Special Section Honoring Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of 56. History will remember him as the man who essentially invented the 21st century, and it is no exaggeration to say that his work dramatically changed the way we live our lives. His many accomplishments include the creation of the iPad, the machine that made Flipboard possible. Steve Jobs inspired us with his drive to make products that people love, and with his emphasis on beautiful, efficient design.

The outpouring of grief, reflections, and recollections has been immediate and widespread. We are compiling many of them in a special section called “Remembering Steve Jobs.” Tap here to add it to your Flipboard, or find it in our Content Guide. Tweet your thoughts using the #rememberingjobs hashtag, and we\’ll include many of them in the section.

Most of all, we hope you will join us in celebrating the accomplishments of a remarkable innovator, entrepreneur, and visionary. Thank you, Steve.

~The Flipboard Team

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35 Responses to Special Section Honoring Steve Jobs

  1. Ram mohan says:

    Really a man who was an inventor of inventions. A rare person whom humanity will remember for a long time to come

  2. George Pansiol says:

    Steve Job changed my live ever since I bought my iPod Nano. I was amazed to see how he can think the unthinkable idea. I wish I can be like him. Do think differently but with same vision, to make thing better.

    Thanks Steve

  3. Thank you Mr Steve Jobs, you showed us a new world, and most of all you teached us to “think different”.

  4. Hatice says:

    Thanks Steve, you will be missed … Rest in peace … Thanks what you brought to our life make us live full potential ..you might be gone but your invention will be reminder of you and many more …

  5. Raul Freitas says:

    Congrats FlipBoard. You said it best: “The man who invented the 21st century”
    Steve R.I.P.

  6. Gail Wilkins says:

    Remembering the genius that made you the driving force of the 21st century. Your name will forever be etched with likes of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Walt Disney, and Steven Jobs. You were all visionary’s who took us to places we never thought were possible. Our thoughs and prayers to your loved ones and all the lives you touched. There is one less light burning bright on earth but one more in heaven. R.I.P.

  7. Gail Wilkins says:

    Remembering the genius that was Steven Jobs. You were the driving force of the 21st century and your name will forever be etched with the likes of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Walt Disney. You were a visionary who took us to places we never thought were possible by bringing us media tools that we thought unimaginable and changed our lives forever. You can never be replaced, your genius gone forever.
    Our thoughs and prayers go out to your loved ones and all the lives you touched. There is one less light burning bright on earth but one more in heaven. R.I.P.

  8. Taylor Barcroft says:

    I was privileged to meet Steve when I drove Buckminster Fuller to Apple HQ for a cold call introduction of him to Steve in about 1978. Everyone dropped what they were doing and Steve was happy to give Bucky a personal tour of the place. I was a charter adopter of two Macintosh computers in 1984 allowing me to easily startup one of the first Mac Magazines, MacBriefs. Steve has been my hero and constant mental companion ever since. I’ll miss his presence in life a lot. But his presence in my life and in all of ours forthcoming will persist in all the great tools he’s made for us and which will continue to be made for us by the creative empire he has built and left us all to continue to cherish. His influences and legacy will never die. God bless his wife and children.

  9. Sandro ciccocioppo says:

    Today i’m feeling sad, almost empty…….what have you done steve!!

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  13. Linds Boughton says:

    In my entire 20 years of married life, my family has never acquired a PC as my husband, Chris Boughton, an IT geek himself, would not permit it. He believed in Steve Jobs from the very start when Apple introduced the first integrated computer with the screen and hard drive in one. Like Steve, Chris dictated what computer gadget to have at home for they know best. Steve talked about connecting the dots during the commencement speech at Stamford University. While I viewed my husband’s reluctance to have a PC as well at home as stubbornness and dictatorial, I now connect the dot and come to understand that certain decisions need not to be put out for vote. My family must have had all the Apple desktop products and Mac has given us a lifestyle tool that unknowingly we take forgranted for it has never really given us any major problem. For a practical solution to the total experience of holding a Mac product that enriches your life with music, photos, e- books, communications, Mac has and continues to make people from all age groups, race and creed i-Happy.

