much more pleasant by letting me consume the considerable content so elegantly. Flipboard is to content what “plating” is to good food!

    Thanks and I can’t wait to see what you dish out in 2011.

    Ken Lomas

  202. Kate says:

    Love Flipbook! We need to get some pet focus sites on here! I can help. @littlemingo

  203. Kate says:

    What is instapaper?

  204. Carsten says:

    Flipchart pages are really cool and exciting. As the owner of a german communication agency for innovative marketing ideas I would like to know, how to publish your own content (or your customers content) as a flipboard page. Thanks in advance and a happy new year!

  205. Alex says:

    Good idea, however a big let down with the image quality, is there a reason for it being so low??
    I also support the idea of not having to double tap to expand the article.
    Still great job, Looking forward to some improvement!

  206. Geolee says:


  207. Rick Schrager says:

    I wanted to leave a word of thanks to every member of the Flipboard team for the fantastic product. I am recently home from the hospital after major spinal surgery and my current life is, well, flat on my back for some time to come.

    Flipboard is the most elegant window to the world that anyone could hope for. I’ve scarcely come up for air since installing it yesterday. Thank you, thank you and thank you again.

  208. Pingback: Marketing Mobile | L’idée initiale de Flipboard est née lorsque le fondateur Mike McCue a voyagé…

  209. zach says:

    Do you have any higher resolutions of these photo’s?

  210. Pingback: Flipboard 1.1 FAQ, How To Guide, and Tips « Jordan's Blogg

  211. Paul Russell says:

    Flipboard is wonderful! Can you please add support for “Read it Later?”

    • Paul Russell says:

      Just to clarify, I’d like to use Read it Later to save articles for future reading.

      • Mitlenatch says:

        Ditto what Paul says. The intent of my earlier request is to be able to tag an article I’m reading from within Flipboard so I can access it later (from anywhere) via Read it Later.

        Some of the others in this thread appear to be looking for it to work in reverse (i.e. browse already tagged Read it Later articles inside Flipboard), but that’s not what I am requesting.

        Just so ya know :-) Thanks.

  212. Patrick H. says:

    I like your bellybutton comment haha very creative and true

  213. Bill Baker says:

    One of the best iPad apps I’ve ever used. Keep up the good work.

  214. Liz G says:

    Have you added the tiles for Instapaper or Stumbler yet.. Would love them as options.

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  216. Pingback: boho newsletter 14: The boys have landed! | bohocrush

  217. matt says:

    Don’t need a photographer by chance do you?



  218. Ben says:

    When playing videos from YouTube it ignores the mute switch on the iPad.

  219. Francisco says:

    Flipboard, you right. We love how beatiful look images on Flipboard app and if you includ picassa, uff, that will be great for us. Love Flipboard, is just a jewel of app.

  220. Francisco says:

    Please include the ability to increase fonts.

    • You can change the font size. Just to to your iPad Settings, then Flipboard, and the Font Size option will be in there.

      • Spode says:

        Strange – when I go into the Settings app on my iPad 2 Flipboard is not listed, so I assumed there were no settings adjustable.

        I do not need to change the not size – just wondering what other options I have been missing.

        Love the app, by the way. :)

        • Inside Flipboard says:

          We moved Settings into the App. Tap the gear icon in the lower right of your Contents Page. Enjoy. ~ JV

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  222. Piet Robijn says:

    How do I make a content of http://www.yammer.comrws?

  223. g.braakman says:

    the facebook content is only retained for about 20 hours, what if i want to go back further?

  224. Helen johanson says:

    So happy to have discovered this app

  225. S crane says:

    Flip board is the best ap on the iPad and I love the suggestions of new feeds. But every time I add a feed one of other favorites has to go. Am I missing something as I only have a limited number of feeds. 2 pages how come such a small limit. Is this going to change?

  226. Rick Wetzel says:

    Any chance of making Flipboard a “Mac App”? I love it on my Ipad, and I’d love it on Mac.

  227. Britta Wein says:

    I am the lady who asked to volunteer in Nov for a week….
    Do you have a need for a bilingual (English and German) NYU-certified Digital Media marketer, Brand Builder and Key-Accounter who would love to support you in those areas? You may check me on LinkedIn…

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  230. Chuck says:

    I know I would and NUMEROUS other people would love to have Flipboard ported to the iPhone. Any chances of this in the near future?

  231. Lori says:

    It seems i can only create/organize my flipboard apps on 2 pages – one being the info page, then a second full one. When i scroll to the third page, it defaults to open the first one on the first page.

    Its a really fabulous app but what i want to do is consolidate and avoid, say, google reader altogether. I just wanted to see if i was doing something incorrectly or if, in fact, the number of pages is capped. Thanks!

  232. Roger watts says:

    There may well be an evolving world wide debt crisis under way, likely to last for several years. There is a mass of excellent material on aspects of this appearing on the web, but users are faced with the problem of content volume – and the fact that Europeans tend to read the European stuff, Americans the US stuff etc.
    For my own benefit I began selecting the best items for my own twitter account (rjtwatts). The flipboard app is an ideal way of reading this material.
    Can you suggest any way I might make this steam better known and available to clipboard users?

  233. Do you need to be located somewhere specific for the job?

  234. hey folks

    are there any plans that flipboard will make its way to the Mac AppStore? i really like flipboard, but i have no iPad.

  235. libby lable says:

    Great to see Hammer again. I will always love Hammer time. Keep up the great work, Hammertech .

  236. To MC Hammer – enjoyed your interview with Oprah. You talked about social networking and your working with people using this. Please take a look at this is quickly becoming on of the leading social network companies in the world – in over 97 countries already and is growing extremely fast. My cell phone number is on the website. Please take a look at how valuable this can be to you and your company.

    Thank you

    Darlene Rainville

    Talk Fusion Executive Associate

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  239. Pingback: MC Hammer To Release Latest Song Through Flipboard | Stu Haugen

  240. BrandyJo21 says:

    I have to admit, I am having trouble following your instructions on how to see the slideshow and hear the song “see her face.” on flipboard. NOt sure what Im doing wrong. any help?

  241. Pingback: MC Hammer To Release Latest Song Through Flipboard

  242. Daniel says:

    I am blessed to see you overcome and abound manor God!

  243. Daniel says:

    Sorry – man of God!

  244. Gina Harris says:


    • April D. King says:

      So intrigued in all you do. Keep on staying focused. You are very talented and so are the youth/grandprants of our great USA/World Wide.

      How we may connect all while we learn as one world family, through these types of Flip Board eqpt.
      Please get in contact with me on the subject of world wide stocks Human Tech. Links
      I will be addressing, the unequal bilingual links in educational movational tools we will bring to the table. Which will create new jobs for all ages, new stocks for our youths, create new security language for the new way to fight crime.
      Then I served as a volunteer Girl Scouts Teens, Sunday School Teacher, Volunteer for the Ill.Literacy program, Health Care Provider for the past 35 years.
      I want to share in a collabration with you in brain stroming session world wide and getting the Hammers (mindset ) in hands of like minded thinkers as ourselves.

  245. joyce marie says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your interview on Oprah today.

  246. Pamela says:

    Awesome to Hammer rise like the phoenix and reinvent himself!!! I was so happy to see him on Oprah and I ordered the Zagg for my baby for Valentines Day!

  247. Gerald eveland says:

    Sighned up for twitter first time. Saw you on Ophrah. Impressed. I am 51 just learning how to get around .

  248. Pingback: MC Hammer To Release Latest Song Through Flipboard | Money Making Product Review

  249. Pingback: Oprah Goes Tech Crazy Again, Plugs Aplenty For iPad, Flipboard |

  250. Meredith sullivan says:

    Starting a real estate app and want your input if you have time.

  251. Pingback: MC Hammer To Release Latest Song Through Flipboard |

  252. Pingback: CitiPrice Internet Properties » MC Hammer To Release Latest Song Through Flipboard

  253. Peggy Lickert says:

    So how do we view see her face?

  254. Shelly says:

    Great 2 C Hammer still successful & happy. Thanks for the flip box tip.

  255. Pingback: MC Hammer lanzará su nueva canción en Flipboard - Que 2.0

  256. Shelia Adams says:

    I saw you on Oprah. I’m so happy for you.! It reminded me of a favorite proverb “If God Be For You”…. You have weathered many storms that others don’t have to experience and yet you are still a young man to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I want you to know you blessed me. Your testimony and the fact that you are into technology. I need you, I need you. How may I ask the write words to get you to grace us by skype or your presence. I know technology is for those with a certain income and many can’t seem to find a interest beyond Facebook. However I know it is so much more and so do you.

    I’m a 54 year old woman trying to find a way to make money online honestly. My reasons are for family and community. So many organizations that are trying to support their community and I mean old people , like Ms. Mary, 86 year old and still trying to support (her beautification projects) on her ss check. It is sad to see our old still trying to help our communities, when so many younger have gone on and never looked back. I understand your heart for want to give. I too am so much like you , however the wisdom and understanding I have been blessed with gives me this passion for my community and its people, to truly put money into their organizations so that they can implement the visions that have been imparted into them. If you feel you could bless us with your time, maybe through skpe or wut it would intel to have you grace us with your presence to achive some of our goals.

    My other mission is to bring technology and its many benefits to my communities. My current google games and conduit are the only apps I have had the pleasure of running accross. I need a little one on one. I’m really exicited about the computer. I spend about 10 to 12 hrs. on the computer. The goal that some way the people in the community will directly benefit monetary from these campaigns. A lot of dignity and respect for ones community has been diminished, but we both know, nothing is to hard for God. It’s so time to go into the streets. But fear has such a hold on this generation in this dispensation we are in now. So many eyes don’t want to see. The sleepers need to awaken. So now I ask “where is it that it says “come eat, buy without no money?”

    Normally I don’t ask people for things or borrow but I’m about to take a leap of faith and ask. It is for a worthy cause, one you may or may not be interested in. My community and many other communities are in great need. The organizations in some of these communities work on fumes and yet they are the back bone of the leaders that get put in office but their community and their economic status hasn’t change.
    After listening to Ms. Greer when she said “we support what you been telling us to do Oprah” I to would like to have our people (all people) to start taking a different look at technology. How to help my community do something extra oridinary. Something that hasn’t ever been done before. To implement an economical growth to small communities that are distressed and has a no class ratings. I’d like to make a difference in my community and God has allowed you to understand that when one get wealth and how to handle it. There are so many who need to hear the testimony (Like my 22 year old daughter) for one. Their gifts are so worth our help. The blessings comes from the blessed. Not welfare. This to is so important to our people. However, you may not want to help us because I’m not Holy like you are at this time. I got saved in 1982, however that is a testimony that I only tell when led.

    If you feel you could give us some of your time or terms of gracing us with your presence, would be so highly appreciated. What you can get from me is Honesty and integrity and plenty of love :)

  257. Pingback: MC Hammer To Release Latest Song Through Flipboard | GeekStatusâ„¢ Pulse

  258. Lauro Valente says:

    1 for read it later
    1 for irrigue reading

    -1 for instapaper, this Service is gordinha when in comparisson with read it later.

  259. Pingback: MC Hammer Uses Social Media: New Song Released On Flipboard : Online Social Media

  260. La Tonya Powell says:

    I also saw you on Oprah and was just thrilled to see you’re back. I have been watching for your come back ever since I saw the piece about you and the problems you were having with your constituents. I too, am from Oakland but moved away in 1994 to get away from situations that was arising in the Bay Area at that time. I was then, an avid Oakland A’s fan as well as an avid MC Hammer fan, I use to see you in the Foster’s Freeze, where I worked, sometimes when you would come over and pick up food for some of the A’s. I was truly hurt when I heard about your problematic situation and felt that it was your generosity and good heart that had allowed this to happen to you. I’ve seen you on the gospel channel many times and I have been on the look out for what road your future was taking. The vibes were good when I watched you on there and I knew you would be O.K..

    Yesterday, when I saw that you were going to be on Oprah’s show I almost fell off of the bed! And when I saw you I was so happy and proud that you have reclaimed your rightful place in society, obviously with the blessings of Jesus Christ our saviour. I have nothing but good wishes for you and your family and will be watching for uprising once again. May God be with you on your long and blessed journey while you know that there’s one faithful fan pulling for you and your family all the way to the top! Bless your wonderful wife who has stuck by you through it all. I too am an avid technology buff, have been ever since I can remember but I never would have guessed that you were into it to this degree, one just never know. It’s so true that you can’t judge a book by its cover. But there was always one thing evident about you and that is, you’re a smart cookie, and no one except “GOD” can take that away!

