Final Week to Enter the Flipboard iPad 2 Giveaway!

The Giveaway is now CLOSED. Thank you all for participating. Results of the Giveaway will be announced in the coming days, stay tuned for more!

Our first giveaway for Flipboard fans is coming to a close soon! Just head over to our FacebookFacebook page and enter before 11:59 PDT on May 12 for a chance to win a brand new 64GB Wifi iPad 2. We\’re giving away three iPads in all, so your chances of winning should be pretty good. You\’ll also receive an extra entry for every friend you invite who also enters.

Please note, to enter the giveaway from your iPad, tap the following link, then tap the arrow in the top right and select “Open in Safari.” Now you can enter your details in the entry form on our Facebook page.

If you’re having problems finding the entry page on our Facebook page, there is a tab on the left below our logo called “Flipboard iPad 2 Giveaway” select this and you should be taken to the entry process. If you are still having problems, please send us a note to and we’ll help get you entered in the Giveaway.

Due to the various laws in different countries, this giveaway is for U.S. residents only. We’ll try to have an international contest for our fans around the world soon.

Good luck! ~ JonV

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172 Responses to Final Week to Enter the Flipboard iPad 2 Giveaway!

  1. Ted Todorov says:

    Love Flipboard!

    Top Feature request: Adjustable font sizes — since version 1.0 of Flipboard, the fonts keep getting smaller.

  2. Tanvir Sidhu says:

    Loving Flipboard!

  3. Ron says:

    Just started using this app for Facebook so far. Pretty cool.

  4. Chrissie Ball says:

    I really do hope to win the iPad. I will give it to my son college bound son Kevin. I love Flopboard and I’m sure he will too.

  5. Stephen Velky says:

    iPad 2 contest

  6. Jesabel Aquino says:

    This is my entry for the iPad2 giveaway. Thanks.

  7. Heather Weiler says:

    I use my first version in my classroom. This one would allow even more ability to use for augmentative communication and open the world to these kids who can not use a keyboard but can point and touch!

  8. Joe martino says:

    Your the best!

  9. Elizabeth Ramstad says:

    LOVE to win a 64 GB Wifi iPad! Wonderful give-away!

  10. Brandy Gonzales says:

    Pick me!

  11. Suhan ji says:


  12. Yun Kwak says:

    Wish me luck

  13. Derek Wu says:

    YAY Ipad2!

  14. chris orourke says:

    I really really really really want to win this please pick me!!

  15. Love Flipboard!

  16. Larry Coleman says:

    Love Flipboard!

  17. Barbara Chen says:

    The best app on ipad. love it love it love it!

  18. Raghuvamsi says:

    Flip it on!

  19. Prerna Gupta says:

    Would be awesome to win Ipad2.. I can gift it to my husband for our upcoming first wedding anniversary..!!

  20. Gary says:

    I hope I can win. Great Prize!

  21. Vicky Kennedy says:

    I need to win the ipad so I can try the flipboard app

  22. Steven Tharp says:

    Great product

  23. Benjamin Smith says:

    I love this App!!!!!!

  24. Benjamin Smith says:

    I use this app everyday!!!’mmmmm

  25. Benjamin Smith says:

    I hope I win, my girlfriend would really love an iPad for her birthday!!!

  26. Hope I win.. ME needs an Ipad2

  27. Colleen Turley says:

    I really hope to win this. It would be a great thing to get for my niece who does not talk much. She is 8 and she could use it to talk. I hope to get it for her.

  28. Jody says:

    I really need to win this to take to the hospital when my daughter has her first baby! Any day now! I can’t wait.

  29. Christoph Hermann says:

    I’d like to win…

  30. Eleanor says:

    How do you enter? All I get is to invite your friends. I did that and still don’t get anything else. Do you just post on your wall? Confused.

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      Hi Eleanor, if you keep getting that invite friends step, that means you have already entered, but missed the message that you entered, and the message is easy to miss. I just checked the system and your name is entered in the Giveaway. Good luck!