    Hail Steve Jobs! Thank You!

  14. Ted Roseman says:

    George Bernard Shaw says in Man an Superman that “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” In this sense, Steve Jobs was an unreasonable man. We should all be thankful for this.

  15. Jason Peck says:

    Sent from my iPhone

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Jason Peck
    Date: October 6, 2011 12:10:53 AM EDT
    To: rememberingsteve@apple.com
    Subject: My deepest condolences to the Jobs family and Apple Community

    I was sad to hear the news that Steve Jobs passed away today.    

    His vision inspired the talented Apple teams to design, build, and deliver to the world amazing devices that have changed the way I think about “computing” and have fundamentally enhanced my day to day experiences interacting with media, data, my family, friends, and new connections, organizing and planning projects, teaching my kids, finding inspiration in new ideas, etc.     This is also true of virtually everyone I know who use Apple products.    

    I felt a strong urge to start using Apple products about 3 years ago starting with an iPod, iTunes, iMac, then iphone 3G, then iphone 4, trackpad, then second iMac, then the iPad 2, the rarely needed but always extremely helpful technical support,  and the list goes on.   

    I  see a direct correlation with my level of creativity and inspiration since starting to use these devices.     

    The beauty, simplicity, power, design, and stability of my Apple tools make them a joy to use.       

    Steve Jobs physical presence may be gone, but he has left a legacy of creating an integrated family of tools that have advanced and humanized our connections to computers and to ourselves.   

    With great sadness but also great inspiration that Steve Jobs has shown to the world what is possible when human beings combine thought, creativity, and positive energy, I bid farewell and wish Steve well on his next journey.    My heart goes out to his family and friends who are grieving in ways none of us may be able to appreciate.    

    Looking at the simple elegance with which Apple announced this sad day on their website is a clear representation to me that Steve’s vision has been infused into the cultural DNA of Apple, and I look forward to seeing the exciting next generation products this wonderful company has in store for us in the future! 

    Jason A. Peck, MD
    Charlotte, NC



  16. regina amerson says:

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    I count my Apple gadgets instead of Sheep.
    If i forget to charge them before I wake,
    it’s ok, the battery is good for 10 hours per take!
    Yes, I’m a true gadget queen and this everyone knows,
    Ipods, nano, ipad, iphones on my desk is where it all glows.
    I set my alarm before bedtime, to fend off any electronic crooks,
    Now I’m hiding & saving my money to purchase that pro macbook.
    Using these gadgets require, no mouse, no pads nor knobs
    All thanks to them being created by the Genius named Steve Jobs

  17. Let’s pray for Steve to be in his iHeaven.

  18. Josef Höckner says:

    Steve’s next Keynote in Heaven — Hi Angels,……One more Thing…….

  19. Karen jones says:

    Thank you Steve for all the awesome!!!! Xx

  20. Jackie granderson says:

    He changed my world the best gift ever thank you steve for the iPad

  21. Brenda Spitzer says:

    Thank you Steve Jobs for changing the world for the better. You definitely made a dent in the universe.

  22. Abby Spring says:

    Steve Jobs has done an amazing thing…..creating Apple and the products. I got my iPad monday for school and it’s the best thing! Thank you Jobs for changing the world. You will be missed dearly. R.I.P

  23. Tye from Chi-Town! says:

    We Love you Madly Mr.Jobs,
    Thank you for your- Everything…A star was born…
    Peace to you and those who shall miss you


  24. Nuk says:

    Imagine if he has 15 years more to live. Imagine how much more ideas he can contribute. What a great loss!

  25. Mark M says:

    I had 2 days left to return my new $3200 micron for video editing! Never worked! Payed my $150 restocking fee and got my first apple product, a G3 tower. So happy I did!
    I could not think of myself as an artist if wasn’t for Apple and Steve Jobs.
    Creative expression made possible!
    A class act.
    I had anticipated this day and knew thstn the feelings would be like no other CEO passing. Steve Jobs innovative products has enhanced my life by making it easy and fun to create my art in the coolest
    way! Music-photography-video-graphics!

