Nine Ways That You, Too, Can be a Flipboard for iPhone Power User

Most of us Flipboarders have been using Flipboard for iPhone for many months. (Some might say obsessively.) We know its ins and outs, its back alleys and magic worm holes. The app was designed to be used without any manual or even help file, so you can just start enjoying it. That said, flip on for a few power-user tips and tricks that will save you some time.

1. Flip to the top. This is a key move—actually, there are two that do the same thing. Wherever you are in the app just tap the clock on the status bar. You\’ll be flipped up to the top of the feed or article. Or, simply swipe from left-to-right in any article or feed to jump back one level.

2. Read a story later. Tap the “gear” icon, page 2, lower right. Authenticate your Read It Later or Instapaper accounts. Then, earmark stories for later reading (via Read It Later\’s or Instapaper\’s apps or sites) by tapping the “Share” icon (top, second from right in article view).

3. Play the “social card.” From the cover of a story, tap the avatar, lower left, to display the “social card.” Here you can share the story, retweet, favorite or view the original comments and responses.

4. Mute someone or something. Would you like to see less of someone in Cover Stories? Don\’t want news mixed in with your social feeds? Tap the source\’s avatar in the lower left to view the social card (tip 3, previous page), then tap the black silhouette, far left. You can mute your friend just in Cover Stories — or everywhere — so you never have to see their weird political views again. You can also perform the mute move inside your social network\’s Flipboard section.

5. View all your social networks and favorites in one, big mashed-up feed. You need a Flipboard account for this one. Tap the red ribbon to view the Content Guide. When you\’re logged into your Flipboard Account you\’ll see your user icon at the top of the Guide. Tap your user icon, upper left. Select “All Timelines.” (Another choice here, equally cool, is “All Photos,” which is all the photos shared across your social networks.) You can add these to your Flipboard by tapping the “+”.

6. Set up a tile, just to watch your Friends or Family. Hidden under the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social sections is a plethora of sub-sections. You need to be logged into a social network for this to work. To access the sub-sections: a) Tap the red ribbon, b) Tap Accounts, c) Tap Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. You\’ve got loads of feeds and sub feeds here, ranging from Family to Groups, right down to the individual Friend level. You can add any individual sub-section to your Flipboard—just tap the “+”.

7. Refresh a section on the fly. At the first story in the section, pull the screen half-way down. You should see the word “Loading” and see a spinner while new stories are added to your feed. If you\’re impatient, hit the “x” to abort the refresh.

8. Update your status. Tap the red ribbon, then tap the pencil icon, upper right. Tap the header\’s User icon to switch among your various social accounts. Select Facebook or LinkedIn to update your status; select Twitter and send a Tweet. This works for all your social networks, albeit in slightly different ways. Note that you can also switch among your social accounts when sharing links by tapping on your User icon.

9. Get a better view of a picture. Tap on an image to select it. Then, pinch to zoom in, in vertical or horizontal view.

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53 Responses to Nine Ways That You, Too, Can be a Flipboard for iPhone Power User

  1. Brenda says:

    Good article. I just discovered Flipboard yesterday and it is my new fave app. Love it. iPhone crack. Incredibly addicting.

    • Anees says:

      The iPad version, which has been around for a year or so, is absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been waiting for the iPhone version for a while now and it doesn’t disappoint. I’m glad the app was rewritten for the iPhone, otherwise it would not work as well on the significantly smaller display.

  2. Gail says:

    OMG! Read about Flipboard for iPhone on so many tech blogs yesterday, downloaded it and now I am totally addicted! Or am I obsessed? Maybe both :)

  3. Hector Banuet says:

    I was wondering if you guys are working on making your app readable from landscape mode as Pulse is. I love your app more than Pulse and at night when I am reading your articles, laying on my side before bedtime, I just wish that I could read them in landscape mode instead of portrait mode. Just my .02. Thank you for your beautiful app and in making my iDevice user experience that much more enjoyable.

    • insideflipboard says:

      Yes, we support landscape more for iPad and we hope to add it to iPhone as soon as possible. We will continue to develop and release updates, we have so many great ideas and features to add. Stay tuned.

      ~ JV

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  5. Anand says:

    Beautiful app. Very addicting. Good addiction actually, coz I read a lot more news than before. Thanks a lot.

  6. Erik says:

    Flipboard –> amazing

  7. Leo trimt says:

    Ziet er goed uit! Moet nog wel ff oefenen! Groetjes leo

  8. Klo says:

    How to increase font size, and to select other font as well.

    • insideflipboard says:

      You can change the font size in the iPad version, just tap the gear icon in the lower right corner of your Flipboard page and select text size.

      We hope to add the font size option to the iPhone as soon as possible. Accessibility is very important.

      Thank you,
      ~ JV

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  11. Jeff says:

    Is there a reason why I have to relog into google reader every hr or so?

    • insideflipboard says:

      Sorry for the inconvenience, this has been resolved. Please log out and log back in one more time and it will save your log in state now.

