Get Your Flipboard Account, Connect to Tumblr and 500px

A new edition of Flipboard releases today, and it brings the debut of Flipboard Accounts, as well as integration with blogging service Tumblr and photography community 500px. Now, Flipboard is even more tailored to you while offering easy access to two of the most beautiful content platforms out there.

Flipboard Accounts
Starting today, you can sign up for a Flipboard Account. With Accounts, your reading preferences stay with you no matter how you access Flipboard. For example, families and friends who share an iPad can log into Flipboard and find their favorite sections. And when Flipboard comes to the iPhone, accounts ensure that your Flipboard is configured exactly as you like it, with your favorite reading sources already saved and your social networks connected.

To get started, tap “Flipboard Account” on the upper left of your main Flipboard page. This will allow you to create an account or sign in to an existing account.

Connect to Tumblr
Tumblr\’s meteoric rise as a blogging platform makes it an essential addition to the list of social networks that you can connect to Flipboard. Log into Tumblr to read friends\’ posts and enjoy features like re-blogging and liking, all from within Flipboard. To celebrate, we\’re featuring some of our favorite Tumblr blogs in the Content Guide right now. Tap on the red ribbon at the top of your Flipboard to browse them and feel free to tweet your favorites to us at @flipboard so they can be included in our guide.

Join Photographic Community 500px
500px is powered by creative people and it shows in the quality of photos you\’ll find on the service. By connecting Flipboard to 500px, you can browse gorgeous pictures from this talented community of photographers. We\’ve got some of our favorite 500px streams featured now throughout the Content Guide.

We hope you enjoy these additions. Feel free to tweet feedback to us via @flipboard.

~The Flipboard Team

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20 Responses to Get Your Flipboard Account, Connect to Tumblr and 500px

  1. AJ Cann says:

    Forget Tumblr, please introduce Google+ integration.

  2. Wolfman-K says:

    Why can’t we have both tumblr and Google+ Why you got to be hatin? ;-)

  3. Noah says:

    G+ has the crappiest API out there right now. You can’t get a person’s circles at all, and you can’t write anything to it either. For Flipboard to support Google+, Google has to support Google+ first.

  4. Jonathan says:

    Excellent! You do realise Flipboard will automatically become the only half decent Tumblr client in existence?

  5. Tiago Mergulhão says:

    Wouldn’t be simpler to have Flipboard sync with iCloud instead of a dedicated sign in?

  6. Adam says:

    Flipboard on the iPhone would be interesting, would it be like the iBooks in the sense that we can pick up where we left it on the iPad? Also FB on a small screen would be interesting for sure! Looking forward to it

  7. Eyefull says:

    Since the update “Mark as read” when flipping is not working for Google Reader. Please, please fix this, it is how I read my feeds and I love your product. Also G+ would be nice, but I will wait till the API’s are better.

  8. xiaopohen says:


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  10. AM says:

    Google reader, “mark as read after flip” feature is broken. I hope FB fixes soon

  11. Andrew R. Jenkins says:

    After this latest update my Google Reader feed doesn’t mark as read when flipping pages. What am I missing?

  12. Edward says:

    Great update! Need to add “Reading List” to “Read Later” menu so I can add any articles in Safari’s Reading List. I don’t want to rely on Instapaper or Read It Later website… just add them to Reading List on Safari! Thanks!

  13. Hernan says:

    Since the upgrades and the creation of a flipboard account, articles read from the google reader feed are not marked as read. It worked fine before the upgrade, marking read articles in google reader after reading them in flipboard.

  14. Cesar says:

    I can’t use 500px facebook login inside flipboard. Blank screen appears after Facebook logins.

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  16. Zach says:

    I have 2 Tumblr accounts. It will only let me link to one of them, not the one I really want to. Grrrr!

  17. MickymX says:

    Hey all
    Really nice app. I’ve tried it on Iphone and Ipad and it’s a good way to see all my interest.
    But i’ve a problem : I can log in in FaceBook and Twitter but 500px, Instagram and Flickr give me an error. When i use MORE and and I choose Account and one of this : i have a loading message and … error : can’t login.

    An idea why ?