  31. Laurie Franklin says:

    I love Flipbook! It’s a great tool to pull all my blogs together, and keep up to date on news (which I was horrbile at before)

  32. JoAnn Simons says:

    woo hoo, can not wait to hear who the big winner is! Good luck everyone!!!

  33. Matt Therrien says:

    Please pick me!!!!

  34. Doug Davis says:

    Me, me me….

  35. Miguel G. bastos says:

    I want to win a new Ipad…

  36. Maraidh Thomso says:

    Hope I win, my husband and I currently share our iPad!

  37. Mike says:

    Flipboard – best iPad app

  38. Marlon Owens says:

    That would be really great to win a iPad 2. It would make my wife’s day.

  39. Michael Rodriguez says:

    Be nice to win. mwr

  40. Nancy Petrotta says:

    Such could use an iPad for travel. Thanks!

  41. Josh burris says:

    Love to see the give-a-way! Would be great to win.

  42. Mem Shawaf says:

    Best app ever

  43. Judi Edsall says:

    Good luck to me.

  44. Melvin C.Hicks says:

    I hope that I might be a winner.

  45. Ricardo Bouzon says:

    I love iPad2

  46. Janice street says:

    What a wonderful opportunity!

  47. Steve says:

    Would love to win this. I could really use this. Keep rocken on Flipboard you are doing great! Cheers!

  48. Hestlen says:

    Due to the various laws in different countries, this giveaway is for U.S. residents only. We\’ll try to have an international contest for our fans around the world soon.

    Buuuuuu again!?!?

    Flipboard: -1

  49. sandra Balderson says:


  50. John says:

    Please let me win

  51. kenneth Sebby says:


  52. Dawn Davis says:

    Hope I win!

  53. Mark Sterling says:

    Flipboard works great!

  54. Matieshia scott says:

    I love flipboard and wold also love to win the iPad 2

  55. Alvin Kongsjord says:

    Thanks for the Ipad.

  56. would love to win an ipad 2 for my classroom

  57. Maria says:

    Love Flipboard!!! Everything in one place :)

  58. Feng says:

    I like flipboard so much that watch news once I got chance. I totally understand why you have only 2 pages on iPad due to memories limitation. Anyway, I really enjoy this app you guys created.

  59. Marcos R Fierros says:


  60. Eloise says:

    I would love to win an ipad.

    • Michael Hogan says:

      One of my friends put my onto Flipboard. Once I figured out how to use it properly, it is the first place I go to on my iTouch. Thanks for creating a user friendly and useful app. 2Thumbs up….

  61. Love Flipboard! It reads like a magazine. The FB pictures always look much better. I love having all of my news organized.

  62. Tim Capps says:

    Nice app

  63. Eric Layne says:

    Flipboard Rocks! I have reading all my Facebook updates through Flipboard, then catch up on current events, news, and even read up on all the new tech toys and gadgets. Look forward to seeing where this goes.

  64. Gaetano Lucifora says:

    I Love this app

  65. Gentry Waits says:

    I want to win one for my wife.

  66. Elias says:

    Flipboard I love it

  67. Dean Shantz says:

    Flipbook has made keeping up with all the news effortless.
    Thanks for the great app.

  68. Gary sachs says:

    Clipboard is awesome as viewed on my wife’s iPad. I sure wish I had an iPad of my own :)

  69. David Werner says:


  70. Waynr says:

    I really love flipboard it’s a great app I use it all the time. With the links into Facebook and twitter it’s so great. Thank you iPad today and thank you flipboard.

  71. Matt satchell says:

    Love me some flipboard!

  72. Tom says:

    Love Flipboard

  73. Marcus Spann says:

    Flipboard is da bomb!

  74. William says:

    Fantastic way to check out news from friends and interests, love flickr feeds !

  75. Robert Sy says:

    The best app I got….

  76. Angela Utley says:

    I am new to Flipboard. Still getting to know it, but I LOVE it thus far. The convenience of everything together in one place is AWESOME!

  77. Rob Garza says:

    Love Flipboard! Love contests!