  26. mike sanders says:

    I am 73 years old and the influence this man has had on me and my extended family is both remarkable and unique. An early (1987) adopter of the Mac I have never strayed from the true path and have introduced my children and their children to the wonders of Apple and all its amazing products and services citing them as a benchmark they should strive to achieve.
    My condolences to his family at this sad time may Steve rest in peace secure in the knowledge that he will never be forgotten in this world.

  27. Manuel Valle says:

    Steve Jobs leaves a huge emptiness, a vacuum of creativity that with each one of his inventions brought out the kid inside of us. Death reminds time and time again of the true meaning of the word never.

  28. Charles Sheffer says:

    My daughter wrote : “We went on vacation. Packed our iPhones, iPod and iPad. Before the trip synched movies on iTunes (with a littles help from my friends).

    I missed out on the sad news of Steve jobs’ passing away.

    Can’t say that he wasn’t on our minds though…”

  29. Gigi says:

    I hope Mr. Jobs will have another great and memorable life he was an amazing ginius and it seems the norms always live the longest but the speacial people die young. I hope you have a nice new life.
    R.I.P Steve Jobs

  30. Rick Sadler says:

    Steve Jobs

    The world has lost the computer king
    Now he lives where angels sing
    Unique innovations he brought to our earth
    Now in his new home new things he will birth

    Steve Jobs, the man, the world will miss
    His faithful wife will long for his kiss
    Yet freed from a life that was filled with pain
    Hoping one day we will all meet again

  31. Geoff Crawford says:

    He was indeed a true visionary. I am however questioning my ownership of the undoubtedly superior iPad, with the knowledge of the slave labour which created it. Hoping these stories are not true but fearing they are.

  32. Linda says:

    I am one of those rabid followers, no fan-girl am I, as I am close to Steve Jobs’ age. My first experience with a Macintosh was life changing. It’s been 21 years and I feel as though I’ve lost a dear friend. It saddens me deeply to know that he is gone. Life will go on… made easier surrounded with my Apple tools. Steve, may you rest in peace. And one more thing… Thank you.

  33. SC Mishra says:

    Steve has done amazing thing. His vision , dedication to achieve perfection is un parallel . I salute him.

  34. George says:

    “The man who invented the 21st century” :-) that’s going a bit too far praising Steve Jobs ! RIP Steve !

  35. Martín Rudas says:

    Hola, para los amigos de flipboard mis excusas les escriba en español, es un poco a propósito en el sentido de mostrar cómo trascendió Steve Jobs en todo el mundo. Creo se ha comentado mucho de lo que también comparto. Hay algo muy especial que Steve dejó en mi vida y fue ese mensaje de familia que a través de Pixar con películas de fuerte mensaje constructivo para nuestros hijos, y la tecnología que nos heredó, forman fuertes pilares para nuestra futura generación.
    Los productos Apple han facilitado en gran cantidad nuestras vidas y han impulsado el desarrollo de mejor calidad de vida básicamente en mejor aprovechamiento del tiempo y el acceso a mucha información, que en países como el mío(yo vivo en Bogotá Colombia), países emergentes, necesitan de muchas herramientas para continuar adelante dando a nuestros hijos conocimiento de primera línea para segir manteniendo el crecimiento de nuestra economía y país en general.
    Al comienzo para compartir con otros lectos, era frustrante el hecho de entrar a iTunes y no poder hacer compras, hoy en día si no es gracias a mi password y la apertura de compras en línea para otros países diferentes a US, mis hijos me tuvieran en quiebra. Gracias Steve por tu legado, te quedas en nuestros corazones no solo como un hombre de negocio, sino como un hombre que dejó un mensaje de formación para nuestros hijos y familias.