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  263. OMG! I just saw you featured on Oprah (interview with MC Hammer) and I cannot tell you how brilliant your concept is!

    Wow – the human mind is so powerful and your product is proof of this!

    Congratulations on such innovative work.

    Krizia (from Canada)

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  265. Elaine says:

    I agree we def need more than two pages, it’s always a quandary as to which to get rid of.

  266. Cindy Heisdorf says:

    I just downloaded your clipboard app after seeing MC Hammer on Oprah but, I can not figure out how to see his new video. Could you send me some directions? :)

    Thank you,


  267. Pingback: Flipboard Fixes What’s Broken About Digital Magazines | Digitizd

  268. LGgeek (Dennis McCarney) says:

    I love Flipboard one of the best apps done for iPad, Murdock should have just used you guys to handle the content for the Daily. My only concern is the content providers will try and limit what can be accessed via Flipboard. I want this technology and you guys to survive, if it comes to it I have no problem paying for the app or some kind of subscription model you could work out with Content providers. Can’t say it enough the design is first-rate.

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  270. April D. King says:

    May God keep on blessing everthing you touch. He has called you to much more and to network with like minded humans.
    World wide please e-mail me back. I would like to share some firutful world wide jobs creations and other educational links, that will bring more stocks value to the table. Yes Oprah is beaming her light that includes us. All like minded ture and tried step up and that is why I send this e-mail.
    Looking to brain storm links/sessions/banks to bring bilingual in 2 to 3 languages at any age.
    God Bless you more and more and keep receiving

  271. Johan says:

    Late to the party, but I’d just like to add my +1 for “Read It Later” as well.

  272. lemonella says:

    Truly Appreciated! 2 Snaps and a tweet! O.k. that is soo very horrible! sleep deprived and a little slap happy! A true thank You!

  273. Rich McCoy says:

    What an awesome app you have developed, I would have loved to have been involved.

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  275. Brandon says:

    Begging you for read it later support!

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  278. Pingback: Flipboard, Now Rocking with Rolling Stone Magazine Phone Blogging

  279. Maria is awesome! I am glad to know her personally but anyone who follows her on twitter should be glad too – she opens an entire new world(s) to everyone of us! If there were more Marias – the world would have surely been a much better place!

  280. alexx_kidd says:

    These are all great stuff,but to really use them the app itself needs more than 2 pages/18 grid squares,to fill with more content!when can we expect an update?And readability integration to fetch content (just like the reeder app)would be a killer!

  281. I’m thrilled to see Trend Hunter on Flipboard! :)

  282. Rodriguez B. says:

    I love the flipboard app. I’m literally on this app for hours and it’s the way I get all my news. I love how things are aggregated, the simple transitions, the design, – everything. I think you guys at clipboard for making this awesome app free.

  283. Valentin C. says:

    is this good for pc usage? or do I necessarily have to have an iPad?

  284. Shelby Walsh says:

    Excited to see Trend Hunter on Flipboard! I’m also drooling over the goodies I’ll find curated from TEDTalks. Can’t wait!

  285. Jason Smith says:

    Another vote for Read it Later!

  286. Dennis says:

    I like the new feature and the speed, however I was less than thrill when a pop up came up with a notification about my iPad being jailbroken. I know you’ll say you will not do anything with this information (wouldn’t mater to me anyway). I have serious issue with Borg mentality, my view is I paid for it I’ll do what I want with it. Looks like now I will be looking for another app.

    • Dennis, we mention it only because Jailbroken iPads can cause conflicts with Flipboard and we can’t offer support for all those variations. We’re not trying to be the Borg. :)

      • Geoffrey Wilkes says:

        Exactly what programs are conflicting with flipboard? I’ll be switching to Reeder and ReederHD until I get that information.

      • Troy Fisher says:

        @Inside Flipboard – Can you please provide an overview of how your application determines that the IOS is jailbroken? Can you also provide an overview of all on-board data that is accessed by your application?

        You privacy policy makes no mention of accessing on-board device information beyond device ID, IP address and browser information. If you are collecting additional information, you should update your privacy policy accordingly.

        Thanks for any insight…

  287. Pingback: Flipboard Gets a Big Upgrade: Adds Search & More to Its iPad App Phone Blogging

  288. LOVE FLIPBOARD!!!!! I went into a Verizon to purchase a car charger in December and ended up with an iPad, too, due to a preview of FLIPBOARD! Awesome!

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  297. Dan Woog says:

    Very cool. Clean, sharp, quick. You rock.

  298. elias says:

    i finally did it, sorry for the previous comment. delete it if you want!

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  302. Alex Liu says:

    The new version app have a bug,when I switch the input from English to Chinese ,the app quit out.This happen twice today.

  303. Vera says:

    Flipboard was the one of the first iPad apps I got, and I tell all my friends to get this app.

  304. Ed Palumbo says:

    I’m gonna find that couch and take the most public nap ever.

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  308. C Rod says:

    How do I get instagram on my flipboard. I have updated the clipboard app already. I can’t find a way to add instagram to as a section.

  309. Pingback: trends: Publishing News: Week in Review | Write Your Own E-book

  310. neil says:

    Just got flipboard – loving it! Wondering what’s in store in the near future? A favorite add-in for me is ReadItLater and that would be perfect for something like flipboard

  311. Pingback: Flipboard ostrzega przed Jailbreakiem iPada. Wiadomości ze świata Apple iPad | Krystian MacKozer Kozerawski

  312. naum says:

    what happened to font size adjust ability.

    removing it renders the app useless for me :(

  313. Zach Fine says:

    I’m also quite curious how the app detects that it is on a jailbroken iPad, and a little worried for the future.

  314. Pingback: Flipboard Upgrade Boosts Speed, Integrates Social Search and Instagram | Stocks!

  315. Pingback: ‘Instagallery’ schiebt Instagram-Fotoströme aufs iPad –

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  318. Tony says:

    Curious why I receive the jailbreak warning on my non jailbroken iPad 1. Bad enough that this error message states the obvious, worse that it states it in error.

  319. tb says:

    I don’t get anything when I tap the clipboard logo in the upper left corner of the content page– how can I tell what version I have?

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  321. Dave Silverstein says:

    Fantastic App folks….you have done a really great job saving me a tremendous amount of time. I have a very long and busy workday and don’t have time to peruse through a multitude of websites looking for interesting content. Flipboard does it for me! I come home from work, open my iPad 2 and go directly to Flipboard for all the latest Tech and World news. I don’t know how I lived without it. Thanks again for all of your hard work.

  322. Melissa says:

    Met the band last night before the show at Winstar. Have been a fan since the beginning, seen them in London, New York and several times in Dallas. Hated that they had to perform in Thackerville, OK but loved the opportunity to shake their hands. They were very gracious and put on an amazing shoe – as always!

  323. Hi, When will flipboard provide an Android app?

  324. Kunal Anand says:

    Love that image – the logo transparency is awesome :)

  325. Silly question: how do I login to instagram from Flipboard. I cannot find the option anywhere?

  326. miApples says:

    This App is what sold me on the iPad last year.
    Essential for the full iPad experience!
    5 Stars.
    (Also great update!)

  327. JEB says:

    I love your app on the iPad but prefer to keep the full functionality of my MacBook Air so I will not be jumping into an iPad any time soon. Is there a version of Flipboard for my notebook or iMac desktop?

    • We recently announced that we are working on an iPhone version, due out this summer. We are also exploring the possibilities for future expansion to new platforms & devices, including possibly a Mac or web version.

      • Kevin says:

        I too would love to see Flipboard on my 27″ iMac. In fact I am looking for something like it right now because I like the interface so much. You have pretty much an instant market if you develop it.

  328. Min Lee says:

    + Read It Later

  329. Un altro says:

    +1 for “ReadItLater”
    +1 for offline reading option

  330. Balle says:

    The Finance on FlipBoard is awesome. Along withmy Twitter-feed (also awsome via flipboard) I’m often ahead news-wise, comared to my home-country newspapers. I have actually cancelled some subscriptions after engaging with Flipboard (and Twitter)


  331. Ed Marcell says:

    Are we going to get a flipboard app for the Xoom

  332. Erin mills says:

    I have my own red couch and love it!

  333. Stephen says:

    Already received my skateboard. It’s awesome! Thanks again, FB.

  334. Donna says:

    Very exciting! Looking forward to this addition on Flipboard.

  335. Angela says:

    When will flip board come to the android market?

  336. Yaw Ofosu says:

    Flipboard is great with Oprah.

  337. Tobias says:

    Great app. Please add ReadItLater because it supports more platforms than Instapaper with it’s apps.

  338. laptopost says:

    Very good i would like to try..

  339. Diane vermilye says:

    Looks great

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  342. Pingback: Web Realities - How Flipboard Can Bring App Makers and Publishers Together

  343. Eduardo Zamorano Jr says:

    Simply put the best IPad app on the planet!

    • Tyson says:

      I got my iPad 1 because Flipboard didn’t have a version for my hp tablet. Too bad I can’t enter the ipad2 contest from Canada, where everything else is x-border to the USA.

  344. Dan Voronin says:

    Love iPad 2 would great to win one,,thanks

  345. J Baumgartner says:

    What a fabulous app!! It threads all my favorite sites for super easy access. I rate it #1 !

  346. Eugene Harris says:

    I love Flipboard!

  347. Alex W says:

    Definitely could use an iPad 2! Dropped mine and it broke 8^( . Love Flipboard!

  348. Mary Sparacino says:

    Best app! Would love it on ipad2 .

  349. Stacey Kostich says:

    I would love to win one for my daughter at OSU!

  350. Cecile Leggett says:

    Would be super to win ipad2 to use at our small school for students with autism!

  351. Start and end my day with FlipBoard, would love to be using an iPad 2

  352. Pingback: Oprah gets her section on Flipboard

  353. Eymen says:

    +1 read it later and/or +1 offline reading. also willing to pay for video caching for offline viewing.

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  355. Keegan says:

    I love Flipboard because it let’s u view all of your social networking sights ,news ext. Thanks Flipboard I love you!!!

  356. Hestlen says:

    Always for us resident, like the 99% of the internet constest are only like the 2% of the world population…. :)

    Anyway, great app!!!!!

  357. Derrick Small says:

    I love the IPad and I also love and enjoy flipboard!

  358. Mackenzie Fegely says:

    I love Flipboard! It’s a daily app for me. I love the layout.
    I hope to win the IPad 2! It would be nicely appreciated, by me and my family

  359. Sander says:

    Why only US residents? We also love Flipboard and iPad 2 in The Netherlands!

  360. Michelle Rohrer says:

    I love, love using Flipboard to read Twitter, Google Reader, favorite blogs, etc. Of course an iPad 2 would be a wonderful prize, and then I would have 2 to use in my 4th grade classroom!

  361. Joanne says:

    Flipboard on iPad is the best. We would love to win an iPad-2.

  362. Tamarlon Newman says:

    Flipboard keeps me in-the-know of all my tech, social and entertainment needs. The app is truly remarkable! I’d love to see support for photo uploads on Facebook though. Nonetheless, keep up the great work! I’m getting hooked on the new Oprah segment.

  363. Chris Neville says:

    Flipboard has changed my entire attitude towards RSS feeds. It has changed them from a quick headline grabbing exercise to a daily browse through all my interests. A must have for my iPad, and hopefully my iPad2….

  364. Cheryl says:

    I would like to have an iPad 2 :)

  365. Jeff Sloan says:

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  366. John says:

    +1 read it later!

  367. Isaac says:

    I love this app its almost exactly like my windows phone

  368. Mike Floriani says:

    Flipboard, what a great ap! Keep up the good work.

  369. Michael says:

    Please support integration with Read It Later. I’m just not going to use Instapaper — Flipboard is the ONLY app or service I use that wants to limit me to Instapaper, and I’m not going to add an entirely redundant and inferior second service for Flipboard alone, as much as I love you guys. Please support open choice for your users, at least among the major options, and add support for ReadItLater. Thank you.

  370. Don shegog says:

    Love iPad 1, would love iPad 2 either way Flipboard is GREAT!

  371. Margaret Evans says:

    Greatest app! I am new with IPad but Flipboard is my favorite! IPad 2 would be awesome! Thanks!

  372. DitsyB says:

    Totally ditsy without my flipboard!! L.O.V.E. It!! And a chance to win I2…YES! Thank you.