  78. Mary says:

    Lover FlipBoard

  79. varadharaman balasubramanian says:

    Like Flipboard, I forgot all social reader sites and Flipboard being my one stop collection of information in intuitive interface. Keep it going.

  80. Jimmy K says:

    Would make a great post Mother’s Day present!

  81. David Seuling says:

    I love Flip board!

  82. john says:

    I’d luv to have 1 of these ipads. I heard they were better then the lap/tops.put me into your contest please…..

  83. Jan MacKay says:

    I would love to win as I have never owned any of the iPads and what better reason then that.

  84. Matt Jenkins says:

    Glad I found this app. Great way to keep up with Facebook, news, and all my feeds.

  85. Adam Barcroft says:

    Yay Flipboard, just the best
    way to access Facebook happenings!

  86. jacky watt says:

    After I install Flipboard…..i cannot stop usimg it… change my way to read and search….Flipboard & Ipad is born together.

  87. Hope says:

    I hope to win and iPad so I can give my son the one I am using now, he love to download educational stuff and his games and it stops me fr using my own devise. He told me this past week that some of the apps have helped him with his math which is a great thing so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  88. Lei Lumlee says:

    Love Flipboard and Ipad 2

  89. Dave Curtis says:

    My iPad goes with me everywhere. My wife has recently realized how nice the iPad is to use so winning the 2 would be great. I use Flipboard every day, it is the best medium for reading my twitter, Facebook, google reader feeds and much more.

  90. Maxime Chagnon says:

    I would love to win an iPad 2. My sister got one and it look a lot smoother ! ( and i’m jealous !) really love flipboard. Use it every day. Thanks guys for such a Nice app !

  91. Karen Nehren says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter for school. It would be such a huge help.

  92. Robert Tuthill says:

    I flipped out over flipboard. I now only need one source for news. The fresh interface puts NEW back in my news.

  93. Kevin McNish says:

    The best

  94. Dave says:

    Love the Flipboard. Everything in 1 place.

  95. Mark Silverstein says:

    An iPad 2 would be awesome!

  96. kjblack says:

    One of my favorite apps.

  97. Aaron says:

    Great app!!

  98. Aaron says:

    Great app!

  99. Stefan says:

    Flipboard is an app that should be preinstalled on every iPad … for instance on the one that I might win here ;)

  100. Carol Hauser says:

    I love flipboard. Most used app I have.

  101. Mark Funk says:

    Flipboard really shows off the iPad. I’ve shown it to people who decided they had to get an iPad so they could use Flipboard!

  102. Joseph Campbell says:

    I am new to the APP form of computing. Clipboard is the only five star APP that I have. I am amazed at the structure and simple ability to use Flipboard. I and my son are using this iPad 16gb WiFi (original, no camera) and now wish I had obtained one with more memory. All in all, I still like your Flipboard APP.

  103. Penny says:

    I’m just getting into flipboard….I like what I see

  104. Penny says:

    I love flipboard

  105. Heidi Newman says:

    I am officially ready to win.

  106. Arlene Delores De Forest says:

    It would be wonderful for me when I need to record something because I forget . It would be nice to have new technology while out with my baby calves. Instant information I can use to make decisions right on the spot. No fumbling for a pencil or paper as I do now.

  107. amy tran says:

    thank you for the promotion!

  108. Chris voss says:

    Great app! Very useful. Would be great if date and time were stamped by title of each article.

  109. Rebecca Cross says:

    I love flipboard, it’s like your own folder within your iPad. I use my sons iPad and fell in love with this little computer like technology and would love one of my own. I’m the only one in the family without my own piece of something….not even a computer. Loving clipboard tho :) that’s where I check my Facebook, it’s a great app! Thank you!!

  110. Lori Solon says:

    Love Flipboard!!! I can access all my favorite news sites in 1 place! I use it all day long,

  111. Uncle Miao says:

    I cannot load that Facebook web page. Why?! It’s blank.

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      If it’s blank, reload the page, it should come up. If you still have problems, please send me a note to and I’ll see what else we can do to help you enter the Giveaway. Thanks!

