Oprah and This Week’s Favorite Feeds

We\’re incredibly excited to have Oprah on Flipboard. To celebrate, we have selected some great sources to further enhance your Oprah experience. We are highlighting themes and topics that have been a driving force for Oprah, like improving education, philanthropic work with charities, healthy eating, and great do-it-yourself home improvements.

Oprah – Tap to Add Section
We have Oprah\’s beautiful section for you to add. Dive in to find everything you\’ve come to expect from Oprah in the form of a beautiful, interactive social magazine. Incorporating select material from The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah.com, O Magazine and OWN, Oprah\’s Flipboard section is sure to contain empowering articles, inspiring profiles, healthy eating tips, and more. There are also exclusive video diaries chronicling the final stretch of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Discover something you like, and it\’s easy to immediately “Like,” re-tweet, comment, and share with others.

MindShift – Tap to Add Section
Those on a quest of continual self-improvement know the importance of being a life-learner. MindShift explores the future of learning, covering cultural and tech trends and innovations in education.

Apartment Therapy Chicago – Tap to Add Section
The Windy City has been Winfrey\’s home and host for more than two decades. Apartment Therapy Chicago takes you inside some of the region\’s coolest pads, many created from limited resources or space.

Summer Tomato – Tap to Add Section
Living your best life means eating well. Founded by scientist and “San Francisco foodie” Darya Pino, Summer Totato offers tips and advice about healthy eating, particularly for people in urban areas.

Charities and NGOs – Tap to Add Section
Giving back has always been part of the Oprah ethos. This section showcases the work of major nonprofits like Oxfam, the Gates Foundation, Doctors Without Boarders, Nature Conservatory and many more.

Remember, you can always add your own sources to Flipboard. Just tap “Add a Section” and search for what\’s most important to you.

~ JonV

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3 Responses to Oprah and This Week’s Favorite Feeds

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  2. Mia says:

    Enough with Oprah….

  3. Sandy says:

    Oprah, I’ve watched u grow through out the years. It has been a wonderful & lovely shared experience…. I have soooo much respect for you my dear Oprah. Keeping your integrity and humility for poor or richer. Very few, if any, have been able to maintain their roots given sooo much power & money. Staying grounded is what makes you so great to all of us. Thank you for all your sacrifices and dedication to man/women kind :) am sooo grateful to have you……
    Your Friend ~