  373. Johnny says:

    Every release gets better and better!!!

  374. Jamie borden says:

    Flipboard is the app I always use to show off my new iPad

  375. Mario Aguirre says:

    Love iPad 1, wouldn’t mind an iPad 2. Flipboard is def awesome!!

  376. Melissa valenzuela says:

    Flip over flipboard.. It’s the best.

  377. Roberta Melli says:

    I love Flipboard!

  378. KING says:

    Wow man I love this! This is the best app!!! I can’t register for the ipad2 though!

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      If you’re trying to register on your iPad in Flipboard, please tap the arrow in the top right corner and select “Open in Safari” and enter your info there. Let me know if you still have trouble entering.

      • KING says:

        When I hit the arrow…it says go to safari but when I go to safari, nothing is there…

        • Inside Flipboard says:

          It’s working for me, so not sure what’s going on. You could go to on Safari manually. Sorry for the trouble.

  379. Clarissa says:

    I love the Flipboard. My son likes it too. It makes reading fun for him. Believe me, this is major!! Lol

  380. Tom O'Leary says:

    Without Flipboard, the iPad2 is just another device!

  381. Jimbo says:

    Flipboard is the best!

  382. LauraJean says:

    Would love an iPad 2 for use in my preschool special education classroom! We would be able to take pictures of what’s relevant and have the pictures instantly become part of their own stories we write! How cool would that be?? Love Flipboard too! Use it every day to keep up with the latest educational trends!

  383. Don Herriot says:

    Flipboard is great!!

  384. Disfruto mucho la navegación, y las fotografías publicadas en Flipboard, es una excelente aplicación

  385. Bert Offers says:

    Love Flipboard! Awesome app. I use it all the time.

  386. Dan F says:

    Okay I tried to enter the contest from my iPad, but it would not allow me to enter my email address to confirm, so I guess the glitch will need to be fixed before anyone with an iPad can enter. By the way the iPad I have is issued from my employer so I am not selfish in wanting to win an ipad2 I would just like my own.

  387. Suzie says:

    If I won an iPad for my husband, I would most definitely win “Wife of the Year”!

    I didn’t realize Flipboard was on Facebook. Off to “like”. Thanks.

  388. Vikas Kumar says:

    All you need just this app, everything in one app. Simply awesome…sports, tech, news, Facebook, Twitter …you name it and this app allow young use it. Amazing ………

  389. David Estes says:

    Hoping for the best. Love Flipboard.

  390. Arthur Forbus says:

    Flipboard is great, one place to check updates to twitter, facebook and news, just need linkedin and I am all good.

  391. Sheraz Malik says:

    Flipboard rocks

  392. Sheraz Malik says:

    Flipboard rocks , one of the best apps for my daily use. The very first app I open in the morning.

  393. Beth ginck says:

    Just new to flip, so far its great

  394. KING says:

    Can we chat on flipboard with others online? If so how?

  395. Yary says:

    This app is awesome!!!! great job!!!

  396. Camaro Dave says:


  397. Linda Ponter says:

    Pick me!

  398. Bert Hui says:

    I love the elegance of Flipboard!

  399. John S. says:

    Flipboard is the best looking and best functioning iPad app. Wish I had thought of it….

  400. Logan says:

    Flipboard is great for subscribing to all my favorite education blogs! A new iPad would be a great edition to my classroom!

  401. Mr. Suteera Jatutiptaporn says:

    My best magazine ever!

  402. @FeliponMartinez says:

    Great app Flipboard is. I’m enjoying it more and more everytime I have the chance to surf the web. I can’t wait to participate to win an ipad2 from an international giveaway. Hola from Mexico, ciao.

  403. A Mir says:

    Fantastic tool. Great job guys.

  404. John says:

    Cool apps. Win win win

  405. Heather Brown says:

    Definitely the most-used app on my iPad-would be even better on iPad 2!

  406. Dennis Gleason says:

    I want it!

  407. GPsnail says:


    This contest is only for US resident, boring……


  408. Dennis Gleason says:

    Flip bard is great!

  409. Tim keagy says:

    Very confusing enter process

  410. Patty says:

    The absolute best way to view all my blog sites!

  411. Alex says:

    Yup, love the Flipboard!

  412. Van Dam says:

    Good luck everyone!

  413. Victor Garcia says:

    Would love to win one!

  414. Anthony Triano says:

    Flipboard is awesome!! I need an iPad 2 so I can flip out.

  415. JustyStyles says:

    Flipboard is my go-to/home page. This app is awesome!!!

  416. Vincent Hansen says:

    me want ipad2

  417. Vivienne says:

    Love my iPad but between the 2 kids who play games on it and my Partner who loves it more than even me, I don’t get much chance with it. Our family definitely could do with an iPad2.

  418. Laurie Szczesny says:

    Would love an iPad2 -awesome guys!

  419. Chris achilles says:

    Love the app!

  420. Sieputra says:

    Love flipboard too
    But why there s no giveaway chance for indonesian

  421. Douglas Carlson says:

    I flip for Flipboard!!!!!

  422. Sharon says:

    I <3 Flipboard…my feeds never looked so good!

  423. Tom stephens says:

    Love this app

  424. Arie Rich says:

    Flipboard was the first app I downloaded on my iPad. It is absolutely, positively amazing!! I even tweeted about my first impression on Twitter, that’s how much I love this app!

  425. Michael Prater says:

    You mean there are other news apps?! Why bother with anything else? This is the Swiss army news app to put on your iPad bar none. Thanks for such a great app!

  426. David says:

    I love flipboard I use it every day. Just simply can’t have an iPad without it, would love to use in on iPad2

  427. David Seuling says:

    I love Flipboard I use or everyday. Just simply can’t have an IPad with out it. Would love to use it on IPad 2

  428. Jenny Seuling says:

    I love Flipboard, really want to see how amazing it is on IPad 2

  429. Jenny M. says:

    Viva La iPad and Flipboard makes every iPad even more amazing!

  430. Sue wildman says:

    I love this app. Everything in one place!

  431. Donna Dempsey says:

    I’m in to win iPad2. Flipboard is great for pic or quick for view to several sites. Just added Oprah!

  432. Mark Helm says:

    Great app! It takes the iPad to another level!

  433. Lorie Rabon says:

    I’d love to win the ipad.

  434. James I says:

    Can’t wait to read my flipboard each day. Great app!

  435. Martha Helena says:

    I love the iPad 2 will be great to win one .

  436. Shirley Snyder says:

    Would love to win!

  437. Debbie p. says:

    Flipboard is awesome! It takes the iPad to another dimension. I am in for the latest iPad!

  438. Tony Serfling says:

    Love Flipboard!

  439. Paul Gauthier says:

    Flipboard rocks!!

  440. Nancy phillips says:

    I would love an iPad 2!!!!

  441. Judy Thrush says:

    Love Flipboard… ipad 2 would be too cool :)

  442. Mary says:

    Found you on the webby awards and took a lok around. It’s a fab app and I will recommend it to all my friends.

  443. William T. says:

    If there is one app that I can only install in my iPad, that will definitely be FLIPBOARD.
    Now I finally feel technology is changing my life!

  444. Arnaldo Prieto says:

    iPad 2 rocks !!!

  445. Erica Folk says:

    Flipboard is the only reason I am motivated to read my Facebook and twitter stuff. Flipboard is AWESOME! An iPad would really bring me some sunshine on a gloomy day!

  446. Ramona Bowers says:

    FlipBoard is an amazing app. I just discovered it and already love it. If you don’t have this app, you are missing out. Why are you still reading this? Go to the app store and download it for free now!

  447. Peter Brooks says:

    Flipbook is a great app

  448. Carl jones says:

    Flipboard is the iPad app. Nothing else like it.

  449. Rob Foster says:

    Flipboard is a fantastic app that puts all the stuff I need to known one place; no more bouncing around!

  450. Colleen says:

    Flipboard rocks!

  451. Eileen Wilmington says:

    Flipping head over heals for Flipboard!! My goto app for news!!

  452. Flipboard is a great app, accept when it started adding marketing blurbs for gadgets from another magazine that I read to my public Facebook page. Not cool. But, giving away an iPad2 is cool.

  453. Greta Closius says:

    Just getting started with Flipboard. It’s pretty cool. With an iPad2 would be even cooler! I have found so many uses for the iPad. If I win, I will donate my iPad 1 to a school program that works with learning disabled kids.

  454. Pe_ha says:

    What a great app, announcing a brilliant future

  455. John Fealy says:

    I wish I had something unique to say about Flipboard but I don’t. I use an EVO Android device. What I will say however, is that I am extremely grateful for working alongside Mike McCue. I learned a great deal from him and hold him in the utmost respect.

  456. Malia Kaai-Barrett says:

    love Flipboard!

  457. jacky watt says:

    Flipboard make me comfortable for reading all things

  458. ANDREA YOUNG says:


  459. Rich baderinwa says:

    Love flipboard

  460. Wendy Crook says:

    I LOVE Flipboard. Just downloaded the APP today and it was love at first sight. And an iPad2 would be fabulous!!!

  461. Sean Renner says:

    Time for an iPad upgrade.

  462. Tracy Scandlyn says:

    Both Flipboard & iPad2 are enchanting!!!!!

  463. Kate S says:

    Flipboard is the one app that I recommend to everyone. It’s amazing! Amazing!

  464. Mary Willis says:

    Love to flip! Best app for IPad.

  465. Brian plett says:

    May I have one too please. Ipad2

  466. James Bernard says:

    Love Flipboard, bring on the free iPad2 please !

  467. Kaya Bernard says:

    I want the iPad2 please !

  468. James Bernard says:

    Flipbook rocks ! grt app !

  469. rick bunnell says:

    Please enter me,I really could use one.

  470. Beth says:

    I love this app. Great idea to have a Give away.

  471. Rene P says:

    Love, love, love the flipbook app for an ipad2!!!!

  472. Jason Mathews says:

    Hands down the best app on the iPad!

  473. Vanessa Ortiz says:

    Love Flipboard. its a magazine app with all my favorite stuff!

  474. Joseph Estey says:

    Tried to enter, love the Flipboard, but Wildfire was doing “maintenance” hope I don’t get shut out…

  475. B Biggs says:

    Would love to win an iPad2 – thanks!

  476. Karla Fountain says:

    I tried to enter the contest but got a large graphic that said WHOA…. No way to enter the contest :(

  477. Merri Carol says:

    Flippin for Flipboard!!!! I have to keep up with current events and Facebook. Need to figure out what’s for dinner. And now I can watch Oprah!! I am disabled and absolutley need an IPad so I am sure the Ipad2 will be a welcomed part of my life. Keep up the fantastic work Flipboard, I love you lots.

  478. Arsham Mes says:

    Best iPad app everrrr! :-) a very inspiring start up!

  479. Amnun Yushuvayev says:

    I’v been wanting an iPad for so long now but couldn’t afford it due to some circumstances. I would be so happy if I win one. Thanks for giving me the chance

  480. CC says:

    I <3 Flipboard!!!

  481. Ram says:

    +2 for Read it Later…. the googlereader trick doesnt work…would love to have native support.

    Instapaper with iOS focus is a dying platform… ReaditLater is the future!

  482. Carlos Sicat says:

    I got very interested with the flipboard, I have to learn more of it.

  483. I love flipboard, everything you do is awesome.

  484. Elizabeth Simon says:

    I would love an iPad 2. This is a great tool for education!

  485. Janet Miller says:

    Among my favorite sites is Flipboard’s instapaper for the iPad!

  486. Rich says:

    You don’t enable Read It Later. So I can’t use you. Sorry :(

  487. libby says:

    Nice contest, would love to win!

  488. Diana Hooper says:

    I would love to have Opra on my flipboard site

  489. Ken Korfitz says:

    Couldn’t live without Flipboard <3 Awesomest app in creation!

  490. Carol Donnermeyer says:

    love it

  491. Crystal says:

    Gotta love flipboard!

  492. Stanley says:

    Loving my iPad 2 and FlipBoard!

  493. Bill says:

    Love Flipboard!

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  500. Ildemar Egger Junior says:


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  502. Diana Seitz says:

    Would be great to win.

  503. Best app on my iPad.

  504. Eric Trupp says:

    Awesome app!

  505. Derrick says:

    Flipboard is truly the coolest app on my iPad. There is no better way to keep all of my favorite sites all in one place at a glance

  506. Ricky Lantimo says:

    So excited…My queen is coming to Flipboard. Can’t wait another minute!

