Enter the Flipboard iPad 2 Giveaway

The Giveaway is now CLOSED. Thank you all for participating. Results of the Giveaway will be announced in the coming days, stay tuned for more!

It’s our first giveaway for Flipboard fans! Just head over to our FacebookFacebook page for a chance to win a brand new 64GB Wifi iPad 2. We\’re giving away three iPads in all, so your chances of winning should be pretty good. You\’ll also receive an extra entry in the giveaway for every friend you invite who also enters.

Please note, to enter the giveaway from your iPad, tap the following link, then tap the arrow in the top right and select “Open in Safari.” Now you can enter your details in the entry form on our Facebook page.

Due to the various laws in different countries, this giveaway is for U.S. residents only. We’ll try to have an international contest for our fans around the world soon.

Good luck! ~ JonV

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189 Responses to Enter the Flipboard iPad 2 Giveaway

  1. Eduardo Zamorano Jr says:

    Simply put the best IPad app on the planet!

    • Tyson says:

      I got my iPad 1 because Flipboard didn’t have a version for my hp tablet. Too bad I can’t enter the ipad2 contest from Canada, where everything else is x-border to the USA.

  2. Dan Voronin says:

    Love iPad 2 would great to win one,,thanks

  3. J Baumgartner says:

    What a fabulous app!! It threads all my favorite sites for super easy access. I rate it #1 !

  4. Eugene Harris says:

    I love Flipboard!

  5. Alex W says:

    Definitely could use an iPad 2! Dropped mine and it broke 8^( . Love Flipboard!

  6. Mary Sparacino says:

    Best app! Would love it on ipad2 .

  7. Stacey Kostich says:

    I would love to win one for my daughter at OSU!

  8. Cecile Leggett says:

    Would be super to win ipad2 to use at our small school for students with autism!

  9. Start and end my day with FlipBoard, would love to be using an iPad 2

  10. Keegan says:

    I love Flipboard because it let’s u view all of your social networking sights ,news ext. Thanks Flipboard I love you!!!

  11. Hestlen says:

    Always for us resident, like the 99% of the internet constest are only like the 2% of the world population…. :)

    Anyway, great app!!!!!

  12. Derrick Small says:

    I love the IPad and I also love and enjoy flipboard!

  13. Mackenzie Fegely says:

    I love Flipboard! It’s a daily app for me. I love the layout.
    I hope to win the IPad 2! It would be nicely appreciated, by me and my family

  14. Sander says:

    Why only US residents? We also love Flipboard and iPad 2 in The Netherlands!

  15. Michelle Rohrer says:

    I love, love using Flipboard to read Twitter, Google Reader, favorite blogs, etc. Of course an iPad 2 would be a wonderful prize, and then I would have 2 to use in my 4th grade classroom!

  16. Joanne says:

    Flipboard on iPad is the best. We would love to win an iPad-2.

  17. Tamarlon Newman says:

    Flipboard keeps me in-the-know of all my tech, social and entertainment needs. The app is truly remarkable! I’d love to see support for photo uploads on Facebook though. Nonetheless, keep up the great work! I’m getting hooked on the new Oprah segment.

  18. Chris Neville says:

    Flipboard has changed my entire attitude towards RSS feeds. It has changed them from a quick headline grabbing exercise to a daily browse through all my interests. A must have for my iPad, and hopefully my iPad2….

  19. Cheryl says:

    I would like to have an iPad 2 :)

  20. Jeff Sloan says:

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  21. Isaac says:

    I love this app its almost exactly like my windows phone

  22. Mike Floriani says:

    Flipboard, what a great ap! Keep up the good work.

  23. Don shegog says:

    Love iPad 1, would love iPad 2 either way Flipboard is GREAT!

  24. Margaret Evans says:

    Greatest app! I am new with IPad but Flipboard is my favorite! IPad 2 would be awesome! Thanks!

  25. DitsyB says:

    Totally ditsy without my flipboard!! L.O.V.E. It!! And a chance to win I2…YES! Thank you.

