Flipboard Launches in China

Starting today, Chinese readers get their very own edition of Flipboard. It\’s the first international edition of Flipboard to launch, and it\’s in collaboration with Sina, China\’s largest Web portal and owner of Sina Weibo (新浪微博), and Renren (人人网), one of China\’s most popular social networks.

Of course, you can already search for and add content in any language to Flipboard. What\’s different about the Chinese edition is the fact that the entire Flipboard experience is in the local language, including a curated Content Guide with regionally-relevant content and the inclusion of popular local social networks Sina Weibo and Renren.

Flipboard\’s Chinese edition is free and only available in the iTunes China App Store. Once you\’ve installed it, tap on the red ribbon to connect to your Weibo, Renren, LinkedIn, Google Reader and Instagram accounts to it, and begin customizing your Flipboard with your favorite sources. Go deeper into the Content Guide for recommendations of some of the best Chinese news, business, tech, design, photography, entertainment and fashion feeds, picked by local curators.

If you would like to share feedback about the Chinese edition or would like to recommend local feeds for the Content Guide, please email support_cn@flipboard.com.

在Flipboard上见 !

~The Flipboard Team

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23 Responses to Flipboard Launches in China

  1. ye_dj says:


  2. chrisbo says:

    Support from China!

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  5. aifreedom says:

    Thanks for your Chinese edition. But will the Chinese social network like Weibo or Renren be supported by the international edition in the future?

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  7. Ao says:

    Is there a way to add renren in non-China flipboard? Thanks.

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  11. SJ says:

    I only have account in US iTunes store, how can I download the Chinese version?

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  14. littleoslo says:

    SJ , so the chinese version is just for the users in mainland china????

    i cant believe it!! isnt it better for ppl to use which version they wanna use??

  15. Yang says:

    Why need to separate chinese version with the international version??? I cannot subscribe chinese content with my international version!

  16. It would be interesting to see Flipboard integrating it’s system with RenRen, Weibou, Sina.com etc API’s it would bring huge amount of the Asian community on board for this outstanding company.

    once again

  17. Kvisoft says:

    It’s a pity China mainland cannot access to Facebook and Twitter. Or the two sites can get be more popularized.

  18. Kenneth F says:

    As a Chinese-American, I used Sina Weibo a lot to connect with some old friends in China. It would be great to see Weibo is coming to the non-China version, too.

  19. Billy says:

    My mom who never touched a computer in her 60 years of life, loves the ipad. And I would love to provide her with the chinese version of flipboard. Please don’t forget the chinese people outside of china. There’s alot of us!!!

  20. Gareth says:

    I downloaded the old Flipboard app (the English version) from the Chinese App Store… That one is no longer available, replaced now by the Chinese version. But I’m wondering, will the old version, the one I downloaded before, continue to be supported?

    Also, will we be seeing the iPhone app in the Chinese store in the near future? I’ve got an iPod Touch and would like very much to try out the new iPhone Flipboard (in English or in Chinese).

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  22. Uncle Miao says:

    Launching a Mainland China version of Flipboard is not what the team want. Flipboard will not work in mainland because of Internet blocking. Before blocking, you could easily access Twitter and uncensored news feed in China.

  23. CH says:

    It would be a big opportunity missed if the flipboard team chooses to ignore the vast number of Chinese /Chinese speaking users outside of china who’d want to access the chinese social network along with US based social network.
    Please reconsider enabling that on the international edition