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  508. Marjorie Salter says:

    I love this app and I would love the iPad 2 !!!! Would take Flipboard to the next level ……

  509. Kevin werner says:

    Flipboard, has me hooked. Great app, I have everything at my fingertips…..Everything. just Awesome..

  510. Bonnie Christ says:

    Best app ever!

  511. Ricardo Perez says:

    My mom isn’t computer savvy but I know she would get into & learn with ease on a iPad2. I’m willing to bet my iPad on it. Well maybe not my iPad!

  512. I was on my friends page and saw this ad for a contest on Flipboard. I was like, “what is flipboard?” I’m still not really sure, but from the ads I’ve seen on what you can do with Flipboard and the information you can get that’s helpful. It seems to be n incredible site. I can’t wait to check it out.

  513. noemi torres says:

    i love flipboard so much.. so much fun. and so easy to use:)

  514. John Renyard says:

    Great iPad program to read, browse and act

  515. Love it. Easy to use and a new vision of social networks. It’s my new’s window

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  518. Dan A says:

    Flipboard and Ipad wonderful combo

  519. Dale Griffen says:

    I LOVE the FlipBoard! Such crisp, clean and clear pix, updates, and articles. It makes my social media so much more enjoyable to “Flip” through! Thank you, and thanks for the opportunity to win an iPad2! xx

  520. Mike Jimenez says:

    Awesome App!

  521. ChrisPi says:

    Ipad 1 or Ipad 2….. It doesn’t matter…. Flipboard is the best in both ‘ worlds’.

  522. jan m drummond says:

    great app

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  524. Sandy A says:

    Flipboard and IPad 2 a great pairing

  525. Adamu Muhammad says:

    I’m an international student from West Africa in the States, studying pre-med, winning the ipad 2 would greatly assist me in organizing my students work now and later. There’s just so much to organize especially when you the 1st in your family to attend college. You guys are simply kind-hearted and philanthropic, please keep it up!

  526. Barb Muscutt says:

    Oh my . . . if I won one I could even take a step into the 21st century!! LOL LOL

  527. John Anstett says:

    Great to know about Flipboard…looks great!

  528. Tammy says:

    Best app EVER

  529. ChrisPi says:

    Too bad i don’t live in the states…

  530. Donald Loughery says:

    Great app

  531. Ken Herzig says:

    Flipboard and IPad make surfing a joy!

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  537. Billy says:

    Im obsessed with flipboard it’s awesome!!!!!!

  538. Jennie says:

    The best iPad app!!

  539. Frank says:

    Great App. Only thing missing is ability to add our own custom RSS feeds. Once that’s a reality this App will rule!

  540. Pamela J Hensen says:

    I Love how Creative your are with the Flip/Board App. I like how it feels like a book, always something Great to read, and Awesome Pictures. Keep up the Great work. You Rock it out everyday for me.

  541. Meysam says:

    Flipboard is a Great App

  542. Douglas Dakin says:

    Great app!

  543. Villeneuve Francis says:

    Very cool to use flipboard ! And Ipad too !

  544. Villeneuve Francis says:

    Hope to receive soon this issue.

  545. Villeneuve Francis says:

    Flipboard is amazing !

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  547. Gary says:

    This would be awesome to win! I travel a lot and this would make it easier to check emails and keep up with everyone, plus all of the awesome apps! I hope I win! That would be so cool!!!!!

  548. Love you so muchly Oprah!

  549. Ted Todorov says:

    Love Flipboard!

    Top Feature request: Adjustable font sizes — since version 1.0 of Flipboard, the fonts keep getting smaller.

  550. Tanvir Sidhu says:

    Loving Flipboard!

  551. Ron says:

    Just started using this app for Facebook so far. Pretty cool.

  552. Chrissie Ball says:

    I really do hope to win the iPad. I will give it to my son college bound son Kevin. I love Flopboard and I’m sure he will too.

  553. Stephen Velky says:

    iPad 2 contest

  554. Jesabel Aquino says:

    This is my entry for the iPad2 giveaway. Thanks.

  555. Heather Weiler says:

    I use my first version in my classroom. This one would allow even more ability to use for augmentative communication and open the world to these kids who can not use a keyboard but can point and touch!

  556. Joe martino says:

    Your the best!

  557. Elizabeth Ramstad says:

    LOVE to win a 64 GB Wifi iPad! Wonderful give-away!

  558. Brandy Gonzales says:

    Pick me!

  559. Suhan ji says:


  560. Yun Kwak says:

    Wish me luck

  561. Derek Wu says:

    YAY Ipad2!

  562. chris orourke says:

    I really really really really want to win this please pick me!!

  563. Love Flipboard!

  564. Larry Coleman says:

    Love Flipboard!

  565. Barbara Chen says:

    The best app on ipad. love it love it love it!

  566. Raghuvamsi says:

    Flip it on!

  567. Prerna Gupta says:

    Would be awesome to win Ipad2.. I can gift it to my husband for our upcoming first wedding anniversary..!!

  568. Gary says:

    I hope I can win. Great Prize!

  569. Vicky Kennedy says:

    I need to win the ipad so I can try the flipboard app

  570. Steven Tharp says:

    Great product

  571. Benjamin Smith says:

    I love this App!!!!!!

  572. Benjamin Smith says:

    I use this app everyday!!!’mmmmm

  573. Benjamin Smith says:

    I hope I win, my girlfriend would really love an iPad for her birthday!!!

  574. Hope I win.. ME needs an Ipad2

  575. Colleen Turley says:

    I really hope to win this. It would be a great thing to get for my niece who does not talk much. She is 8 and she could use it to talk. I hope to get it for her.

  576. Jody says:

    I really need to win this to take to the hospital when my daughter has her first baby! Any day now! I can’t wait.

  577. Christoph Hermann says:

    I’d like to win…

  578. Eleanor says:

    How do you enter? All I get is to invite your friends. I did that and still don’t get anything else. Do you just post on your wall? Confused.

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      Hi Eleanor, if you keep getting that invite friends step, that means you have already entered, but missed the message that you entered, and the message is easy to miss. I just checked the system and your name is entered in the Giveaway. Good luck!

  579. Laurie Franklin says:

    I love Flipbook! It’s a great tool to pull all my blogs together, and keep up to date on news (which I was horrbile at before)

  580. JoAnn Simons says:

    woo hoo, can not wait to hear who the big winner is! Good luck everyone!!!

  581. Matt Therrien says:

    Please pick me!!!!

  582. Doug Davis says:

    Me, me me….

  583. Miguel G. bastos says:

    I want to win a new Ipad…

  584. Miguel G. bastos says:

    I lova new Ipads

  585. Maraidh Thomso says:

    Hope I win, my husband and I currently share our iPad!

  586. Mike says:

    Flipboard – best iPad app

  587. Marlon Owens says:

    That would be really great to win a iPad 2. It would make my wife’s day.

  588. Michael Rodriguez says:

    Be nice to win. mwr

  589. Nancy Petrotta says:

    Such could use an iPad for travel. Thanks!

  590. Josh burris says:

    Love to see the give-a-way! Would be great to win.

  591. Mem Shawaf says:

    Best app ever

  592. Judi Edsall says:

    Good luck to me.

  593. Melvin C.Hicks says:

    I hope that I might be a winner.

  594. Ricardo Bouzon says:

    I love iPad2

  595. Janice street says:

    What a wonderful opportunity!

  596. Steve says:

    Would love to win this. I could really use this. Keep rocken on Flipboard you are doing great! Cheers!

  597. Hestlen says:

    Due to the various laws in different countries, this giveaway is for U.S. residents only. We\’ll try to have an international contest for our fans around the world soon.

    Buuuuuu again!?!?

    Flipboard: -1

  598. sandra Balderson says:


  599. John says:

    Please let me win

  600. kenneth Sebby says:


  601. Dawn Davis says:

    Hope I win!

  602. Mark Sterling says:

    Flipboard works great!

  603. Matieshia scott says:

    I love flipboard and wold also love to win the iPad 2

  604. Alvin Kongsjord says:

    Thanks for the Ipad.

  605. would love to win an ipad 2 for my classroom

  606. Maria says:

    Love Flipboard!!! Everything in one place :)

  607. Feng says:

    I like flipboard so much that watch news once I got chance. I totally understand why you have only 2 pages on iPad due to memories limitation. Anyway, I really enjoy this app you guys created.

  608. Marcos R Fierros says:


  609. Eloise says:

    I would love to win an ipad.

    • Michael Hogan says:

      One of my friends put my onto Flipboard. Once I figured out how to use it properly, it is the first place I go to on my iTouch. Thanks for creating a user friendly and useful app. 2Thumbs up….

  610. Love Flipboard! It reads like a magazine. The FB pictures always look much better. I love having all of my news organized.

  611. Tim Capps says:

    Nice app

  612. Eric Layne says:

    Flipboard Rocks! I have reading all my Facebook updates through Flipboard, then catch up on current events, news, and even read up on all the new tech toys and gadgets. Look forward to seeing where this goes.

  613. Gaetano Lucifora says:

    I Love this app

  614. Gentry Waits says:

    I want to win one for my wife.

  615. Elias says:

    Flipboard I love it

  616. Jamie pack says:

    I think flipboard is really really different in compare with any other magazine. Honestly, I was pretty shock when I met this magazine at first time. It’s cool. Love it. I trust clipboard magazine will keep show up with awesome idea. Thanks flipboard!!!!!!!!!

  617. Dean Shantz says:

    Flipbook has made keeping up with all the news effortless.
    Thanks for the great app.

  618. Gary sachs says:

    Clipboard is awesome as viewed on my wife’s iPad. I sure wish I had an iPad of my own :)

  619. David Werner says:


  620. Waynr says:

    I really love flipboard it’s a great app I use it all the time. With the links into Facebook and twitter it’s so great. Thank you iPad today and thank you flipboard.

  621. Matt satchell says:

    Love me some flipboard!

  622. Tom says:

    Love Flipboard

  623. Marcus Spann says:

    Flipboard is da bomb!

  624. William says:

    Fantastic way to check out news from friends and interests, love flickr feeds !

  625. Robert Sy says:

    The best app I got….

  626. Bob felechner says:

    iPad is all consuming, looking forward to acquiring ipad2

  627. Angela Utley says:

    I am new to Flipboard. Still getting to know it, but I LOVE it thus far. The convenience of everything together in one place is AWESOME!

  628. Rob Garza says:

    Love Flipboard! Love contests!

  629. Mary says:

    Lover FlipBoard

  630. varadharaman balasubramanian says:

    Like Flipboard, I forgot all social reader sites and Flipboard being my one stop collection of information in intuitive interface. Keep it going.

  631. Jimmy K says:

    Would make a great post Mother’s Day present!

  632. David Seuling says:

    I love Flip board!

  633. john says:

    I’d luv to have 1 of these ipads. I heard they were better then the lap/tops.put me into your contest please…..

  634. Jan MacKay says:

    I would love to win as I have never owned any of the iPads and what better reason then that.

  635. Matt Jenkins says:

    Glad I found this app. Great way to keep up with Facebook, news, and all my feeds.

  636. Adam Barcroft says:

    Yay Flipboard, just the best
    way to access Facebook happenings!

  637. jacky watt says:

    After I install Flipboard…..i cannot stop usimg it… change my way to read and search….Flipboard & Ipad is born together.

  638. Hope says:

    I hope to win and iPad so I can give my son the one I am using now, he love to download educational stuff and his games and it stops me fr using my own devise. He told me this past week that some of the apps have helped him with his math which is a great thing so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  639. Lei Lumlee says:

    Love Flipboard and Ipad 2

  640. Dave Curtis says:

    My iPad goes with me everywhere. My wife has recently realized how nice the iPad is to use so winning the 2 would be great. I use Flipboard every day, it is the best medium for reading my twitter, Facebook, google reader feeds and much more.

  641. Maxime Chagnon says:

    I would love to win an iPad 2. My sister got one and it look a lot smoother ! ( and i’m jealous !) really love flipboard. Use it every day. Thanks guys for such a Nice app !

  642. Karen Nehren says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter for school. It would be such a huge help.

  643. Robert Tuthill says:

    I flipped out over flipboard. I now only need one source for news. The fresh interface puts NEW back in my news.

  644. Kevin McNish says:

    The best

  645. Dave says:

    Love the Flipboard. Everything in 1 place.