  26. Johnny says:

    Every release gets better and better!!!

  27. Jamie borden says:

    Flipboard is the app I always use to show off my new iPad

  28. Mario Aguirre says:

    Love iPad 1, wouldn’t mind an iPad 2. Flipboard is def awesome!!

  29. Melissa valenzuela says:

    Flip over flipboard.. It’s the best.

  30. Roberta Melli says:

    I love Flipboard!

  31. KING says:

    Wow man I love this! This is the best app!!! I can’t register for the ipad2 though!

    • Inside Flipboard says:

      If you’re trying to register on your iPad in Flipboard, please tap the arrow in the top right corner and select “Open in Safari” and enter your info there. Let me know if you still have trouble entering.

      • KING says:

        When I hit the arrow…it says go to safari but when I go to safari, nothing is there…

        • Inside Flipboard says:

          It’s working for me, so not sure what’s going on. You could go to Facebook.com on Safari manually. Sorry for the trouble.

  32. Clarissa says:

    I love the Flipboard. My son likes it too. It makes reading fun for him. Believe me, this is major!! Lol

  33. Tom O'Leary says:

    Without Flipboard, the iPad2 is just another device!

  34. Jimbo says:

    Flipboard is the best!

  35. LauraJean says:

    Would love an iPad 2 for use in my preschool special education classroom! We would be able to take pictures of what’s relevant and have the pictures instantly become part of their own stories we write! How cool would that be?? Love Flipboard too! Use it every day to keep up with the latest educational trends!

  36. Don Herriot says:

    Flipboard is great!!

  37. Disfruto mucho la navegación, y las fotografías publicadas en Flipboard, es una excelente aplicación

  38. Bert Offers says:

    Love Flipboard! Awesome app. I use it all the time.

  39. Dan F says:

    Okay I tried to enter the contest from my iPad, but it would not allow me to enter my email address to confirm, so I guess the glitch will need to be fixed before anyone with an iPad can enter. By the way the iPad I have is issued from my employer so I am not selfish in wanting to win an ipad2 I would just like my own.

  40. Suzie says:

    If I won an iPad for my husband, I would most definitely win “Wife of the Year”!

    I didn’t realize Flipboard was on Facebook. Off to “like”. Thanks.

  41. Vikas Kumar says:

    All you need just this app, everything in one app. Simply awesome…sports, tech, news, Facebook, Twitter …you name it and this app allow young use it. Amazing ………

  42. David Estes says:

    Hoping for the best. Love Flipboard.

  43. Arthur Forbus says:

    Flipboard is great, one place to check updates to twitter, facebook and news, just need linkedin and I am all good.

  44. Sheraz Malik says:

    Flipboard rocks

  45. Sheraz Malik says:

    Flipboard rocks , one of the best apps for my daily use. The very first app I open in the morning.

  46. Beth ginck says:

    Just new to flip, so far its great

  47. KING says:

    Can we chat on flipboard with others online? If so how?

  48. Yary says:

    This app is awesome!!!! great job!!!

  49. Camaro Dave says:


  50. Linda Ponter says:

    Pick me!

  51. Bert Hui says:

    I love the elegance of Flipboard!

  52. John S. says:

    Flipboard is the best looking and best functioning iPad app. Wish I had thought of it….

  53. Logan says:

    Flipboard is great for subscribing to all my favorite education blogs! A new iPad would be a great edition to my classroom!

  54. Mr. Suteera Jatutiptaporn says:

    My best magazine ever!

  55. @FeliponMartinez says:

    Great app Flipboard is. I’m enjoying it more and more everytime I have the chance to surf the web. I can’t wait to participate to win an ipad2 from an international giveaway. Hola from Mexico, ciao.

  56. A Mir says:

    Fantastic tool. Great job guys.

  57. John says:

    Cool apps. Win win win

  58. Heather Brown says:

    Definitely the most-used app on my iPad-would be even better on iPad 2!

  59. Dennis Gleason says:

    I want it!