  112. B Fosbrink says:

    Love FlipBoard. You make my life easier! I thank you everyday.

  113. Carl says:

    Love the flipboard. It makes reading my news and social updates fun in an interesting layout.

  114. Terri mahan says:

    Love flipboard! Use it all the time.

  115. Eswaran says:

    Cool App.

  116. Lynn says:

    Love this mag. Enjoy reading

  117. Michael says:

    Flipboard was one of the first apps that made me love with my iPad. Thanks guys!

  118. John Russell says:

    Flipboard is awesome. It is something I show to everybody who sees my ipad.

  119. Kenrosenberg says:

    Clipboard is good

  120. Chris Bahadosingh says:

    Send the email soon so that I can pick it up.

  121. Basilon says:

    I use flipboard to read the news (USA today) on my iPad all the time and now Facebook is a must everyday thru flipboard… it. As well as all apple news thru different sources, is just amazing since it’s organization is just perfect.
    Thanks flipboard for making my life so much easier…..

  122. Martin V. says:

    The Flipboard is a very comfortable way to see your social media information.

  123. Bob Leong says:

    Cool, flip,flip,flip…..flipboard

  124. Royal Dancy says:

    Flipboard is the best iPad app by far…Hope I’m a winner

  125. Royal D. says:

    Greatest app for iPad

  126. wayne lowers says:

    darn it , cant wait for the international competition , i’m from jamaica

  127. Beenu says:

    You deserve a lot of credit for this app. Well done.

  128. Tim Hogan says:

    That’s what we like!

  129. Senthil Kumar says:

    Flip won’t be a flop, great going guys!

  130. count me in! I want to win an iPad2! Flipboard is nothing short of amazing! it’s made reading news on the web a true pleasure.

  131. Russell brown says:

    Love Flipboard. Ease of use is un deniable.

  132. Chuck Phillips says:

    Great App!


    This is awesome, if i can get my first ipad !

  134. Scott Rose says:

    Ya gotta flip it, before ya board it!

  135. Brian says:

    Let it be me!!!!!!

  136. Andrew murison says:


  137. Flipboard helps me stay green but not to the point of hulking out.

  138. Bill kenoyer says:

    Flipboard is awesome!

  139. Ronn Houtz says:

    Still learning what Fliboard is all about. Pretty cool so far.

  140. Alexey says:

    Great user interface !

  141. Tammy Smith says:

    Just got flip….. And I am flipping over it!!!!

  142. Tammy Smith says:

    This is my entry for the iPad 2.

  143. Atul Patel says:

    Just started using flipboard and now hooked on it. Love it!! Cool app!!

  144. Sagar says:

    Love flipboard!

  145. Ron Dolat says:

    Flipboard rocks, love this app. I live by it

  146. Adam D Masry says:

    Really enjoying your app. Fantastic idea, great layout, simply to use. I wake up super early for work and usually read three specific papers, a web forum, and check facebook & twitter accounts w/morning coffee. If I win, not any more! Thank you Flipboard!

  147. Yifang says:

    Flipboard is fantastic!

  148. Tripp jones says:

    Flipboard is one of the most used apps on my device! I absolutely couldn’t live without it. I hope I win. Yay Flipboard for such an awesome application!!!

  149. Tripp jones says:

    Flipboard is one of the most used apps on my device! I absolutely couldn’t live without it. I hope I win. Yay Flipboard for such an awesome application!!! Its everything I want and all it takes is a simple ‘flip’

  150. Lee mortensen says:

    Great app to impress friends and other ipad owners. Simple and easy to use.

  151. Bob camba says:

    Great app, friends. Keep up the good work.

  152. Tom Siegmund says:

    Hell yeah, i’m a German Fan!
    So bring it international ;)

  153. Jonathan Mahlan says:

    Thusfar … A win for the iWorld! I’m digging this app, nuff’ said! :)

  154. Annette says:

    I would love to win this too. Clipboard is a great app.

  155. David says:

    I love filpboard.

  156. gale says:

    Would love to have a I-pad!!!!

  157. Jerry Kolnick says:

    I love your app. I use it daily.