  646. Mark Silverstein says:

    An iPad 2 would be awesome!

  647. kjblack says:

    One of my favorite apps.

  648. Aaron says:

    Great app!!

  649. Aaron says:

    Great app!

  650. Stefan says:

    Flipboard is an app that should be preinstalled on every iPad … for instance on the one that I might win here ;)

  651. Carol Hauser says:

    I love flipboard. Most used app I have.

  652. Mark Funk says:

    Flipboard really shows off the iPad. I’ve shown it to people who decided they had to get an iPad so they could use Flipboard!

  653. Joseph Campbell says:

    I am new to the APP form of computing. Clipboard is the only five star APP that I have. I am amazed at the structure and simple ability to use Flipboard. I and my son are using this iPad 16gb WiFi (original, no camera) and now wish I had obtained one with more memory. All in all, I still like your Flipboard APP.

  654. Penny says:

    I’m just getting into flipboard….I like what I see

  655. Penny says:

    I love flipboard

  656. Heidi Newman says:

    I am officially ready to win.

  657. Arlene Delores De Forest says:

    It would be wonderful for me when I need to record something because I forget . It would be nice to have new technology while out with my baby calves. Instant information I can use to make decisions right on the spot. No fumbling for a pencil or paper as I do now.

  658. amy tran says:

    thank you for the promotion!

  659. Chris voss says:

    Great app! Very useful. Would be great if date and time were stamped by title of each article.

  660. Kendra Moyes says:

    Hands down, the best app out there!! First thing I check on my iPad

  661. Rebecca Cross says:

    I love flipboard, it’s like your own folder within your iPad. I use my sons iPad and fell in love with this little computer like technology and would love one of my own. I’m the only one in the family without my own piece of something….not even a computer. Loving clipboard tho :) that’s where I check my Facebook, it’s a great app! Thank you!!

  662. Lori Solon says:

    Love Flipboard!!! I can access all my favorite news sites in 1 place! I use it all day long,

  663. Uncle Miao says:

    I cannot load that Facebook web page. Why?! It’s blank.

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      If it’s blank, reload the page, it should come up. If you still have problems, please send me a note to and I’ll see what else we can do to help you enter the Giveaway. Thanks!

  664. B Fosbrink says:

    Love FlipBoard. You make my life easier! I thank you everyday.

  665. Carl says:

    Love the flipboard. It makes reading my news and social updates fun in an interesting layout.

  666. Terri mahan says:

    Love flipboard! Use it all the time.

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  668. Eswaran says:

    Cool App.

  669. Lynn says:

    Love this mag. Enjoy reading

  670. Michael says:

    Flipboard was one of the first apps that made me love with my iPad. Thanks guys!

  671. John Russell says:

    Flipboard is awesome. It is something I show to everybody who sees my ipad.

  672. Kenrosenberg says:

    Clipboard is good

  673. Chris Bahadosingh says:

    Send the email soon so that I can pick it up.

  674. Basilon says:

    I use flipboard to read the news (USA today) on my iPad all the time and now Facebook is a must everyday thru flipboard… it. As well as all apple news thru different sources, is just amazing since it’s organization is just perfect.
    Thanks flipboard for making my life so much easier…..

  675. Martin V. says:

    The Flipboard is a very comfortable way to see your social media information.

  676. Bob Leong says:

    Cool, flip,flip,flip…..flipboard

  677. Royal Dancy says:

    Flipboard is the best iPad app by far…Hope I’m a winner

  678. Royal D. says:

    Greatest app for iPad

  679. wayne lowers says:

    darn it , cant wait for the international competition , i’m from jamaica

  680. Beenu says:

    You deserve a lot of credit for this app. Well done.

  681. Tim Hogan says:

    That’s what we like!

  682. Senthil Kumar says:

    Flip won’t be a flop, great going guys!

  683. Beverly McGuire says:

    New to Flipboard but have become a huge fan! Looking forward to using it daily.

  684. count me in! I want to win an iPad2! Flipboard is nothing short of amazing! it’s made reading news on the web a true pleasure.

  685. Russell brown says:

    Love Flipboard. Ease of use is un deniable.

  686. Chuck Phillips says:

    Great App!


    This is awesome, if i can get my first ipad !

  688. Scott Rose says:

    Ya gotta flip it, before ya board it!

  689. Brian says:

    Let it be me!!!!!!

  690. Andrew murison says:


  691. Flipboard helps me stay green but not to the point of hulking out.

  692. Bill kenoyer says:

    Flipboard is awesome!

  693. Ronn Houtz says:

    Still learning what Fliboard is all about. Pretty cool so far.

  694. Alexey says:

    Great user interface !

  695. Tammy Smith says:

    Just got flip….. And I am flipping over it!!!!

  696. Tammy Smith says:

    This is my entry for the iPad 2.

  697. Atul Patel says:

    Just started using flipboard and now hooked on it. Love it!! Cool app!!

  698. Sagar says:

    Love flipboard!

  699. Ron Dolat says:

    Flipboard rocks, love this app. I live by it

  700. Adam D Masry says:

    Really enjoying your app. Fantastic idea, great layout, simply to use. I wake up super early for work and usually read three specific papers, a web forum, and check facebook & twitter accounts w/morning coffee. If I win, not any more! Thank you Flipboard!

  701. Yifang says:

    Flipboard is fantastic!

  702. Tripp jones says:

    Flipboard is one of the most used apps on my device! I absolutely couldn’t live without it. I hope I win. Yay Flipboard for such an awesome application!!!

  703. Tripp jones says:

    Flipboard is one of the most used apps on my device! I absolutely couldn’t live without it. I hope I win. Yay Flipboard for such an awesome application!!! Its everything I want and all it takes is a simple ‘flip’

  704. Lee mortensen says:

    Great app to impress friends and other ipad owners. Simple and easy to use.

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  706. Bob camba says:

    Great app, friends. Keep up the good work.

  707. Tom Siegmund says:

    Hell yeah, i’m a German Fan!
    So bring it international ;)

  708. Jonathan Mahlan says:

    Thusfar … A win for the iWorld! I’m digging this app, nuff’ said! :)

  709. Atsushi says:

    I like Flipboard. But, I don’t use Instapaper. Please support ReadItLater, too.

  710. Mia says:

    Enough with Oprah….

  711. I love Oprah and I am so excited to see her coming to Flipboard. I have been a fan for all of the time that she has been on television. Now I will have to figure out how to get to her on the O network.

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  714. Annette says:

    I would love to win this too. Clipboard is a great app.

  715. David says:

    I love filpboard.

  716. gale says:

    Would love to have a I-pad!!!!

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  723. Just started using flipboard it is great…having fun

  724. Pingback: The New Yorker iPad App « Aaron Aiken

  725. Chit Fernandez says:

    Oprah on Flipboard is really great, so convenient !

  726. iPadowner says:

    I have and iPad just for your app, I hope in a near future you will be on android platform too.

  727. Please add Read It Later support. Thanks!

  728. Sandy says:

    My first use of flipboard! So gerrrate to know Oprah is hear <3

  729. Sandy says:

    Oprah, I’ve watched u grow through out the years. It has been a wonderful & lovely shared experience…. I have soooo much respect for you my dear Oprah. Keeping your integrity and humility for poor or richer. Very few, if any, have been able to maintain their roots given sooo much power & money. Staying grounded is what makes you so great to all of us. Thank you for all your sacrifices and dedication to man/women kind :) am sooo grateful to have you……
    Your Friend ~

  730. Andy sheldon says:

    Looking forward to reading

  731. Jerry Kolnick says:

    I love your app. I use it daily.

  732. Jon says:

    This is a great app. It has become my sole way of perusing blog and news content! Keep it coming! I’d love to see the ability to create our own “boards” with customized selections of RSS feeds, etc.

  733. F2 says:

    Love Flipboard, but two pages of content is too little (I want to use it as my default RSS, and I follow >20 feeds).

    Other than that, it should be easier to point it “by URL”. If I know where the feed lives, just let me point there rather than “search” for it.

    Best -F

  734. Y entezatri says:


  735. Suzy says:

    I am looking forward to this event and the future of Apple with all it is, always growing.

  736. Alfred Lui says:

    Yes, ReadItLater and offline reading please!

  737. Michael says:

    I’m using Flipboard more and more to browse my Twitter Lists but desperately need Read it Later functionality, as well.

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  743. Przemek says:

    +1 Read It Later
    Without support for Read It Later I’m not sure if I’ll go on using Flipboard :/

  744. Egypt says:

    I wish you had a scroll option for just your own pic…so you can decide which one you want to make into a cover

  745. Dada rocks says:

    How do I get added to this wonderful list?

  746. Diego says:

    Please add read it later support. I don’t want to have to buy instapapper.

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      We will be adding read it later support. However, the integration with Instapaper is free. You just need to make an account on their site, then log in via the option in Settings on Flipboard.

  747. c says:

    How do I add a particular feed to a section? I have the name of a blog. How do I add it?

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      You can use the Google Reader service to access RSS feed for the blog. You can also use the Search feature to find any RSS feed by name, website URL, or RSS link.

      For more information and to post more questions, please visit our support page here:

      ~ JV

  748. Wilson says:

    Why didn’t I find u before. This app just rocks!!!! My #1 app, no doubt about it.

  749. jimmie says:

    This is by far the best news reader. The only changes would the opportunity to add more than 21 sites and also to be able to chose only certain folders in our Google Reader. That way we could keep tech separate from medical, from decorating, from photography, etc.

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      Hi Jimmie,

      You can select Google Reader folders now. Just go to your Google Reader section and tap on the header. This will open a menu with more options, including “Feeds & Folders.” Select the folder you want to see, if you want to add it to your Contents, tap the box in the top left.

      We will be addressing the limited number of sections soon.

      Visit our support site for more info:

      Glad you’re enjoying it!
      ~ JV

  750. Leigh says:

    It would be great to have an iPhone or iPod touch app for this amazing product…I have shared it with everyone I know already and my iPhone user friends are a bit jealous!
    Thanks for the update!

  751. Bob Monsour says:

    Wow! This all sounds like great additions to an already great app. Can’t wait to download it. Thanks!

  752. Kaupo says:

    Cool! Next please: new content feed on one page. Its pretty frustrating to open each channel separately to see, if and what there is new content.

  753. Eugene Modica says:

    Flipboard,is a great way to advertise your business over the internete,and used like the yellow pages in the phonebook.

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  755. Davey says:

    Great update Flipboard team!! Loving the ability to browse channels without having to add them first. (Will we eventually get tumblr support?) :-)

  756. Pixites says:

    What I consider an obvious ‘miss/flaw’ in the tech section is the ‘The Next Web’ blog, at least the preference to subscribe.
    Furthermore I would say; hear, hear, old chap, get on with your job, I very much like what you’re doing!

  757. Kristen says:

    Love the app too but find if I don’t synchronize with iTunes regularly some pics don’t load. Also as more and more use it or peak times Twitter is often 1+ hours old and sometimes as much as 4…so I stop using it and go direct to twitter..which hope this improves so always realtime

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  760. Benny A says:

    The new interface is even more innovative.
    Thanks for adding Linkedin. Looking forward to get more channels in Technology and Religion.

  761. Thane says:

    You should make this for iphone/itouch and the mac! it would be superb on the mac – love it on the ipad!

  762. Since I got an iPad (2) Flipboard is my preferred way to keep myself updated with everything surrounding me: international news, social networks friend’s activity, tech news etc.

    Congratulations on a perfect product!

  763. Marie says:

    I miss having my content load on the right hand side in landscape mode. It would be cool if we could switch where our content loads; either from the right or left in landscape mode . It’s making my experience jarring since the update. It is only gripe but makes me wish for the previous version because of how weird it has been for me as a landscape viewer.

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      This is something we’ll look into improving, there’s already been some internal discussion about this. Thanks for the feedback.

  764. Pingback: Flipboard se actualiza

  765. John Michl says:

    I love the app. I use it to discover new feeds using your suggested content and reading favorite feeds from my Google a reader and Twitter streams. I’d like the ability to share items from any of my sources to any of the other sources. For instance, I post to a Confluence blog at my company out of the web version of Google Reader. With Flipboad, I need to star the item and the open the Google Reader site. Same for sharing this content to Facebook.

    I prefer to consolidate via Google Reader so that read pages are marked as read.

    Love the app. It it the most used on my iPad.