  60. GPsnail says:


    This contest is only for US resident, boring……


  61. Dennis Gleason says:

    Flip bard is great!

  62. Tim keagy says:

    Very confusing enter process

  63. Patty says:

    The absolute best way to view all my blog sites!

  64. Alex says:

    Yup, love the Flipboard!

  65. Van Dam says:

    Good luck everyone!

  66. Victor Garcia says:

    Would love to win one!

  67. Anthony Triano says:

    Flipboard is awesome!! I need an iPad 2 so I can flip out.

  68. JustyStyles says:

    Flipboard is my go-to/home page. This app is awesome!!!

  69. Vincent Hansen says:

    me want ipad2

  70. Vivienne says:

    Love my iPad but between the 2 kids who play games on it and my Partner who loves it more than even me, I don’t get much chance with it. Our family definitely could do with an iPad2.

  71. Laurie Szczesny says:

    Would love an iPad2 -awesome guys!

  72. Chris achilles says:

    Love the app!

  73. Sieputra says:

    Love flipboard too
    But why there s no giveaway chance for indonesian

  74. Douglas Carlson says:

    I flip for Flipboard!!!!!

  75. Sharon says:

    I <3 Flipboard…my feeds never looked so good!

  76. Tom stephens says:

    Love this app

  77. Arie Rich says:

    Flipboard was the first app I downloaded on my iPad. It is absolutely, positively amazing!! I even tweeted about my first impression on Twitter, that’s how much I love this app!

  78. Michael Prater says:

    You mean there are other news apps?! Why bother with anything else? This is the Swiss army news app to put on your iPad bar none. Thanks for such a great app!

  79. David says:

    I love flipboard I use it every day. Just simply can’t have an iPad without it, would love to use in on iPad2

  80. David Seuling says:

    I love Flipboard I use or everyday. Just simply can’t have an IPad with out it. Would love to use it on IPad 2

  81. Jenny Seuling says:

    I love Flipboard, really want to see how amazing it is on IPad 2

  82. Jenny M. says:

    Viva La iPad and Flipboard makes every iPad even more amazing!

  83. Sue wildman says:

    I love this app. Everything in one place!

  84. Donna Dempsey says:

    I’m in to win iPad2. Flipboard is great for pic or quick for view to several sites. Just added Oprah!

  85. Mark Helm says:

    Great app! It takes the iPad to another level!

  86. Lorie Rabon says:

    I’d love to win the ipad.

  87. James I says:

    Can’t wait to read my flipboard each day. Great app!

  88. Martha Helena says:

    I love the iPad 2 will be great to win one .

  89. Shirley Snyder says:

    Would love to win!

  90. Debbie p. says:

    Flipboard is awesome! It takes the iPad to another dimension. I am in for the latest iPad!

  91. Tony Serfling says:

    Love Flipboard!

  92. Paul Gauthier says:

    Flipboard rocks!!

  93. Nancy phillips says:

    I would love an iPad 2!!!!

  94. Judy Thrush says:

    Love Flipboard… ipad 2 would be too cool :)

  95. Mary says:

    Found you on the webby awards and took a lok around. It’s a fab app and I will recommend it to all my friends.

  96. William T. says:

    If there is one app that I can only install in my iPad, that will definitely be FLIPBOARD.
    Now I finally feel technology is changing my life!

  97. Arnaldo Prieto says:

    iPad 2 rocks !!!

  98. Erica Folk says:

    Flipboard is the only reason I am motivated to read my Facebook and twitter stuff. Flipboard is AWESOME! An iPad would really bring me some sunshine on a gloomy day!

  99. Ramona Bowers says:

    FlipBoard is an amazing app. I just discovered it and already love it. If you don’t have this app, you are missing out. Why are you still reading this? Go to the app store and download it for free now!

  100. Peter Brooks says:

    Flipbook is a great app

  101. Carl jones says:

    Flipboard is the iPad app. Nothing else like it.

  102. Rob Foster says:

    Flipboard is a fantastic app that puts all the stuff I need to known one place; no more bouncing around!