      ~ JV

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  13. Laurent says:

    Nice… And great app :) But please just add more pages (only 4) !!

    • insideflipboard says:

      Thanks! Did you know you can save unlimited sections in the Content Guide, just tap the red ribbon and go to Your Flipboard to see the additional sections, once you have filled the four pages of tiles.

      In the future, we may add more pages. Bear in mind, these have an impact on speed and performance due to how those sections pre-load their content. But we may be able to add more in the future, its just a bit more complicated than it might seem at first. It’s like opening 21 websites in a browser all at once and having them all just there. :)

      Thanks again! Glad you’re enjoying it.
      ~ FliboardCM

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  19. Cammy says:

    I feel 1000 times smarter than I was yesterday. Thank you for your article.

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  22. Flipboard has totally changed the way I consume media now. It’s really the killer app on my ipad and iphone. Good work guys!

  23. gregorylent says:

    so incredibly clumsy compared to intuition and the faith and trust that everything needed comes at the right time. really weird, a marker of these times. faux reality.

  24. Joc says:

    Is there any way to get Flipboard to stay where you last read to on Twitter and then read forwards towards the latest tweets?

    Just seems unnatural reading backwards.

    • insideflipboard says:

      We may add some kind of bookmarking feature in the future, it’s a great suggestion.

      ~ JV

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  28. ungeruehrt says:

    Sorry for some off-topic, but I hope to get an answer here – via twitter @flipboardcm I’ve got no answers. So, my question is, whether you’re developing it in future for iPhone 3G as well or not. I’m really a big fan of flipboard, but unfortunately I don’t have an iPad or newer iPhone and the trailer combined with the error message on my iPhone made me feel very unhappy ;)

    • insideflipboard says:

      Hello, sorry if i missed your tweet, it’s been a crazy week, still catching up a bit. :)

      Unfortunately, it is not likely we will be able to support the iPhone 3G. Flipboard is resource intensive and the 3G does not meet the system requirements to run it at an acceptable level, if it would run at all.

      Thank you for getting in touch with us and for your patience,
      ~ @FlipboardCM

  29. Puur says:

    First day on flipboard… Love it!

  30. henri says:

    Amazing app! Question on muting and Cover Stories. I understand how to mute a particular author, but how do you mute a whole section? Lets say I want to remove the section “Inside Flipboard” from appearing in Cover Stories, there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that. Still this is one of the best iPhone apps I’ve ever used. Also really like the google reader integration.

  31. carl says:

    will you be bringing flipboard to the mac think this would be really cool and look beautiful thanks !

  32. Bob says:

    Great app. Just a small point- the pre-loaded Flipboard articles are almost entirely US-based. Any chance we can have some UK or European-based flips? I have tried to “mute” various contributers so that the more relevant news is brought to the front.

  33. Guy Thomas says:

    Is there a reason why Flipboard will not work on my daughter’s iphone 3Gs? Her software is up to date.

  34. Tim Noel says:

    Just trying out Flipboard. I’m English. In England. Not interested in Baseball or US travel problems. How can I block US news feed?

  35. Willet Thomas says:

    Heard about Flipboard on All Things Digital. Great app. Dont use Pulse anymore.

  36. Izue says:

    We Android users also need this app!

  37. Jeff H says:

    How can I save my place in Facebook within Flipboard? Sometimes can’t read all my current feed but hate to have to start at top all the time!

  38. Karen Welch says:

    Love, love, love this app for iPhone. It’s simplicity makes it amazing. Great, informative article.

  39. elmas says:

    I wish you could change the font size on the iPhone app as you can on the iPad.

  40. Angelos N. says:

    Nice! Thanks for this. I absolutely love this app, and am a frequent Flipboard iPad and iPhone user.
    I have one suggestion. I believe a feature, like you have on the bottom of twitter pages on the iPad which enables you to slide and glance at many Tweets at once, is necessary. Twitter is nice because it can give you a lot of information in a small amount of time… perhaps put it on the side?

  41. Kalpesh says:

    Its the 2nd best thing tat happend to me after 2007 ie wen iphone happend to me :)

  42. Daniel says:

    Any thoughts about adding Evernote to the mix of read later services?

  43. Fredrik says:

    Absolutely loving Fliboard on my iPhone. One thing I’m really missing is the possibility to mark stuff read on Google Reader without having to enter into the article. It’s sometimes also quite annoying to have to scroll through already viewed stuff in a feed if you go to another feed and then return later.

    Will you add any of these features in the future?

  44. Michael says:

    Echoing those that have already asked to save your location in your twitter timeline. so,

    1) when you load new updates the app should stay where it is and let you flip “up” towards the top as you read, instead of automatically jumping you to the most recent tweet

    2) I keep accidentially backing out from my timeline to the “home” page, and when I go back into my timeline. It resets to the most recent tweet. This is annoying.

    Otherwise love it and if these get fixed I can probably toss out Hootsuite as my main twitter client.