  766. knelistonie says:

    Congratulations with the top notch browser.
    I – and perhaps others too – feel a need for (saved) search term (+ saving contents) in all active subscriptions.


  767. Dale says:

    Any way to give us the capability to add a portfolio from Google Finance?

  768. Claude Choi says:

    Great job! God bless all your TEAM!

  769. Evelyn Johnson says:

    Love Oprah, she has taught so much to a lot of people, glad to have her on Flipboard. Welcome!

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  771. AppsforiPads says:

    These are great! How about some of us little “guys” that make videos all the time to help people find out all about new apps for iPads, like Flipboard?

  772. Pingback: Why Your School Needs to Buy iPads for the Classroom – 16 iPad apps to help improve reading literacy | Warez Trainig

  773. Well ,this is my everything right about now, i been looking & browsing for an app like this one and i finnaly found it
    Im realy pleased becouse with this app i have everything in the palm of my hand, this way i dont need to down load
    More, and more apps with difrent thing to do, thank you so much i will be in as long as im bored in the house,
    Thank you one more time ,you realy made my life a little easier with this app keep up the good work,
    Sincerly ,, carlos v gonzalez, newark , n.j.

  774. Daniel says:

    Wow this is amazing! Thanks!!

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  776. Carlos v gonzalez says:

    This is the truly one of the best apps in the itunes app store ,i spent a half a day looking just for this app is the best.

  777. Craig says:

    You forgot Instagram. The one Flipboard section I use everyday!

  778. Adding sections is easy enough, but how do I deselect one if I change my mind later [or if i just want to trim]?

  779. Adam B says:

    Great updates, and far & away my favourite app on the iPad…

    Read it later/Instapaper integration is great, though I was hoping for a 2 way implementation of this, where linking with my Instapaper account meant I could actually access my ‘read it later’ content from within an instapaper ‘channel’ within flipbook, as well as ‘bookmarking’ sites found within flipbook…

    Maybe a future dev?

  780. 我们也是做iPad阅读开发的,向你们学习!

  781. Mikkel Jensen says:

    This is great, more featured feeds!

    I miss the ability to group similar feeds into one entry. Do you have any plans on implementing that? Maybe some advanced grouping options?

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  783. Dave Monroe says:

    Why isn’t the blog istelf linked here? See:

    … and here’s Art and his mom in action:

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      Thanks, Dave – that’s a good point for people reading this blog post outside of Flipboard. We’ll add a link. Best, Mia

  784. D Hamilton says:

    Can you get more Seattle stuff on there? I will pay! I’d like to order The Stranger, Seattle Times and a couple of blogs to be named later.

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  787. djeyes says:

    this is the best app so far can … i have question how can i add my fav site into it…?

  788. Caleb says:

    The idea I got from this article was that I could publish a magazine, I create, to flipboard. Or did I understand it wrong…

  789. Allen says:

    What a clear and beautiful pictures, I like them.

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  792. Sp says:

    Where did you get those tables/desks from?

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  795. Pingback: My Favorites: Bailey Richardson of Ugallery | Inside Flipboard

  796. Mark Fitzgerald says:

    Bailey, I love the photo of you framed in the iPad and used for Flipboard.

    Who did that? What effect did they use?

    Leicester, England

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      Hi Mark,

      Our designer shares how he got this effect:

      The photo effect was a layering of the original photo and two duplicates to which the Photoshop Cutout filter was applied in different degrees. The Cutout layers were screened over the original photo at different transparencies in order to create an effect that was both realistic and abstract. Since the original photo had a strong red/orange tone to it, the Cutouts accentuated that allowing a stronger contrast with the cool colored background.

      Hope that helps!

      Content Curator

  797. Kati says:

    A very useful app, thanks! I would appreciate the ability to edit the sources within the main categories such as “News” or “Tech”. If not removing anything, being able to add local news sites etc. would be nice. Thanks!

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      Hi Kati,

      Thanks for your thoughts. You can Hide contributors from the categories, just open an article, tap the name / avatar in the lower left and select “Hide…” You can manage your hidden contributors in Settings, just tap the gear icon in the lower right corner of your Favorites page.

      However, you can’t add to them, not directly. What you can do, is to create your own section for News or Tech using Twitter lists or Google Reader folders. Here’s how to: Make a Custom Twitter List to Read on Flipboard.

      Thanks again,
      ~ JV

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  803. Ed says:

    Awesome content. Keep it up!

  804. Ghulam Akbar says:

    It will be a very useful development

  805. Alan says:

    Do you need a technical project manager?

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  807. Maureen Spiegleman says:

    One has to be very smart to get away with saying as many stupid things as he does.

  808. Shawn says:

    I would love a sticker!

  809. Kathleen Reynolds says:

    Love the cover on the laptop

  810. Rosbert D. Rosario says:

    Someday we will have our dream home with house beautiful

  811. Annie owen says:

    House Beautiful: having the means and expertise to transform our home into the best reflection of ourselves. We want you House Beautiful!

  812. Ram mohan says:

    Really a man who was an inventor of inventions. A rare person whom humanity will remember for a long time to come

  813. George Pansiol says:

    Steve Job changed my live ever since I bought my iPod Nano. I was amazed to see how he can think the unthinkable idea. I wish I can be like him. Do think differently but with same vision, to make thing better.

    Thanks Steve

  814. Thank you Mr Steve Jobs, you showed us a new world, and most of all you teached us to “think different”.

  815. Hatice says:

    Thanks Steve, you will be missed … Rest in peace … Thanks what you brought to our life make us live full potential might be gone but your invention will be reminder of you and many more …

  816. Raul Freitas says:

    Congrats FlipBoard. You said it best: “The man who invented the 21st century”
    Steve R.I.P.

  817. Gail Wilkins says:

    Remembering the genius that made you the driving force of the 21st century. Your name will forever be etched with likes of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Walt Disney, and Steven Jobs. You were all visionary’s who took us to places we never thought were possible. Our thoughs and prayers to your loved ones and all the lives you touched. There is one less light burning bright on earth but one more in heaven. R.I.P.

  818. Gail Wilkins says:

    Remembering the genius that was Steven Jobs. You were the driving force of the 21st century and your name will forever be etched with the likes of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Walt Disney. You were a visionary who took us to places we never thought were possible by bringing us media tools that we thought unimaginable and changed our lives forever. You can never be replaced, your genius gone forever.
    Our thoughs and prayers go out to your loved ones and all the lives you touched. There is one less light burning bright on earth but one more in heaven. R.I.P.

  819. Taylor Barcroft says:

    I was privileged to meet Steve when I drove Buckminster Fuller to Apple HQ for a cold call introduction of him to Steve in about 1978. Everyone dropped what they were doing and Steve was happy to give Bucky a personal tour of the place. I was a charter adopter of two Macintosh computers in 1984 allowing me to easily startup one of the first Mac Magazines, MacBriefs. Steve has been my hero and constant mental companion ever since. I’ll miss his presence in life a lot. But his presence in my life and in all of ours forthcoming will persist in all the great tools he’s made for us and which will continue to be made for us by the creative empire he has built and left us all to continue to cherish. His influences and legacy will never die. God bless his wife and children.

  820. Sandro ciccocioppo says:

    Today i’m feeling sad, almost empty…….what have you done steve!!

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  823. Pingback: Josh? It\'s Steve Jobs. We have a really big problem. - Actualidad

  824. Linds Boughton says:

    In my entire 20 years of married life, my family has never acquired a PC as my husband, Chris Boughton, an IT geek himself, would not permit it. He believed in Steve Jobs from the very start when Apple introduced the first integrated computer with the screen and hard drive in one. Like Steve, Chris dictated what computer gadget to have at home for they know best. Steve talked about connecting the dots during the commencement speech at Stamford University. While I viewed my husband’s reluctance to have a PC as well at home as stubbornness and dictatorial, I now connect the dot and come to understand that certain decisions need not to be put out for vote. My family must have had all the Apple desktop products and Mac has given us a lifestyle tool that unknowingly we take forgranted for it has never really given us any major problem. For a practical solution to the total experience of holding a Mac product that enriches your life with music, photos, e- books, communications, Mac has and continues to make people from all age groups, race and creed i-Happy.

    Hail Steve Jobs! Thank You!

  825. Ted Roseman says:

    George Bernard Shaw says in Man an Superman that “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” In this sense, Steve Jobs was an unreasonable man. We should all be thankful for this.

  826. Jason Peck says:

    Sent from my iPhone

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Jason Peck
    Date: October 6, 2011 12:10:53 AM EDT
    Subject: My deepest condolences to the Jobs family and Apple Community

    I was sad to hear the news that Steve Jobs passed away today.    

    His vision inspired the talented Apple teams to design, build, and deliver to the world amazing devices that have changed the way I think about “computing” and have fundamentally enhanced my day to day experiences interacting with media, data, my family, friends, and new connections, organizing and planning projects, teaching my kids, finding inspiration in new ideas, etc.     This is also true of virtually everyone I know who use Apple products.    

    I felt a strong urge to start using Apple products about 3 years ago starting with an iPod, iTunes, iMac, then iphone 3G, then iphone 4, trackpad, then second iMac, then the iPad 2, the rarely needed but always extremely helpful technical support,  and the list goes on.   

    I  see a direct correlation with my level of creativity and inspiration since starting to use these devices.     

    The beauty, simplicity, power, design, and stability of my Apple tools make them a joy to use.       

    Steve Jobs physical presence may be gone, but he has left a legacy of creating an integrated family of tools that have advanced and humanized our connections to computers and to ourselves.   

    With great sadness but also great inspiration that Steve Jobs has shown to the world what is possible when human beings combine thought, creativity, and positive energy, I bid farewell and wish Steve well on his next journey.    My heart goes out to his family and friends who are grieving in ways none of us may be able to appreciate.    

    Looking at the simple elegance with which Apple announced this sad day on their website is a clear representation to me that Steve’s vision has been infused into the cultural DNA of Apple, and I look forward to seeing the exciting next generation products this wonderful company has in store for us in the future! 

    Jason A. Peck, MD
    Charlotte, NC



  827. regina amerson says:

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    I count my Apple gadgets instead of Sheep.
    If i forget to charge them before I wake,
    it’s ok, the battery is good for 10 hours per take!
    Yes, I’m a true gadget queen and this everyone knows,
    Ipods, nano, ipad, iphones on my desk is where it all glows.
    I set my alarm before bedtime, to fend off any electronic crooks,
    Now I’m hiding & saving my money to purchase that pro macbook.
    Using these gadgets require, no mouse, no pads nor knobs
    All thanks to them being created by the Genius named Steve Jobs

  828. Let’s pray for Steve to be in his iHeaven.

  829. Lynette Pound says:

    I would love a sticker to put on my appt. pad for all my customers to see when they book their appointments !

  830. Josef Höckner says:

    Steve’s next Keynote in Heaven — Hi Angels,……One more Thing…….

  831. Karen jones says:

    Thank you Steve for all the awesome!!!! Xx

  832. Susan shroder says:

    I think Flipboard is awesome. Would love a sticker!

  833. Jackie granderson says:

    He changed my world the best gift ever thank you steve for the iPad

  834. Brenda Spitzer says:

    Thank you Steve Jobs for changing the world for the better. You definitely made a dent in the universe.

  835. Abby Spring says:

    Steve Jobs has done an amazing thing…..creating Apple and the products. I got my iPad monday for school and it’s the best thing! Thank you Jobs for changing the world. You will be missed dearly. R.I.P

  836. Tye from Chi-Town! says:

    We Love you Madly Mr.Jobs,
    Thank you for your- Everything…A star was born…
    Peace to you and those who shall miss you


  837. Len says:

    Steve Jobs was my virtual mentor since 1971 when I also became an entrepreneur in Canada.

  838. Nuk says:

    Imagine if he has 15 years more to live. Imagine how much more ideas he can contribute. What a great loss!

  839. Mark M says:

    I had 2 days left to return my new $3200 micron for video editing! Never worked! Payed my $150 restocking fee and got my first apple product, a G3 tower. So happy I did!
    I could not think of myself as an artist if wasn’t for Apple and Steve Jobs.
    Creative expression made possible!
    A class act.
    I had anticipated this day and knew thstn the feelings would be like no other CEO passing. Steve Jobs innovative products has enhanced my life by making it easy and fun to create my art in the coolest
    way! Music-photography-video-graphics!