  103. Colleen says:

    Flipboard rocks!

  104. Eileen Wilmington says:

    Flipping head over heals for Flipboard!! My goto app for news!!

  105. Flipboard is a great app, accept when it started adding marketing blurbs for gadgets from another magazine that I read to my public Facebook page. Not cool. But, giving away an iPad2 is cool.

  106. Greta Closius says:

    Just getting started with Flipboard. It’s pretty cool. With an iPad2 would be even cooler! I have found so many uses for the iPad. If I win, I will donate my iPad 1 to a school program that works with learning disabled kids.

  107. Pe_ha says:

    What a great app, announcing a brilliant future

  108. John Fealy says:

    I wish I had something unique to say about Flipboard but I don’t. I use an EVO Android device. What I will say however, is that I am extremely grateful for working alongside Mike McCue. I learned a great deal from him and hold him in the utmost respect.

  109. Malia Kaai-Barrett says:

    love Flipboard!

  110. jacky watt says:

    Flipboard make me comfortable for reading all things

  111. ANDREA YOUNG says:


  112. Rich baderinwa says:

    Love flipboard

  113. Wendy Crook says:

    I LOVE Flipboard. Just downloaded the APP today and it was love at first sight. And an iPad2 would be fabulous!!!

  114. Sean Renner says:

    Time for an iPad upgrade.

  115. Tracy Scandlyn says:

    Both Flipboard & iPad2 are enchanting!!!!!

  116. Kate S says:

    Flipboard is the one app that I recommend to everyone. It’s amazing! Amazing!

  117. Mary Willis says:

    Love to flip! Best app for IPad.

  118. Brian plett says:

    May I have one too please. Ipad2

  119. James Bernard says:

    Love Flipboard, bring on the free iPad2 please !

  120. Kaya Bernard says:

    I want the iPad2 please !

  121. James Bernard says:

    Flipbook rocks ! grt app !

  122. rick bunnell says:

    Please enter me,I really could use one.

  123. Beth says:

    I love this app. Great idea to have a Give away.

  124. Rene P says:

    Love, love, love the flipbook app for an ipad2!!!!

  125. Jason Mathews says:

    Hands down the best app on the iPad!

  126. Vanessa Ortiz says:

    Love Flipboard. its a magazine app with all my favorite stuff!

  127. Joseph Estey says:

    Tried to enter, love the Flipboard, but Wildfire was doing “maintenance” hope I don’t get shut out…

  128. B Biggs says:

    Would love to win an iPad2 – thanks!

  129. Karla Fountain says:

    I tried to enter the contest but got a large graphic that said WHOA…. No way to enter the contest :(

  130. Merri Carol says:

    Flippin for Flipboard!!!! I have to keep up with current events and Facebook. Need to figure out what’s for dinner. And now I can watch Oprah!! I am disabled and absolutley need an IPad so I am sure the Ipad2 will be a welcomed part of my life. Keep up the fantastic work Flipboard, I love you lots.

  131. Arsham Mes says:

    Best iPad app everrrr! :-) a very inspiring start up!

  132. Amnun Yushuvayev says:

    I’v been wanting an iPad for so long now but couldn’t afford it due to some circumstances. I would be so happy if I win one. Thanks for giving me the chance

  133. CC says:

    I <3 Flipboard!!!

  134. I love flipboard, everything you do is awesome.

  135. Elizabeth Simon says:

    I would love an iPad 2. This is a great tool for education!

  136. libby says:

    Nice contest, would love to win!

  137. Ken Korfitz says:

    Couldn’t live without Flipboard <3 Awesomest app in creation!

  138. Carol Donnermeyer says:

    love it

  139. Crystal says:

    Gotta love flipboard!

  140. Stanley says:

    Loving my iPad 2 and FlipBoard!

  141. Bill says:

    Love Flipboard!

  142. Ildemar Egger Junior says:


  143. Diana Seitz says:

    Would be great to win.