  840. mike sanders says:

    I am 73 years old and the influence this man has had on me and my extended family is both remarkable and unique. An early (1987) adopter of the Mac I have never strayed from the true path and have introduced my children and their children to the wonders of Apple and all its amazing products and services citing them as a benchmark they should strive to achieve.
    My condolences to his family at this sad time may Steve rest in peace secure in the knowledge that he will never be forgotten in this world.

  841. Manuel Valle says:

    Steve Jobs leaves a huge emptiness, a vacuum of creativity that with each one of his inventions brought out the kid inside of us. Death reminds time and time again of the true meaning of the word never.

  842. Charles Sheffer says:

    My daughter wrote : “We went on vacation. Packed our iPhones, iPod and iPad. Before the trip synched movies on iTunes (with a littles help from my friends).

    I missed out on the sad news of Steve jobs’ passing away.

    Can’t say that he wasn’t on our minds though…”

  843. Gigi says:

    I hope Mr. Jobs will have another great and memorable life he was an amazing ginius and it seems the norms always live the longest but the speacial people die young. I hope you have a nice new life.
    R.I.P Steve Jobs

  844. Rick Sadler says:

    Steve Jobs

    The world has lost the computer king
    Now he lives where angels sing
    Unique innovations he brought to our earth
    Now in his new home new things he will birth

    Steve Jobs, the man, the world will miss
    His faithful wife will long for his kiss
    Yet freed from a life that was filled with pain
    Hoping one day we will all meet again

  845. R Sadler says:

    House beautiful soon I will see;
    A man walking up to give me a key.
    House beautiful now is my time
    To receive a new home in my prime

  846. Geoff Crawford says:

    He was indeed a true visionary. I am however questioning my ownership of the undoubtedly superior iPad, with the knowledge of the slave labour which created it. Hoping these stories are not true but fearing they are.

  847. Bill Burch says:

    Wonderful tool! This and other Internet tools prove to be the great equalizer for those of us filled with the spirit of entrepreneurship yet married to a deeply rural or remote area. Thank you Flipboard and Facebook!

  848. Max says:

    OK, I could be one of those guys, but, please, give me some information about style needed for having a beautiful look and feel.
    I inserted many rss feed on Flipboard and the the great part are not so good as others that perhaps are written using some specific rules.

  849. Linda says:

    I am one of those rabid followers, no fan-girl am I, as I am close to Steve Jobs’ age. My first experience with a Macintosh was life changing. It’s been 21 years and I feel as though I’ve lost a dear friend. It saddens me deeply to know that he is gone. Life will go on… made easier surrounded with my Apple tools. Steve, may you rest in peace. And one more thing… Thank you.

  850. iamkamsai says:

    Wow just 20 stickers..! U guys are to kind.
    Long time flipboarduser..

  851. SC Mishra says:

    Steve has done amazing thing. His vision , dedication to achieve perfection is un parallel . I salute him.

  852. The greatest physical benefit to playing golf is getting exercise from walking. Walking for 18 holes is often the equivalent of walking 3-to-4 miles. This gets the golfer’s heart going and blood pumping. It is a stimulating if not rigorous activity. Golfer who play three or four times a week are getting quite a bit of exercise.

  853. George says:

    “The man who invented the 21st century” :-) that’s going a bit too far praising Steve Jobs ! RIP Steve !

  854. Martín Rudas says:

    Hola, para los amigos de flipboard mis excusas les escriba en español, es un poco a propósito en el sentido de mostrar cómo trascendió Steve Jobs en todo el mundo. Creo se ha comentado mucho de lo que también comparto. Hay algo muy especial que Steve dejó en mi vida y fue ese mensaje de familia que a través de Pixar con películas de fuerte mensaje constructivo para nuestros hijos, y la tecnología que nos heredó, forman fuertes pilares para nuestra futura generación.
    Los productos Apple han facilitado en gran cantidad nuestras vidas y han impulsado el desarrollo de mejor calidad de vida básicamente en mejor aprovechamiento del tiempo y el acceso a mucha información, que en países como el mío(yo vivo en Bogotá Colombia), países emergentes, necesitan de muchas herramientas para continuar adelante dando a nuestros hijos conocimiento de primera línea para segir manteniendo el crecimiento de nuestra economía y país en general.
    Al comienzo para compartir con otros lectos, era frustrante el hecho de entrar a iTunes y no poder hacer compras, hoy en día si no es gracias a mi password y la apertura de compras en línea para otros países diferentes a US, mis hijos me tuvieran en quiebra. Gracias Steve por tu legado, te quedas en nuestros corazones no solo como un hombre de negocio, sino como un hombre que dejó un mensaje de formación para nuestros hijos y familias.

  855. T. Crawford says:

    Check clipboard daily

  856. T. Crawford says:

    Meant to type flip

  857. Lynn Wooten says:

    I’m still in shock. I’ve had my Ipad for 3 months and today my son showed me the Flipboard. This is the best thing since sliced bread. I can now keep up with all the latest news, stories and articles. Thanks Flipboard and you can be sure I will share it with everyone.

  858. Bobby alavi says:

    Awesome, to have Rolling Stones on my iPad

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  861. Adrián says:


  862. Thanks for every other fantastic article. Where else may just anybody get that type of information in such an ideal means of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the look for such information.

  863. hussein says:

    i like it i want know more send me

  864. RealityCheck says:

    That A+M Blog photo is pretty underexposed, and the David Lebovitz tart looks like someone p00ped into some dough and baked it. Try again, Flipboard.

  865. jenny flynn says:

    Amazing stuff, fasinating reading and mouthwatering photos!!

  866. Seita Jongebloed says:

    Hi Evan, I’m new to flipb and loooove it! This is a little off topic, but just curious if there is a contact management system that you like. Something that in Oradea social media and top of mind marketing. Thanks in advance for your insight.

  867. Lynn Nulman says:

    WOW! I never knew you Nancie! So glad I’ve asked you to help with my ‘dream-trip’! Now that the trip is almost firmed up gonna ask you about the camera!

  868. I find that ‘keepsy’ is another really great one.

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  870. HMBLFISHERMAN1 says:

    Is there any charge for this servic?

  871. Patricia Evans says:

    Have always loved House Beautiful and having it on Flipboard is fantastic. I have a big two story house, four bedrooms, three baths. I now have bad knee problems and need a one story house. I want a house with two master bedrooms and two master baths plus a guest room and a full bath. A bonus room upstairs for the grandkids to play would be great. I do not need a formal living room or formal dining room. I want a large eat in kitchen and a large comfortable family room connected to that kitchen with a big fireplace. No carpets in the house! Travertine tile and hardwood floors. No jacuzzi tubs, but a shower big enough for a built in bench. And a real bonus would be a bidet in my bathroom! It is a dream house right!!!

  872. AJ Cann says:

    Forget Tumblr, please introduce Google+ integration.

  873. Wolfman-K says:

    Why can’t we have both tumblr and Google+ Why you got to be hatin? ;-)

  874. Noah says:

    G+ has the crappiest API out there right now. You can’t get a person’s circles at all, and you can’t write anything to it either. For Flipboard to support Google+, Google has to support Google+ first.

  875. Jimson F says:

    Love the Flipboard. Love the multiple accounts update.
    How do I create an additional Flipboard account.
    I apologize in advance if i am missing something obvious.

  876. Jonathan says:

    Excellent! You do realise Flipboard will automatically become the only half decent Tumblr client in existence?

  877. Tiago Mergulhão says:

    Wouldn’t be simpler to have Flipboard sync with iCloud instead of a dedicated sign in?

  878. Adam says:

    Flipboard on the iPhone would be interesting, would it be like the iBooks in the sense that we can pick up where we left it on the iPad? Also FB on a small screen would be interesting for sure! Looking forward to it

  879. Eyefull says:

    Since the update “Mark as read” when flipping is not working for Google Reader. Please, please fix this, it is how I read my feeds and I love your product. Also G+ would be nice, but I will wait till the API’s are better.

  880. xiaopohen says:


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  882. AM says:

    Google reader, “mark as read after flip” feature is broken. I hope FB fixes soon

  883. Andrew R. Jenkins says:

    After this latest update my Google Reader feed doesn’t mark as read when flipping pages. What am I missing?

  884. Edward says:

    Great update! Need to add “Reading List” to “Read Later” menu so I can add any articles in Safari’s Reading List. I don’t want to rely on Instapaper or Read It Later website… just add them to Reading List on Safari! Thanks!

  885. Hernan says:

    Since the upgrades and the creation of a flipboard account, articles read from the google reader feed are not marked as read. It worked fine before the upgrade, marking read articles in google reader after reading them in flipboard.

  886. Cesar says:

    I can’t use 500px facebook login inside flipboard. Blank screen appears after Facebook logins.

  887. Jenniene moran says:

    Love it…”best part of my iPad

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  889. Zach says:

    I have 2 Tumblr accounts. It will only let me link to one of them, not the one I really want to. Grrrr!

  890. itsnotvalid says:

    Where can I change my password for instapaper?

  891. Jane Wahl says:

    Very interesting info !Perfect just what I was searching for! “Some people don’t get it when I’m being sarcastic.” by Leonardo DiCaprio. Cheers.

  892. Thanks for the points you have provided here. Something else I would like to mention is that personal computer memory requirements generally increase along with other innovations in the technological innovation. For instance, as soon as new generations of cpus are introduced to the market, there’s usually a related increase in the dimensions calls for of both the pc memory and hard drive room. This is because software program operated by simply these processors will inevitably rise in power to leverage the new know-how.

  893. tracey jaquith says:

    what about smaller video producers — can we tailor our RSS output to get the video to play inline in the flip pages like vimeo, youtube, and those that embed content from those systems? or are you only allowing partners to do that?

  894. ye_dj says:


  895. chrisbo says:

    Support from China!

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  898. aifreedom says:

    Thanks for your Chinese edition. But will the Chinese social network like Weibo or Renren be supported by the international edition in the future?

  899. Pingback: Flipboard Launches in China (Inside Flipboard) « Resource on various technology problems

  900. Ao says:

    Is there a way to add renren in non-China flipboard? Thanks.

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  904. SJ says:

    I only have account in US iTunes store, how can I download the Chinese version?

  905. Pingback: Flipboard iPhone App Launches

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  907. Great idea !
    Its available in Europe too?

  908. Bob says:

    Seems that the app store servers may be getting hammered. App won’t install right now. Gets to about three-quarters done then gives error message that app can’t be installed now.

  909. Sam says:

    Very excited to try out. Receive following error message on iPhone 4 on Verizon (same message after rebooting)…
    “flipboard could not be installed at this time”

  910. oskiderkonig says:

    I’ve already made a post in my blog in Mexico. But I’m having problems installing the app on my iPhone. I’ve been trying to install it like 10 times (or more) and with no success. I’m really waiting to install it and try it. I’m a big fan of your app on the iPad and want to try it on the iPhone. Congrats for the launch.

  911. TIinPA says:

    YES! The wait is over!

  912. Greg says:

    Can you link to the app in your blog post? Seems like a dead end otherwise.

  913. Rob Renk says:

    Gorgeous app–love it!

  914. Mark says:

    Not in AU store yet. Is it coming?

  915. Jared says:

    I couldn’t find it by searching, but the link on the website to the AppStore worked.


  916. Mark Appel says:

    What about the Android version? When will this one be available? Tried to install on iPhone4 but says I need to login via computer in iTunes store?

  917. Lee Ann says:

    I’m so excited to try out the new Flipboard on my iPhone! I love using it on my iPad and i’m so happy to now have it on my iPhone! Now I will be able to catch up and read all my favorite stories wherever I am. Thank you!

  918. Jan Paul says:

    What worked for me was to download it from the AppStore from within iTunes, and syncing with your device. Downloading the app on the iPhone (4S, in my case) did not work and I got the “could not be installed at this time” message.

  919. Joose says:

    Couldn’t find this in the App Store (in Finland) on my iPhone but no problem to download it through iTunes on my Mac. Thanks to iCloud it was easy to download it to the phone right away ;)

  920. Iancoulter says:

    Great app for iPad, bad start for the iPhone! Maybe it’s just so popular that the site can’t cope with the demand! I’m sure it will be available at some stage, but until then, I’ll just have to use it on the iPad.

  921. Patricia says:

    To all who can’t install the app on their iPhone: use iTunes on your mac to go to the app store, update Flipboard there then sync the app to your iPhone. This worked for me.

  922. Richard says:

    I had the error message earlier today and then the app disappeared from the App Store. For those above with the same issue, try again now, installed fine 5 minutes ago.