  144. Best app on my iPad.

  145. Eric Trupp says:

    Awesome app!

  146. Derrick says:

    Flipboard is truly the coolest app on my iPad. There is no better way to keep all of my favorite sites all in one place at a glance

  147. Marjorie Salter says:

    I love this app and I would love the iPad 2 !!!! Would take Flipboard to the next level ……

  148. Kevin werner says:

    Flipboard, has me hooked. Great app, I have everything at my fingertips…..Everything. just Awesome..

  149. Bonnie Christ says:

    Best app ever!

  150. Ricardo Perez says:

    My mom isn’t computer savvy but I know she would get into & learn with ease on a iPad2. I’m willing to bet my iPad on it. Well maybe not my iPad!

  151. I was on my friends page and saw this ad for a contest on Flipboard. I was like, “what is flipboard?” I’m still not really sure, but from the ads I’ve seen on what you can do with Flipboard and the information you can get that’s helpful. It seems to be n incredible site. I can’t wait to check it out.

  152. noemi torres says:

    i love flipboard so much.. so much fun. and so easy to use:)

  153. John Renyard says:

    Great iPad program to read, browse and act

  154. Love it. Easy to use and a new vision of social networks. It’s my new’s window

  155. Dan A says:

    Flipboard and Ipad wonderful combo

  156. Dale Griffen says:

    I LOVE the FlipBoard! Such crisp, clean and clear pix, updates, and articles. It makes my social media so much more enjoyable to “Flip” through! Thank you, and thanks for the opportunity to win an iPad2! xx

  157. Mike Jimenez says:

    Awesome App!

  158. ChrisPi says:

    Ipad 1 or Ipad 2….. It doesn’t matter…. Flipboard is the best in both ‘ worlds’.

  159. jan m drummond says:

    great app

  160. Sandy A says:

    Flipboard and IPad 2 a great pairing

  161. Adamu Muhammad says:

    I’m an international student from West Africa in the States, studying pre-med, winning the ipad 2 would greatly assist me in organizing my students work now and later. There’s just so much to organize especially when you the 1st in your family to attend college. You guys are simply kind-hearted and philanthropic, please keep it up!

  162. Barb Muscutt says:

    Oh my . . . if I won one I could even take a step into the 21st century!! LOL LOL

  163. John Anstett says:

    Great to know about Flipboard…looks great!

  164. Tammy says:

    Best app EVER

  165. ChrisPi says:

    Too bad i don’t live in the states…

  166. Donald Loughery says:

    Great app

  167. Ken Herzig says:

    Flipboard and IPad make surfing a joy!

  168. Billy says:

    Im obsessed with flipboard it’s awesome!!!!!!

  169. Jennie says:

    The best iPad app!!

  170. Pamela J Hensen says:

    I Love how Creative your are with the Flip/Board App. I like how it feels like a book, always something Great to read, and Awesome Pictures. Keep up the Great work. You Rock it out everyday for me.

  171. Meysam says:

    Flipboard is a Great App

  172. Douglas Dakin says:

    Great app!

  173. Villeneuve Francis says:

    Very cool to use flipboard ! And Ipad too !

  174. Gary says:

    This would be awesome to win! I travel a lot and this would make it easier to check emails and keep up with everyone, plus all of the awesome apps! I hope I win! That would be so cool!!!!!

  175. Jamie pack says:

    I think flipboard is really really different in compare with any other magazine. Honestly, I was pretty shock when I met this magazine at first time. It’s cool. Love it. I trust clipboard magazine will keep show up with awesome idea. Thanks flipboard!!!!!!!!!

  176. Bob felechner says:

    iPad is all consuming, looking forward to acquiring ipad2

  177. Kendra Moyes says:

    Hands down, the best app out there!! First thing I check on my iPad

  178. Beverly McGuire says:

    New to Flipboard but have become a huge fan! Looking forward to using it daily.

  179. Just started using flipboard it is great…having fun

  180. Jenniene moran says:

    Love it…”best part of my iPad