  923. DHCOL says:

    It still doesn’t work if I went to find it from the link but if I search in the app store and download it, it works fine :-) good times, now time to go try it out… thanks flipboard

  924. Lucas says:

    I\’ve been waiting so long for Flipboard to arrive on the iPhone.

    Looks great, but one huge miss is that I can\’t share to my instapaper account. If I find an article that\’s too long to read on an iPhone, I need to save it for later reading.

  925. Lucas says:

    Please ignore my previous post. Found the instapaper settings.

  926. littleoslo says:

    SJ , so the chinese version is just for the users in mainland china????

    i cant believe it!! isnt it better for ppl to use which version they wanna use??

  927. Matteo says:

    now it’s “up and runnig”. Thanks to all the Flipboard Team!

  928. Wesley Smith says:

    Dumb question: Is All Timelines available for the iPad app as well, or just the iPhone at this time?

  929. Yang says:

    Why need to separate chinese version with the international version??? I cannot subscribe chinese content with my international version!

  930. Galen Smith says:

    I don’t have an iPad but I have downloaded the Flipboard app to my iPhone. How do I set up an account?

  931. Rick says:

    Installed the ap but how do you sign in or sign up for a flipboard account?

  932. Kelly says:

    Do you have to have an iPad to set up the iPhone app.
    I can’t find anywhere to set up a Flipboard account, but this blog says to set up an account on your iPad first?

  933. Henk Poley says:

    Your servers are overloaded isn’t it?

    “Couldn’t build your flipboard.
    Please check your internet
    connection and try again.”

  934. Leon says:

    Great app, so good to finally see it on the iPhone! This is now on my home screen where it’s going to get tons of use. :D

  935. Richard says:

    If you don’t have an iPad to create an account. How else can u create. Doesn’t look like iPhone app gives an option.

  936. Tmac says:

    Is it possible to create a Flipboard account using an iPhone instead of an iPad?

  937. Juan Vega says:

    I’m from Spain and i had no problem installing the app, but i wasn’t able to create a Flipboard account, even in the iPad App. In the iPhone App there are two options: Get Started or Sign In. The Get Started option lets you create yout account but it’s not working. I couldn’t use the second one because i didn’t achieve to create the account in the first place.
    I am sure you will solve this problems.
    Thank you very much for such a great application

  938. Brian says:

    I did install Flipboard on my iPhone but I have a simple question. How do you create an account?

  939. FrancisXL says:

    Umm…how do you set up an flipboard account on the iphone app?

  940. 2deep Sports says:

    Excellent iPad app – glad to see it made available for iPhone.

  941. HappyUser says:

    I’m so glad that I downloaded the iPhone app before the influx. Waiting for my car to be serviced and Flipboard is keeping me entertained. Nice format; easy to use. You guys are doing good work! Thank you.

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  943. It would be interesting to see Flipboard integrating it’s system with RenRen, Weibou, etc API’s it would bring huge amount of the Asian community on board for this outstanding company.

    once again

  944. xUnix says:

    Sad as I new user I had such a bad experience, makes me wonder if I really need this.

  945. Martin Soler says:

    Thanks for an awesome app. I managed to download it early this morning (Paris time) and it’s working great. Unfortunately the account creation is not working (yet) but you seem to be onto that. Was trying to connect my twitter and Facebook but that didn’t work either, is that the same problem?

  946. Kvisoft says:

    It’s a pity China mainland cannot access to Facebook and Twitter. Or the two sites can get be more popularized.

  947. sonicreducer says:

    Will it be available for ipod touch 2nd gen?

    • BR_Impulse says:

      I would like to know this as well. Right now there’s a compatibility restriction that doesn’t let me install it on my iPod touch 2G.

      • insideflipboard says:

        Unfortunately, again, it is not likely we will be able to support the iPhone 2G. Flipboard is resource intensive and the 2G does not meet the system requirements. It probably would not run it at all.

        Thank you,
        ~ JV

  948. eric pease says:

    iPad app still won’t let me create an account. I keep getting the error msg “the page you’re looking for doesn’t exist”

  949. Jane says:

    Useless garbage. Doesn’t work. I select my categories, click done and get told “Couldn’t build your Flipboard. Check your internet connection.” Total BS! My connection is FINE. Your app is garbage. Obviously you couldn’t be bothered to make sure it worked and that your servers could handle the traffic. You learned NOTHING from what happened when the iPad app was released. Lovely first impression to make on new users. Your reviews on iTunes are horrible and you deserve it. Thanks for wasting our time!

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  951. Jeremy says:

    What about french content on iPhone too?

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  953. Pingback: Flipboard è disponibile anche per iPhone

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  955. Kenneth F says:

    As a Chinese-American, I used Sina Weibo a lot to connect with some old friends in China. It would be great to see Weibo is coming to the non-China version, too.

  956. Brenda says:

    Good article. I just discovered Flipboard yesterday and it is my new fave app. Love it. iPhone crack. Incredibly addicting.

    • Anees says:

      The iPad version, which has been around for a year or so, is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been waiting for the iPhone version for a while now and it doesn’t disappoint. I’m glad the app was rewritten for the iPhone, otherwise it would not work as well on the significantly smaller display.

  957. Billy says:

    My mom who never touched a computer in her 60 years of life, loves the ipad. And I would love to provide her with the chinese version of flipboard. Please don’t forget the chinese people outside of china. There’s alot of us!!!

  958. Gareth says:

    I downloaded the old Flipboard app (the English version) from the Chinese App Store… That one is no longer available, replaced now by the Chinese version. But I’m wondering, will the old version, the one I downloaded before, continue to be supported?

    Also, will we be seeing the iPhone app in the Chinese store in the near future? I’ve got an iPod Touch and would like very much to try out the new iPhone Flipboard (in English or in Chinese).

  959. Gail says:

    OMG! Read about Flipboard for iPhone on so many tech blogs yesterday, downloaded it and now I am totally addicted! Or am I obsessed? Maybe both :)

  960. Hector Banuet says:

    I was wondering if you guys are working on making your app readable from landscape mode as Pulse is. I love your app more than Pulse and at night when I am reading your articles, laying on my side before bedtime, I just wish that I could read them in landscape mode instead of portrait mode. Just my .02. Thank you for your beautiful app and in making my iDevice user experience that much more enjoyable.

    • insideflipboard says:

      Yes, we support landscape more for iPad and we hope to add it to iPhone as soon as possible. We will continue to develop and release updates, we have so many great ideas and features to add. Stay tuned.

      ~ JV

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  962. Anand says:

    Beautiful app. Very addicting. Good addiction actually, coz I read a lot more news than before. Thanks a lot.

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  966. Erik says:

    Flipboard –> amazing

  967. Leo trimt says:

    Ziet er goed uit! Moet nog wel ff oefenen! Groetjes leo

  968. Klo says:

    How to increase font size, and to select other font as well.

    • insideflipboard says:

      You can change the font size in the iPad version, just tap the gear icon in the lower right corner of your Flipboard page and select text size.

      We hope to add the font size option to the iPhone as soon as possible. Accessibility is very important.

      Thank you,
      ~ JV

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  971. Jeff says:

    Is there a reason why I have to relog into google reader every hr or so?

    • insideflipboard says:

      Sorry for the inconvenience, this has been resolved. Please log out and log back in one more time and it will save your log in state now.

      ~ JV

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  976. Laurent says:

    Nice… And great app :) But please just add more pages (only 4) !!

    • insideflipboard says:

      Thanks! Did you know you can save unlimited sections in the Content Guide, just tap the red ribbon and go to Your Flipboard to see the additional sections, once you have filled the four pages of tiles.

      In the future, we may add more pages. Bear in mind, these have an impact on speed and performance due to how those sections pre-load their content. But we may be able to add more in the future, its just a bit more complicated than it might seem at first. It’s like opening 21 websites in a browser all at once and having them all just there. :)

      Thanks again! Glad you’re enjoying it.
      ~ FliboardCM

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  982. Cammy says:

    I feel 1000 times smarter than I was yesterday. Thank you for your article.

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  989. Dirk says:

    please, release a mac desktop version

  990. Flipboard has totally changed the way I consume media now. It’s really the killer app on my ipad and iphone. Good work guys!

  991. gregorylent says:

    so incredibly clumsy compared to intuition and the faith and trust that everything needed comes at the right time. really weird, a marker of these times. faux reality.

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  993. Joc says:

    Is there any way to get Flipboard to stay where you last read to on Twitter and then read forwards towards the latest tweets?

    Just seems unnatural reading backwards.

    • insideflipboard says:

      We may add some kind of bookmarking feature in the future, it’s a great suggestion.

      ~ JV

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  999. ungeruehrt says:

    Sorry for some off-topic, but I hope to get an answer here – via twitter @flipboardcm I’ve got no answers. So, my question is, whether you’re developing it in future for iPhone 3G as well or not. I’m really a big fan of flipboard, but unfortunately I don’t have an iPad or newer iPhone and the trailer combined with the error message on my iPhone made me feel very unhappy ;)

    • insideflipboard says:

      Hello, sorry if i missed your tweet, it’s been a crazy week, still catching up a bit. :)

      Unfortunately, it is not likely we will be able to support the iPhone 3G. Flipboard is resource intensive and the 3G does not meet the system requirements to run it at an acceptable level, if it would run at all.

      Thank you for getting in touch with us and for your patience,
      ~ @FlipboardCM

  1000. Puur says:

    First day on flipboard… Love it!

  1001. henri says:

    Amazing app! Question on muting and Cover Stories. I understand how to mute a particular author, but how do you mute a whole section? Lets say I want to remove the section “Inside Flipboard” from appearing in Cover Stories, there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that. Still this is one of the best iPhone apps I’ve ever used. Also really like the google reader integration.

  1002. carl says:

    will you be bringing flipboard to the mac think this would be really cool and look beautiful thanks !

  1003. Bob says:

    Great app. Just a small point- the pre-loaded Flipboard articles are almost entirely US-based. Any chance we can have some UK or European-based flips? I have tried to “mute” various contributers so that the more relevant news is brought to the front.

  1004. Guy Thomas says:

    Is there a reason why Flipboard will not work on my daughter’s iphone 3Gs? Her software is up to date.

  1005. Tim Noel says:

    Just trying out Flipboard. I’m English. In England. Not interested in Baseball or US travel problems. How can I block US news feed?

  1006. Willet Thomas says:

    Heard about Flipboard on All Things Digital. Great app. Dont use Pulse anymore.

  1007. Izue says:

    We Android users also need this app!

  1008. Chris says:

    Vimeo videos will not play on the Flipboard for iPhone app, please add this to a future release!


  1009. Jeff H says:

    How can I save my place in Facebook within Flipboard? Sometimes can’t read all my current feed but hate to have to start at top all the time!

  1010. Karen Welch says:

    Love, love, love this app for iPhone. It’s simplicity makes it amazing. Great, informative article.

  1011. elmas says:

    I wish you could change the font size on the iPhone app as you can on the iPad.

  1012. Angelos N. says:

    Nice! Thanks for this. I absolutely love this app, and am a frequent Flipboard iPad and iPhone user.
    I have one suggestion. I believe a feature, like you have on the bottom of twitter pages on the iPad which enables you to slide and glance at many Tweets at once, is necessary. Twitter is nice because it can give you a lot of information in a small amount of time… perhaps put it on the side?

  1013. Kalpesh says:

    Its the 2nd best thing tat happend to me after 2007 ie wen iphone happend to me :)

  1014. MickymX says:

    Hey all
    Really nice app. I’ve tried it on Iphone and Ipad and it’s a good way to see all my interest.
    But i’ve a problem : I can log in in FaceBook and Twitter but 500px, Instagram and Flickr give me an error. When i use MORE and and I choose Account and one of this : i have a loading message and … error : can’t login.

    An idea why ?

  1015. Daniel says:

    Any thoughts about adding Evernote to the mix of read later services?

  1016. Fredrik says:

    Absolutely loving Fliboard on my iPhone. One thing I’m really missing is the possibility to mark stuff read on Google Reader without having to enter into the article. It’s sometimes also quite annoying to have to scroll through already viewed stuff in a feed if you go to another feed and then return later.

    Will you add any of these features in the future?

  1017. Flipoclick says:

    Thanks for giving that type information.That information is so helpful to us.Will be visit again on your website.

  1018. Andy says:

    When is the android flipboard coming?

  1019. Michael says: